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 The Night 'I SAW' a River of Stars2 comments
pictureMonday, November 27th 2006, by Brenda McCann

One night when i was 16 months old and We lived in Jacksonville, Florida on the outskirts of the city (while my dad was a drill sargent in the US ARMY) on a swampy lake in a log cabin surrounded by white sandy beach to the front, a huge rock wall to the left facing the lake, and to the back a jungle forest full of wild pigs.

This night at 9:30PM EST I was in my crib awake looking up and as usual I could 'see through' the ceiling & roof as if there were a large seeing lense in the roof, just like sky lights look on houses today! I peered at the stars a lot then. I was one energy with them then. This night as I vibrated with them and celebrated watching them in my whole horizonary view, suddenly a whole group of stars, about 1/2 of the whole night sky full, began to fall all at once and they fell down through the night sky they ran together to make a glorious river of stars. I was utterly delighted and filled with massive exuding JOY feelings beholding this phenomenon. I of cource called for my mother to come in and see it too but alas, she could not 'see through' the roof of the cabin... So all that I SAW was not even there for her.

*She had a very strange reaction to my enthusiastic account. She became hystericle and frightened and forbade me to ever tell anyone 'WHAT I SAW' that night. 'WHAT I WAS CELEBRATING THAT NIGHT'... in 1943.

As it turned out that vision portended THIS VERY POINT IN TIME here on Earth when we lightworkers have all come en-mass into incarnation AT THIS TIME, becoming.... A River Of Stars.

Messages from the Masters November 27, 2006 2 share:

Anshallah, antui, nahedrae, Anshallah!

Greetings from within the Light to you who are we.

In this now, many of you wonder what comes with the changes that you hear so much about. Many of you ask us how to prepare, what events will occur and when and we say to you infinitely, remain within the moment which is now. That which comes has always been.

The energies which you have been experiencing of late have challenged your total beingness to expand, to let go, to open to greater beingness. Your bodies have fought the changes due to their density, but we assure you that your souls, the essence of your being, have heard the call and have already responded.

There is a mergence in occurrence of the blending of energies. It is from within this that balance with come ultimately. Balance must come ultimately. Your world has been in flux. Of changes and chaos, of bitterness and hopefulness, of war and visions of peace. You have lived in a dichotomy of existence. You have lived in an ever changing world which seems to bring mixed messages and fixed states of being.

What we tell you is this: You are at any and every given time, a stream of perfection far beyond that which you seem to observe. That which is the infinite you knows the difference between the illusion and that which is Truth. That which is the real you, buried beneath the illusion created of human being can discern far beyond all steps of logic that your mind can ascertain.

You are the powers of the heavens and the earth combined in perfect being from an infinite Source. Because of this, there is nothing that you cannot create. Nothing that you cannot do. The only limitations that you have are the very ones that you create within your belief systems. They are not real. They are perceptions. Look beyond the perceptions and therein lies the Truth.

As the energies are coming to you in different and more intense patterning and there is little regularity to these patterns. In this now, the energies come to you as undulating sheets, moving through all planes of being and rocking your inner worlds as they move through your manifested being. That which is deep within you recognizes the messages which come to you. The message is that change is coming. The message is that you are changing. The message is that the changes are greater than any imagined reality. Greater than anything you as races of beings have known. There is a new age dawning and in your time and place in space there is opportunity to expand your very existence.

The expansion we speak of begins first with the acceptance of each other as vital parts of the whole. You cannot be of the perception of separation if you are to intentionally create a vast new world of consciousness. This means setting aside your perceptions of less than. Your perceptions of judgment and control, your perceptions that you need to grow as a person, because you are already of perfection.

Your bodies and spirits have struggled through changes already. The harmonic alignment which happened several years ago. The Arcturian Corridor Opening which reopened gateways and corridors for inter-dimensional travel that had been closed long before the dawn of current humanity. We say current, because there have been races before you who have lived and loved and brought great technologies to your earth.

You have moved through the recent Ceyelon Star Gate Alignment which allowed for streamlined communication and manifestation to the infinite, unencumbered and uninterrupted in its path and passage.

