TIME 2 WAKE UP: I didn't write this BUT I WISH I HAD!! "The Ascended Earth"    
 I didn't write this BUT I WISH I HAD!! "The Ascended Earth"2 comments
pictureMonday, October 9th 2006, by Brenda McCann

A LIGHT WORKER PROJECT I have adopted 100%

1. Ascended Earth Focus.

Visualize your Higher Self as a brilliant golden ball of Light above your head . On the In-breath, breathe in that vibrant Golden Higher Self Light to the solar plexus and allow it to fill your being. With the out-breath, send it down through your feet to the Earth , seeing the Earth blanketed with this sparkling, healing Golden Light.

My Higher Self suggests that, after bathing the Earth in Golden Light, we can visualize a giant man and woman, dressed in black, superimposed over the Earth , symbolizing all humanity on Earth. We can then sweep them with a Giant Golden Broom, sweeping all fear based energies into a Giant Golden Wastebasket. Keep sweeping until they turn Golden. This means Pure Unconditional Love has replaced fear in the collective mind of humanity.

Whenever you think of it during your day, send the Golden Light to the Earth and sweep the man and woman clear of all negative energies.

See the Earth always in your mind's eye covered in a golden white blanket of pure Love and Light and the man and woman radiating Golden Light.

This Sparkling Higher Self Golden Light will soon dissolve all negativity and fear based energies and establish Pure Unconditional Love as the dominant energy all over the Earth. Fear based energies cannot survive for long in this Sparkling Love Light!

2. Clearing Power Locations Focus.

The Power Locations at present are Washington D.C., London , Jerusalem and the entire Middle East.

My Higher Self suggests that we visualize a giant man and woman, dressed in black, in each of the 3 Power Locations, symbolizing humanity in that location. Visualize a Giant Violet Wastebasket next to them. Pass the Giant Violet Broom through these figures, sweeping all fear based energies out of them into the Giant Violet Wastebasket.

Keep doing this sweeping until their clothing turn pure white. We have then replaced fear based energies with Pure Unconditional Love!

Whenever you have a spare moment during your day, stop and visualize the Giant Man and Woman being cleared of negative energy by the violet brooms and wastebaskets. See them radiating Pure White Light!

Washington D. C., London, Jerusalem and the Middle East are the 3 major Illuminati control centers for generating terror in support of their New World Order.

Soon the dark, fear based energies of the terror agenda will no longer be able to exist in these centers.

3. Safe Oceans Focus.

See 2 beautiful green vortexes of light, one in the Atlantic and one in the eastern Pacific. Create 2 gigantic green brooms sweeping all tropical disturbances in the Atlantic and eastern Pacific northward into our beautiful green vortexes (tropical storm drains). Keep sweeping daily to insure that both the Atlantic and eastern Pacific remain calm, peaceful and safe.

We can create a safe, ascended planet and the Golden Age for all to enjoy, dear Lightworkers.

We are finally living up to our name as Lightworkers! No more waiting. It is time for Doing!

Why not join our Light Worker Mailing List and be a power for Good in this world right from the comfort of your own home?

And in the end, the Love we take
Is equal to the Love we make.
The Beattles

Here are some tools to increase your understanding and ability to truly merge with your Higher Self:

Understanding Universal Law E Book

Unity with your Higher Self CD

Higher Self Tarot Readings by Email

Higher Self I-Ching Readings by Email

Let your Light shine, dear friend.

*Give your Perfect Gift to the world!

*Sharing is my gift!!


B Here B Now

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9 Oct 2006 @ 13:14 by vector8 : Wonderful!
This is great stuff, Freo.

In fact, I have an exercise where I see myself as the Light, then I feel myself as the Light. Another way is I gaze into a picture of Light like this one. http://groups.msn.com/LoveisAllThereIs/emptiness.msnw

I also work with purple energy.

Thanks for posting this, Brenda.

With love,

15 Oct 2006 @ 04:11 by Brenda, aka Freo7 @ : GREAT IMAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS
Wham Blamo HUGE RUSH and throbbing in the throat chakra gazing into the I AM THAT LIGHT image!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has been the most massive energy transformational week of my whole life this time. The source seems to be right here in same space as what (at lower vibrational frequencies) would appear to be solids in linear spacial / relativity & motion... *I am seeing the ascension of energies handwriting on that wall / light image, reflecting bac` and merging within me. IT IS A HUGE CELEBRATION, is it not?

speechless in Idaho,


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