TIME 2 WAKE UP: What is really happening on Planet Earth? By Tony Wicks    
 What is really happening on Planet Earth? By Tony Wicks7 comments
pictureWednesday, August 16th 2006, by Brenda McCann

As incredible as it may seem to many people, humanity on Earth is in the process of an evolutionary change in how we experience life. We are to become a galactic civilization, interacting positively with the many star system civilizations in our galaxy and universe, and indeed other universes. It is our true destiny to change from a society based on fear and competition, to one based on love, peace, and harmony. The current chaos is merely part of the quickening change.

* Living The Holographic Heart ~ quote from Circle of Light:*Spiritual Food* "Once your heart is fully awakened to its place as the center of it all, then everything that you bring into it or allow to touch it, to touch your heart, becomes for you a gift of experience and of the ability to Love, and begins to create the living dance that is the holy communication of every life with every life, through the gateway that is you. I want you to live in reverence, every day expanding that which you believed your experience to be, into the Real experience of your heart."

* I'm not Kryon but I do have direct experience with THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN I have experienced it or at least IT'S great River of platinum white light energy flowing both to and from the source energy local'` of every atom of this Earth, whom we all are, and whom is externalizing in and as the "Relationship of life forms" in all of our dimensional perspectivs and all of our earthly dimensional selves. Some call source GOD but who and what is the original SOURCE of all Cosmic and Universal creations to date? Ans: GOD is ALL THAT IS.

* Folding Time & Space in GOD's Name It happened so fast that we have no rational idea of what actually happened. All we know is we made it through without a scratch and Janet, age 12, is the witness. All we could guess is that we were "2 or more gathered together at THAT MOMENT agreeing in the name of GOD" and when we asked, "GOD removed the mountain" just for that ONE moment of passage.

* How I Met God, "This is the West isn't it?" Picture it: my age 25, with 2 young children and the whole world is pressuring us to be baptized and join a church. My prayer was: "GOD! You did it for Moses you can do it for me!!"

I got my answers in a dream. I still live by those answers. Read my story and see what you feel. I found our that the LOVE OF GOD is the total answer. What do you think? Comments welcome so fire away...

* What is Ascension and how does it apply to me? Ascension is a many splendored thing and is personally experienced by any and all who make the 100% choice to do so instead of the popular departure from this dimension of Earth ~ commonly called death. Actually many of us have ascended already and then chosen through Love's call to come back into this dimension to help and assist with the manifestation of Earth's Planetary Ascension which is in process now as we speak.

We live in an invisible universe (often referred to as spiritual realms, or Heaven) as well as the visible universe, which is the only part most people believe exists. The real truth has been hidden from us so we would eventually remember and discover who we really are, great immortal beings of universal knowledge and wisdom, closely connected to our physical brothers and sisters in space, and those in the spiritual realms. Unfortunately many governments, religions, and philosophies have been manipulated to keep much of the truth from us so others could retain power and control. The recent retaliation to so-called terrorist attacks in the USA will, in time, be shown to be one of the final attempts to keep us under control. However, it is time for a great change in understanding by world populations, who mainly want peace, despite what is presented to us by a manipulated mass media.

Many people feel “something is about to happen”, but because much of the current change is in the invisible universe, before manifesting in the visible universe, it is difficult to comprehend at first. We have actually been part of a grand “experiment”, having agreed at a higher level of understanding to be here in these exciting “end times”, the end of one civilization, and the beginning of a new one, known as the Seventh Golden Age that we will co-create.

Much has been written, spoken, and prophesied about our future. Some of this information was true at the original time of recording, but has since changed. Some of it was never true, and was intended to manipulate us. And some information was correct and still holds firm today. Sorting all this out is the difficult part. That is why what is “truth” for one person, is not necessarily “truth” for someone else. You need to apply your own discernment to all information, including what I am presenting in this article. People are waking up in varying degrees as we continue our learning.

Some information is difficult to absorb, such as the nature of our hollow Earth and the ancient civilizations still living there. Like the fact that many people have actually traveled back in time to change the future of this planet and universe, many eons ago. And like the fact we have discovered how to make war ships invisible and time travel again, since 1943. And how the Apollo Moon Program was a cover-up of higher technology. Secret trips had already been made to establish bases on the Moon and Mars, and to explore other parts of our solar system since the early 60s. Finally, to whet your appetite a little more, or make you more skeptical, depending on where your awakening path is at, Earth is expected to slow its rotation, stop, and reverse its spin without catastrophes, along with being moved in space with the rest of the solar system to become part of the Sirian star system!