You have witnessed and experienced recent eclipses and planetary alignments which dawn a new age of the infinite and in particular in your world. You experienced the pulsating energies on October 17th of this year which rang sensors all over your planet as electromagnetic pulses registered higher than the scale of your earthquake measurement system, yet your ground did not shake. The pulsating energy manifested in a measurable way that has not previously been seen. And it happened every where. Were you measuring deep space, you would have found identical pulsations and identical readings of electromagnetic energy as were recorded on your planet.

There are about to become events in deep space which will effect your planet directly and indirectly. In mid December there comes a change in the balance of universal energies which will be causal to certain events of change. These changes will affect interplanetary relationships intergalactic relationships and inter-dimensional relationships. These changes will at a time, become documented by your scientists as a major interplanetary occurrence, but they will not yet realize the implications of this event.

There will be movement of certain planets in other solar systems within your galaxy which will cause shifting of energetic relationships and communications. There will be in that solar system, a shift of gravitational forces which is unleashed with the vanishing of one of its planets. This planet moving to a parallel dimension as the forces of your reality must maintain certain balance as your universe expands outwardly.

As that solar system reorganizes there will be certain debris, dust, and an energetic expression as the changes occur which will affect the way energies from deep space touch you as beings and your planet as well. They may also have minor effect on your atmosphere - This by the presence of certain minerals in gaseous form which have not previously been recognized in your atmosphere. These gases of a higher nature and lighter weight.

As these events occur, your physical bodies may exhibit symptoms of participation with the balancing. Many of you will feel within your bodies, an electrical feeling that we generally call physical anxiety as it is not emotionally related. This electrical feeling is related to the interplanetary balancing. Since you are part of all things and all things are you, your bodies will respond as the changed happen. Do not fear this, it is only an adjustment to your being in relation to where you are being, so to speak. The electrical movement in your bodies will dissipate over a few weeks. Some of you will feel this more intensely than others.

As with your bodies, your earth will express releases of these energies in the form of seismic events and volcanic expressions. There will be a series of five events over several weeks that will lessen with each expression. The first being spectacular and the rest waxing in intensity.

There will also be anomalous releases of electro-magnetic energies from within the earth. These will come out in areas where the planet must establish energetic balance. This will cause interruption of compasses, radio signals and even some interruption of satellite signals much like your sun spots create only these will source from your earth. While these types of expressions are common, the intensity and locations of these will be uncommon.

In the third week of February there will be what your scientists call a super nova. It is an outward expression of energy that has intensity beyond your capabilities of measurement. It is basically an explosion of a star/sun that will careen outward in patterns that are rings of energy moving infinitely away from the area of expression. This will have an impact on your world and will cause certain weather and seismic events over the month following.

This will affect some of you as if you have received a cosmic punch. Your energy fields will be compressed and released repeatedly as these rings of energy move through your world. Because of this, certain doors of consciousness will open that have been unavailable to you as human beings until that event occurs. These openings of awareness may come and go at first, but will ultimately open fully for many people, some of whom are not yet aware of greater reality. As this occurs, be aware of your experiences and do not doubt them.

Also be aware of others who may become immediately aware. This is a reality changing event which can be causal to many feeling out of balance for a few weeks. For those who open widely and quickly, this is a reality changing event and it would be then to be of assistance, of service to those who must realize that they have come into true reality, beyond the illusions and perceived safety zones in which they had lived. The intensity of these events will balance as will you. If you resist the internal changes you will find that chaos reigns. If you allow yourselves to move easily through the changes, you will find greater reality on the other side.

And after all, is it not greater reality that you seek? That which is bonded in your DNA as the necessity to seek your source? That which leads you in your search of self? That which you have always had and never lost except in perception? Ease of spirit. Ease of being. The power of self acceptance and the gentleness of that power as it draws from all creation.

There will come in the following year the discovery of documents which had been hidden from view. These documents are unlike those previously unearthed and will come in the form of artifacts. They will be retrieved from the earth intact and will contain evidence of previous civilizations upon your planet as well as references to their technologies. These were beings of very white complexion and almond shaped blue eyes. They were a tall race of beings who understood the living symbols and the effectiveness of harmonics and sound in relation to reality. They used geometric shapes to convey energy and to communicate as well as to embody certain forms of communications.

This will be a major breakthrough not only in scientific directions but as evidence that races survive in spite of changes that may come. There will also be denoted a lineage which will astound many as it originates from other planetary locations. There will be explanation of genetic bonding in such a way that enhanced the potential of humanity over 150 million years ago.

