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pictureSaturday, September 30th 2006, by Brenda McCann

When I was 7 and in the 2nd grade they all thought I talked too much. I was always telling others about my dreams and they were tired of hearing them I guess. I used to love to dream about my horses... I had horses of all colors and a ranch with grassy hills. And All my horses were named...

My own mother was so exasperated at my imaginary horses she forbade me to talk anymore about them and she made me sit down and write & illustrate little books about "MY HORSES" instead.

That was fine with me because I loved to write and draw. IT kept me occupied for hours day after day in the second grade.

One of my horses was the most smashing! His name was Red Cloud and he ran free as the wind and whinnied at me as if to say "COME HERE AND RIDE ME. LETS RUN!!" So I would get up and go outside and just run around with Red Cloud.

That summer I got to go to my maternal grandfather's Dude Ranch in North Piney, WY. My gramps taught me to ride and he 'let me' work all summer on gentling down his corral full of 2 year old colts. Gramps did not believe in touching a mountain horse until they were at least 2 years old so they were all really just wild horses till they met me. LOL

I LOVED THOSE HORSES with every fiber of my being and I would sit and name them and love them, feed and water them until one by one they loved me back and would come up to me and let me curry them. Gramps said that when I could get a halter on one of them then he would see to it that I got my own horse to have and ride at home in Idaho.

Well it took 3 summers but I got it all going finally so that I could get a halter on and off of each colt in the corral and they were a new crop of colts each year. That was the summer of my 4th grade year.

When I got home from Grampa's ranch that year my parents said they had a surprise for me. We had to drive to the Lewiston orchards turning here and there til we came to a stop.

There standing in a corral was a 6 month old stud colt. Bright Red with a white cloud in the center of his wide set eyes. He was half Thoroughbred and 1/2 Arab. JUST LIKE MY DREAM HORSE RED CLOUD! Just exactly as he appeared on the cover of MY DREAM HORSES BOOK! I looked at the stud colt and I said, "Red Cloud?" He nickered and walked over to me and put his nuzzel in my arms. The man who owned him said, "I think they will get along just fine." And with that we were off to haul Red Cloud home.

I turned to my parents and said, "BUT WHERE WILL WE KEEP HIM? WE LIVE IN A TOWN!" My parents smiled and said, "There's more to this surprise darling."

I was ecstatic to see the rest of the surprise. The man who sold Red Cloud to us for $60 also had a horse trailer to haul him to where we were to keep him. He followed my parents in our car as we drove down towards the town of Lewiston, Idaho, where I lived but... they took a right turn at the bottom of the 21st Street hill and continued out into East Lewiston. On and on they drove, out past the mill even, before they finally turned into a driveway where stood a cute little white house with big trees around it.

"This is our new home, darling." My mother said. "Grampa bought it for us all so you could have a place to keep and ride Red Cloud."

I was amazed!! and Delirious!! There was a house with a driveway into an open garage & tool shop and beyond that a cute little 2 horse barn in a single acre paddock with a gate on the outside of it leading to a beautiful 10 acre pasture!!! The pasture even looked interesting because it had hills and a valley, a spring and 2 old brick ruins on it. I found out later that it used to be Lewiston's first brick factory back in the late 1800's and early 1900's but they did not use it now and the estate leased it to my parents for my very own horse pasture!!

I led Red Cloud into his barn and walked him all around the wire fence and told him all about the fence so he would not get cut. I can't remember how many days and nights I spent with Red Cloud after that until he grew up enough 4 me to ride. Yes I would go out and sleep with him at night too.

By the time Red Cloud was 2 years old I already taught him how to get down on one knee or lay clear down to let me on. I could ride him without a bridal or a saddle (just like in my dream horses books) within the 10 acre pasture that is. We had a ball!! When he lay down to let me on and then lurched to get up with me aboard, he would always squeel and take off at the gallop, and kick up his heels just once as if to say, "WHEEEE!! Hold on, Here we go now! Let's RUN!!"

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3 Oct 2006 @ 15:17 by vector8 : Dream animals
What a delightful story. I'm so glad your dream came true, Brenda. Wonderful! How long were you together with Red Cloud?

I have a dream animal I still dream of. By dream, I mean "imaginary" friend though he's very real to me. He's a lion with bright red mane and he's called Roarger. :-) A few months back I was sitting in a bookshop day dreaming about Roarger. Suddenly, a friend I haven't seen for ages turned up. He had grown his hair and he looked like the human form of Roarger. At some point during the evening he even roared which had me in stitches. He's an actor you see and he has this thing about releasing tension by either roaring or yelping. :-)

Roarger says hi by the way.