The Earth has a consciousness of its own, it is a living being. The Divine Plan of the Creator, which we all follow, knowingly or unknowingly, calls for the Earth to ascend from the reality we know as the 3rd Dimension, to the 4th Dimension (an intermediate or temporary existence) and then to the 5th Dimension. This has long been suggested to be around the end of 2012, or earlier. Humanity, and all other life must be ready to ascend, or increase vibration, to move with the planet Most people no longer have the time to go through separate and individual ascension processes that could take another 200 or 390 years. They are in their last incarnation and should ascend to help establish the next creation on Earth and the whole universe. This means keeping these bodies and gradually bringing them back to about the age of 30. Those not ready, will incarnate back into the 3rd Dimension on another planet. They cannot return to the higher dimension Earth. Some people’s “contract” is up and they will return to previous star systems, if they wish, and even ascend higher than the 5th Dimension. No one on Earth was originally from this planet.

Ascension is the integration of spirit and matter. It is the process where our physical, emotional, mental, and all spiritual bodies combine to create a fully conscious being. We take on a Light body. We are really spiritual beings having a human experience. We have other aspects of ourselves who exist on other worlds, in other dimensions or realities. In essence, we are all physical Angels with a giant amnesia problem.

Through ascension, we realize we are all connected; we are all One with all other life in the universe. Everything came from one Creator. Race differences, war, owning property, land rights, in fact all aspects of our current world, are really illusory. We live in a giant hologram.

Many dimensions, also known as planes, mansions, and parallel worlds exist in the same space. They only differ by degrees of vibration. When we increase our vibration sufficiently, we change dimension.

A measure of the vibration rate of the Earth, its heartbeat, is the Schumann Resonance, which appears to be measured differently by some Earth scientists compared with higher realm information. For years it stayed at 7. 8 cycles per second (hertz). It began moving up at the time of the Harmonic Convergence. August 1987, the year of much spiritual awakening. In theory, when it is constantly at 13. 0, we are in the 4th Dimension. According to some sources we have been sitting at 12. 9 for some time, and will move to 13. 8 in the near future.

Ascension is expected to be achieved when we are fully exposed to the photon belt energies. This is a toroid-shaped energy band that our solar system passes through twice in a 26, 000 year cycle. Each pass in previous cycles has lasted about 2, 000 years. We are currently in the belt, but protected from premature fatal ascension by a holographic energy field placed around our solar system by the Galactic Federation of Light, our allies from other civilizations in our Milky Way Galaxy. As our vibration rate increases, some photon energies are gradually released into our solar system.

Initially, a 12-strand RNA/DNA system will have replaced our body’s current 2-strand system. We will have increased our 7-chakra system of body energy vortexes to a 13-chakra system. We will also consciously use 100 percent of our brain, instead of the 10 to 20 percent currently utilized. Full consciousness will return to us, that is the awareness of why we are here, what we are to do in the future, and what our past lives have been. We will have universal knowledge at our finger tips, or rather, our brain receptors, and have super-human abilities.


As ascended galactic humans (physical angels), we will be able to interact with all sentient life forms in our galaxy, universe, and beyond. We will regain extraterrestrial powers that we lost many lifetimes ago. Telepathy, teleportation, and interplanetary travel without space craft will be possible using our Light body or merkahbah.

Some people will be able to revisit or return to their previous star system that they came from. Some will help to repopulate Mars, Venus, and Maldek which will be re-formed from the Asteroid Belt. The majority will stay on Earth for the new Golden Age, and will help create it. Earth will be a showcase planet, a major centre for trade, conferences, and headquarters for the Intergalactic Union of many galaxies near us.

Those who populate Earth will become her true stewards, anchoring Light and supporting energy nodes and grids around the planet at great temples. The whales and dolphins have been burdened with this task for far too long. We will live in magnificent crystalline cities within the Earth, although they will seem as if they are on the surface. This is how all higher dimension civilizations live on other planets. It is how many Lemurians and Atlanteans already live within the shell of our hollow Earth. We will be meeting them soon. Our new civilization will again be based on spiritual concepts of Lemuria, which in turn, was based on Sirius B concepts.

