TIME 2 WAKE UP: I AM A LIGHTWORKER & a new revelation 2 share!!    
 I AM A LIGHTWORKER & a new revelation 2 share!!1 comment
pictureMonday, January 8th 2007, by Brenda McCann

A NEW REVELATION that I am reading & doing
NOW as we speak...

My name is Brenda and I AM a Light Warrior:

This Book is the most GOD CENTER ENERGY
ACTIVATING tool I have ever yet encountered
on Planet Earth.

The meat of action Meditation EXCERPT HERE!!

By page 44 I have breathed the HARA GOD BREATH,
3X3X3X3X3X3X3X3, sent it to the four corners North
South East and West, Circling the planet & filling
all quadrants with the Omniversal Energy.
Then spoke with a body of 20,000 + Beings and friends
of beings on the inner planes of all that is US most of
whom are members of our lightworker force here & now.
We did a massive and quick clearing just by raising our
vibrations and then... We stationed Light Warriors from
our ranks around each and every person who is drawn
to this light.

I AM The Prime Creator God's representative
and I have multi-dimensional help. I do not
know about you - but we create our way as units
of the original blueprint of Prime Creator.

Ahanda Kah Sii AHA!

Brenda Freo` [link]
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1 comment

9 Jan 2007 @ 01:12 by jobrown : Once again;
Thanks Brenda!/Astrid  

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