Lots of love,

4 Oct 2006 @ 04:04 by freo7 : Hey, vector8 : Hi Roarger!! trippy!!
But when you live your dreams they seem to manifest here and now in whatever this dimension is...LOL put another way, everything I enjoy visualizing fondly seems to happen. Now I know about the law of attraction which explains alot. Red cloud the horse was with me for 2 & 1/2 years. We had a wonderful ride!! The winter of his 2 yearold year some ratty neighbor boys shot him in the hind leg because he would not let them come into 'his' ten acre pasture. The joint fluid drained out of his right hind hock joint during the night and froze in a trickle down his leg by morning. He could never walk again and this story became my first massive heart break and tragedy. I did not dream this part nor would I ever. I mourn him still. I would rather recount all our real life adventures than sit here and cry from the depths of my soul. And "they say, nothing we love is lost." and for everything a season... I have had every horse in my Dream Horses books thoughout this life time. Each of them have come to me as have all my cats & dogs. The main thing that has remained consistent is the lay of the land and the life-style of the dream horse books so I guess....I can't complain. Mainly what I like is loving. It makes my life so very rich.  

4 Oct 2006 @ 11:10 by vector8 : Nothing we love is lost
When I was a child I had a black kitten and she died a few weeks later. I was devastated at the time. I've loved many cats since then but have never "had" my own cat, they've always been friends', flatmates' and neighbours' cats. That has suited me fine because of my itinerant lifestyle. My darling cat friend is always with me. I've felt her presence many times. When I'm in an altered state I see her. Once when I was half awake I saw her walking through the wall which was quite trippy. :-)

Red Cloud is with you always.

Here is a story I wrote for children about my love for animals. http://vector8.blogspot.com/2004/05/god-doesnt-play-favourites.html

Lots of love,

ps: Roarger is roaring with love at you.  

6 Oct 2006 @ 03:47 by chasm @ : being
these posts grabbed my attention cos they are named under red cloud, which is the name of the band that my first love sings and plays with. my first love and his fiancee, that is. he is to marry soon, if not already. and today happens to be the day that he asked me to be his sweetheart -- half a lifetyme ago. i was thirteen then, and i am twenty-six now. and to be quite straightforward, i am still mourning this heartbreak. like "vector's" cats, i've had other loves, but they've never been "my" loves. i learn and i cherish and i am in the moment... but the piece of the whole is missing. and it's very far away and i feel it is slipping away. i tried to write a song about it tonight, but i am not the musician -- he is. i love horses so much, too... they represent freedom to me, and i love how they maintain their boundaries and you have to be true before they let you in. i am feeling bittersweet today, and i have no horses, and i have many loves, and i am sitting here alone and wondering where is he and how is he. and if i could have a wish, which i would not wish for unless it was harmonious with divine will, i would wish for my true love to be with me again and to grow old with me and share the love that i feel so intensely that i cannot give to anyone else. and here i am. myself. truly.  

7 Oct 2006 @ 21:35 by freo7 : Hey Chasm I hear you!!
Here's what cha do... LET HIM GO with 100% blessings and good wishes now. Leave it up to the GODONE within us all - with no expectations... And see what transpires. Many times in periods of perceived LOSS we tend to dwell on the feelings and vibrations of unrequited love = our fantasy of what "it would have been" - BUT - the latter will NEVER GET HIM BACK. Trust me this works. RED CLOUD was my first Spirit guide of the Native American Per sway sion...((no I can't spell and type to fast to stop anyway...)) Red Cloud the spirit guide was with me from my age 7 ((of course I discovered him on my gramp's dude ranch because the ranch contained RED CLOUD's LOOKOUT, a high sand plateau where you can see 4 states just doing a 360...and...Gramps told me if I could be QUIET for 3 days and nights during our horse back ride up to the lookout, "I WOULD MEET MY SPIRIT GUIDE"... I was quiet. is at any wonder? LOL or do I just have a vast and creative imagination. Truly, in my world, we make our own experience props and all, of reality. *If you want to dialog about anything email me here:
mailto:freo72003@yahoo.com I am currently with my first love and we have been married now for 25 years, did he come back around? YOU BET YOUR BOOTS HE DID! He is not a musician, he is a rancher and so am I!!  

9 Oct 2006 @ 12:50 by vector8 : Timing
Hi Chasm,

I believe relationships have a lot to do with timing.

Years ago I met someone who was truly special. It took us a while to get together. He was instrumental in helping me come face to face with my real self. After that, I vowed that I was going to be my real self no matter what. Sadly, the relationship didn't work out. On the other hand, it worked out as it served its purpose. It was hard to let him go but I knew it was for the best. I wrote about him in this piece: http://livingaslovelight.blogspot.com/2006/09/point-of-no-return.html

I met another guy last year at a poetry evening. His poetry spoke to me and I went to speak to him after his performance. We went for a coffee, had a long chat but we didn't exchange numbers. I simply gave him my email address and left it at that. I didn't see him again until 9 months later when I saw him at a bookshop. After that we kept bumping into each other every month or so. (He's the one who popped up after I had been day-dreaming about Roarger). Recently we explored the possibility of a relationship but that didn't work out. It felt like we were trying to have a relationship while we were both living in different dimensions. Though he's interested in being his real self, he's not living it. Put another way, though we are one in Spirit, we are not one in intent. As much as I love him, I have had to "let him go with 100% blessings and good wishes," as Freo puts it and trust in Love.

I'm so happy for you, Freo, that you are with your first love. Truly inspiring.

Love to you both,

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