Our current structure of governments will cease. Higher intelligent beings will help us set up new governing councils based on appropriate universal principles. We will have the final say in fine-tuning new government, without interference from those who currently control governments.


One of the greatest restrictions to our progress is the repressive control of world “official” governments by a secretive Shadow Government, which also limits the type of daily news or “truth” we receive through the world’s mass media.

This is why many people are not aware of the current and coming great changes to civilization. It is the reason we have fear-based news most of the time on television and in newspapers.

Keeping people in fear and distress through news, financial matters, wars and violence, and mind control, plus filled with harmful foods, drinks, legal and illegal drugs, as well as being subjected to harmful chemtrails, are some of the means to keep our vibrations low. This makes ascension so much harder to achieve.

This negative control has also been an aspect of many religions and philosophical groups for a long time. The good news is that this manipulation and control of worldwide societies is quickly coming to an end. A dictatorial New World Order/One World Government, masquerading as a democratic globalization program, will not be allowed by higher realms intervening on our behalf. We agreed to this intervention before incarnating here, despite some people believing it contravenes ‘free choice”, which it does not under the Creator’s divine plan. Those who don’t believe in a Creator or this plan are in for a big surprise!

Disclosures on how we have been manipulated are soon to be announced, and will commence some wonderful changes.

The little known aspect of the Shadow Government is that it, in turn, has been controlled by negative extraterrestrial beings who have given them much advanced technology for their control on Earth. However, we should not hate these aspects of our society. We have probably all exhibited negative traits in past lives just for the experience! It is best to send them love and have nothing to do with their controlling schemes whenever we have the choice. In the near future, all darkness on Earth will be transmuted to Light, and in doing so, will create a stronger Light. Many of the Shadow Government former ET dark allies, are now part of the forces of Light in this galaxy. Many former Shadow Government people have also now aligned with the Light The remaining ones can either do the same, or continue incarnating on another 3rd Dimension planet until they are ready to ascend to higher dimensions. It is their choice.


Our universe is teaming with life at various levels of evolution. We are more or less at the bottom, but are about to make a giant move in the “up” direction. The highest intelligence is the collective energies we term God, the Creator, or numerous other terms. From here, and down through many descending levels of vibration, known as dimensions, planes, or mansions, exist a multitude of beings, initially in spiritual form, then semi-solid, and then in dense bodies like our current ones. We know these beings by terms such as Elohim, Archangels, Lords of Light, Angels, Ascended Masters, and finally extraterrestrials, who have humanoid bodies or those we can call dinoid, insectoid, and reptoid. Television reveals some of these forms in shows like “Star Trek”. We have all existed in these higher energy forms before, but intertwined with other aspects of ourselves. We are each part of a soul group of approximately 12 souls, and part of a soul family of approximately 144.

Billions of souls (aspects of God) were sent to Earth to see if they could rind their way back to the vibration of God or the purest Light without memory of where they had been. This has never been done in this way anywhere before. Thus the uniqueness of our current situation or “experiment”. Earth is the fulcrum for change and peace in this galaxy and universe. Evolution elsewhere cannot proceed successfully until we ascend to the 5th Dimension. Many civilizations are watching us with intense interest. Higher dimensions can see through to lower dimensions, but we cannot see higher dimensions from here. In recent years, mankind has had virtually unlimited access to the highest beings of Light who provide guidance through channeled contacts and sometimes even manifesting in etheric or physical form.


Divine intervention is allowed to occur in a planet’s affairs when spiritual progress is hindered. In fact it is part of our incarnation contract which calls for it at our stage of evolution, before we connect permanently again with other galactic civilizations.

The intervention is carried out at a physical level by our space brothers and sisters, and at a spiritual level by the Spiritual Hierarchy. Our space brethren include the Galactic Federation of Light, a sort of “United Nations” of our galaxy, comprising over 200, 000 or 90% of the civilizations in it. It was formed over 4 million years ago. About 60% of physical beings in our galaxy are non-humanoid in appearance.

Both types travel in spacecraft. An inter-galactic group of ships and personnel, the Ashtar Command, work closely with the Galactic Federation. The Spiritual Hierarchy consists of the Elohim orders, the Time Lord councils, the Angelic realms, Ascended Masters, and the Devic kingdom. They don’t need space craft, although the Ascended Masters often “hang out” in Ashtar Command ships.