In June of 2007 there will be a holographic formation of star gates which open in a star formation. The formation will occur with the waxing crescent moon. The interior of the star formation will consist of regular segments along which can be found other less significant star gates. There is a grid like patterning of the interior of the formation.

This formation has been denoted in symbolism throughout your history for various purposes and institutions of belief systems and religions. This holographic formation is the truth of the symbol. This configuration creates a void in the fabric of the space time continuum as is found in the heart of creation. The void is the neither and nor. The everything and the nothing. It is the silent zone beyond the light. It is the infinite all. This formation in its occurrence brings forth an opening of biblical proportions for that which comes and that which has come before, but not during the history of your humanity. It is another step in the movement to a new age of being which is yet years away.

There will be other changes in occurrence as well and in time we will share this information with you. In this now, we have shared with you what is given for your immediate attention.

To move with ease through the changes we have indicated and others that will come, we tell you that it is vitally important that each of you step into authenticity of self. Become the moment, allow yourselves to let go of the need to understand and instead, step into the now, where all is found and there is never not an answer. All that you seek is now.

For your physicality to establish ease and grace within the changes which come, it is vital to keep it nurtured with much water of a pure nature. Disallow the chemicals that are sent your way from municipalities and instead utilize water that is pure of these chemicals.

Bring into your bodies that which is fresh, leafy greens and tubers which are of organic nature. Those which are the seeds of the future will also nourish your bodies. If you choose to introduce the meat of other beings into your temples, do so with appreciation for their gift of nourishment to you. They lived so that you might as well.

Bring into yourself the lack of chemicals and an abundance of healthful products which will not damage your earth. Bring to your world cleanliness that you may live in ease and grace within your environment. Bring to your air that which sustains your bodies and does not poison them. Finally, be cautious of your food chain and your eco systems. That which you take in also moves through you to your environment. In such a way, it is vital that you contribute only what you ultimately want back, for that is how it will be.

Spiritually, allow yourself the point of view that you are already whole and perfect. Not of your mind, but of your entirety, your body, mind, spirit, in fact your very soul. After all, you did come to this place for reasons beyond your current memories. Step into your journeys consciously as it is so shall you be.

Emotionally, let go of the fears that have haunted you. Let your imaginations run rampant with visions or perceptions of a greater world with a higher consciousness and fell the grace which fills you as you imagine. Imagine what it will be like when you have reached the new and different world you are creating. Imagine how full and filled you are and know that you have given yourself the memory of that which has always been. You are of perfection. There is no need to live the experience of others, for yours are of perfection as you create them. Imagination has no boundaries except those which you instill.

Be in peace. Know that there will be many who attempt to give information which comes from fear and negativity. Know that you do not have to accept anything which is not of the highest light.


Be in peace.

We are grateful to have served you well. We shall return in light and again soon to you.

Antui asi, asi, asi

And so it is that we return to the light with the light and within the light.

Anshallah. Entui. WEB SOURCE of this message from the masters..

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27 Nov 2006 @ 21:48 by Brenda Freo` @ : I wrote this memory &posted 4 VECTOR
Dear Vector, I feel such LOVE when resonating with you just now reading your last comment in the article below that THAT LOVE FLASHED ME BAC`, like an instant replay that I have shared above because of YOU, my beloved brother in the Light & Love that we all actually are whether we realize it yet or not. MAH Gii Kah Oui is sounded just like it is spelled here in English vowel and consonant sounds. In English it means: "WE ARE The realtionship of ALL THAT IS Light & Life vibrating / sounding THIS LOVE NOW." As you know Vector, I was born being able to 'JUMP 2 THE ONENESS' which we all ALSO are. LOL  

29 Nov 2006 @ 16:07 by vector8 : Thank you, Brenda
Yes, I also resonate with your experience as a child. Your poor mother! It must be hard for parents who are not open to this kind of being to have kids like us, huh?

The first jump 2 the oneness that I can remember occurred when I was involved in a car accident. {link:http://vector8.blogspot.com/2004/12/accident-or-omnipresence-at-work_02.html|Accident or Omnipresence at Work?} Since then I've been able jump into moments as if they're occurring now, which they actually are. You know what I mean, right? :-)

These are interesting times then, now and then. ;-)

Thanks again.

Your beloved sister in love-light,

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