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Saturday, September 30th 2006, by Brenda McCann

LOA story #1: THE BIG DONUT ... My age 6 first day of the first grade, standing in the hot lunch line. Alas, my last name started with an S which put me at the back of the lunch line going slowly in alphabetical order... I stood in the lunch line 3rd from the last person. Up ahead I could see a HUGE platter of home made donuts piled high. It was way up at the front of the line where all the kids in front of me were receiving their lunches on plastic trays. The donuts were all you could smell!!

I was SO HUNGRY that my stomach ached and I was very sad that there might be no donuts left by the time I got up there in front of them. So, I shut my eyes tight and I pictured a great big steaming hot donut as I pick it off an almost empty tray. I put it in my mouth and I took a bite. MMMMMMMM it was so good! I kept my eyes shut and moved step by step along with all the other kids in the lunch line. I took another bite. MMMMMMM it is so good too! And another bite and another bite until my BIG DONUT was all gone but the sugar left on my fingers. As I lick my fingers, another kid behind me poked me in the ribs and said, "HEY!! move up...will ya?"

I opened my eyes and took a step. There before me was the biggest sugar donut I had ever seen on top of 3 smaller ones on the big platter. Of course I took my big donut immediately.

The rest of the lunch was terrible. They had the most awful chocolate pudding made from soy powder I've ever NOT EATEN but my donut was just as good in every bite as the first time I ate it!

I found this while searching for THE BIG DONUT in a picture to go with this story... no luck .. They just don't make donuts as big as my imagination. LOL BUT WAIT!! Look what I DID FIND!!

Discrete Donut Twisted Chain "ddtc" A Model of Space, Matter and Origin of Gravity

by Richard L. Marker

to use frames (includes visual illustration of donuts) : [link] for no frames : [link]

description : The discrete donut twisted chain model provides a bottom-up explanation of space. Ddtc answers what, why and how questions about forces and particles.

keywords : "Richard Marker, ddtc, gravity, twisted chain, electron, space, charge, torus, donut, matter, time, quantum, marker, Hubble, expansion, universe, particle, physics, fine structure, quark, magnetic, free energy, superstring, skin effect, virginia marker"

Copyright 1996-2004
Richard L. Marker
Mt. Vernon, WA 98273
All rights reserved

This article may be copied and distributed only in its entirety to others for non-commercial purposes. Mass printed publication of this document or portions of this document alone or as a part of any other document, is prohibited without the express written permission of the author. This copyright notice must be kept intact in any copy or partial copy distributed.

EXCERPT LINKS just to give the idea...there is WAY MORE HERE!
What is time?

What is gravitational mass?
What causes charge?

Time the Mystical Ruler
Expansion of the universe
Ten dimensions
Left or right universe?

Fun images not related to ddtc

Go directly to 138 chain length calculation

WHO KNEW?? Donuts lead to a left or right Universe??

Truly I do my best work by accident,

NAMASTE my wonderful NCN Friends!!

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