Incidentally, the Time Lords regulate time, which together with Light, are the two elements that compose Creation.

The Galactic Federation have over 18 million space craft in our solar system at any one time, rotating from a much larger base. Competition is high among members to be here and assist at this great “end times” period! Some mother ships are thousands of kilometres long. The smaller shuttle craft are more commonly seen in our atmosphere.

A first contact program by the Federation has been in place for about 10 years now. This will most likely culminate in mass sightings of craft, a change in world governance structures, a unification of all societies, and a return of our personal sovereignty. Then, we can be shown how to handle and adapt to ascension and full consciousness. Much of this is expected to be carried out on spacecraft and within magnificent underground cities.


It is necessary for the Earth to cleanse and rebalance herself in preparation for ascension. This preparation has been part of the reason for many extreme weather conditions that the planet has been going through in recent years. Much volcanic and earthquake activity has been loosening the tectonic underwater landmasses of Lemuria in the Pacific Ocean (which sank about 25, 000 years ago), and Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean (which sank about 12, 000 years ago). As part of the rebalancing, these landmasses of Lemuria and Atlantis must come to the surface. They hold ancient temples and pyramids, which have to be reactivated.

Magma upwelling within the Earth’s shell towards her solid crust has been heating the oceans for some time now. This causes the so-called El Nino and La Nina effects, particularly in equatorial regions.

Two large ice crystal layers, known as firmaments, will be re-formed around the planet. These layers keep certain energies contained on Earth and will give the whole planet a semi-tropical climate. They also prevent degrading rays from reaching Earth from outer space. Water from the melting polar caps and seawater will be used in the firmaments. The collapse of these layers in ancient times were the cause of great floods and much loss of life on the planet. People in those times were twice as tall as we are now due to the protection from DNA degradation. The layers will form from about 15, 000 to 18, 000 ft (4, 500m to 5, 500m), and from 35, 000 to 38, 000ft (10, 700 to 11, 600m). Gaps will occur at the North and South Poles, and the firmaments will be higher when following contours of high mountain ranges.

Other landmasses will alter, and more seas and inland lakes will be formed. All life forms, animals, and plants will be removed before this happens. Humanity will be mainly relocated into inner Earth cities while all this occurs. Even after our ascension, some Earth changes are expected to continue.


More people can now confirm what is happening by tuning into their Higher Self /Soul/I Am Presence during meditation. This “going within” process has been practiced on Earth well before religions and philosophical groups formed. People can assist by visualizing Light energies in the form of unconditional love anchoring onto and within the planet. Love conquers all! It produces peace, healing, harmony, and oneness.

The anticipated changes to a new monetary system and world forgiveness of debt is likely to also change government structures in the near future. If the few remaining controlling cabals on this planet don’t allow these changes, then first contact with our space and spiritual friends is likely to be brought on more quickly than expected. Should the changes occur, then greater financial and spiritual abundance will be available to all mankind. Divisions between races and countries will cease.

There are many people working quietly in the wings of government, judicial and financial systems to assist the implementation of these changes. We should be introduced to them soon.

More free energy devices will become available, particularly for powering our homes and transport systems. These inventions have been available for some time. This has been pointed out in the Disclosure Project crusade, headed by Dr Steven Greer and friends who are showing the world the extent of Earth’s secret contact with ET civilizations over the last 60 years. We are in the Time of Truth where many hidden truths, including those of the Shadow Government must come to the surface.

The occurrence of many disastrous Earth changes, producing much loss of life, is now unlikely due to the great increase in mass consciousness in recent weeks since the September 11 atrocities, caused not by isolated terrorists but by those people controlling the US Government. It is still possible though, on a day-to-day basis, that some volcanic and earthquake activity will still occur.

Those loved ones who have already passed over are likely to join us in higher dimensions, if that was their choice. Others who have, and will pass over in the future, may already have decided at a higher level that they are not ready for ascension to higher dimensions yet. They will reincarnate onto a 3rd dimensional planet, possibly held within the large battle planet Nibiru, soon to become a part of our solar system.

Posted by Brenda Freo` - Idaho Indigo USA Earth & Beyond...

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23 Aug 2006 @ 06:05 by jobrown : Yup, Brenda,
you are so right! I'm with you 100%.... but that's just us.... where are the rest (of NCN Memebers ) who all "believe in -and WANT- a New BETTER world"/Heaven on Earth/The Golden Age of Aquarius?  

24 Aug 2006 @ 17:36 by freo7 : DAMN GOOD QUESTION Blue Boy!!
Let them quit giving hypo-thetical *lip service* and stand up now and be counted as co-creators of the CHANGE that is happening NOW or...let them wake up tomorrow morning and wonder what happened.

There are 3 kinds of people:
1)Those who MAKE things happen = 2% = US
2)Those who WATCH WHAT HAPPENS = 10% = the externally focussed managers in this world. and...
3)Those who wake up tomorrow morning and WONDER WHAT HAPPENED = the masses = 88% on planet who only do what the man tells them no matter how many of US there are...  

12 Nov 2006 @ 19:12 by John P @ : Ascension/All that Is/ The big Con
I'm with you all the way pal. I'm just another wanderer in this gooey illusion
John P  

20 Mar 2007 @ 08:07 by Dawn Hambrick @ : I AM a Lightworker
I would like to join....and help!!!
Dawn aka Sunshine  

6 Jun 2007 @ 20:51 by Keith Beasley @ : Great, but beware of being too literal!
Thanks for such a useful article: SO much in it that I agree wholeheartedly with. If I may though, there's a few points, perhaps minor, that I'd like to comment on:

'Galactic Federation' & 'Spiritual Hierarchy' - I have to admit to cringing when I read such phrases . . . and here's why:

When we're talking about angels, Time Lords, ascended masters and other such advanced beings, the idea of them sitting around a table in some sort of federation parliament, or having some management structure like a human corporation is frankly laughable: surely they're WAY beyond such notions and practical needs?! I suspect these terms have been used in the past to help less evolved humans accept those who we're communicating with us. Such ideas now, I feel, have served their purpose and need to be questioned. So, an alternative way of looking at these phrases is called for:

'Galactic Federation' - as beings and species reach the 5th and higher dimensions so they're connected directly into 'the oneness'. Everyone is very much part of the whole universe . . . automatically, in everything they say and do. They're telepathic and they're whole way of thinking and behaving is to put 'the greater good' beyond any selfish (personal or species) wants. Such notions (of personal as opposed to cosmic needs) just do not occur at the 5th and higher dimensions! So there is no NEED for federations and councils.

Likewise for hierarchy: As we all take out natural and rightful place in 'Life, the Universe and Everything' (which is what happens as pass through Ascension) then we will all be of equal value to the one-ness of life. There is no question of some being more important or 'higher' than others. I'd suggest that the sooner we do away with ideas like 'hierarchy' and accept everybody on their own merits the better!

My other comment is also concerned with taking terms too literally:

Reference is made to Atlantis and Lemuria 'coming to the surface' and yet we're also told that they'll be no major physical upheavals to the planet. It's hard to see how these lost civilisations can physically re-emerge from the ocean bed without the sort of tidal wave that would have HUGE consequences to much of the planet as we know it.

So perhaps, more realistically, we need to take this idea wore metaphorically: the sort of civilisations that were Atlantis and Lemuria will be seen again . . . all over earth amongst those humans who have undergone the shift to the 5th dimension.

Having made those observations I'd like to, once again, thank you for sharing . .. and tying all these important and powerful ideas together.  

7 Jun 2007 @ 05:30 by freo7 : Thank you 4 your 5th dimensional comment
Kieth is this you/your site? http://www.pintados.co.uk/
Now that I read this blog entree of mine 'again for the first time' I realize how much of it I thought/felt that I believed at the time I wrote it. I have to agree with you totally on this: "as beings and species reach the 5th and higher dimensions so they're connected directly into 'the oneness'. Everyone is very much part of the whole universe . . . automatically, in everything they say and do. They're telepathic and they're whole way of thinking and behaving is to put 'the greater good' beyond any selfish (personal or species) wants. Such notions (of personal as opposed to cosmic needs) just do not occur at the 5th and higher dimensions! So there is no NEED for federations and councils." And yet, in my experience they do exist and I sit with them in the oneness and thereby know what they know with them. IT is hard (maybe impossible) to explain in language but get this! I hear or know what I know while in the ONENESS attuned with them, in English because it is my INTENTION to make that translation. Since I wrote my part of this blog entree I have been told by differing channeled sources that I am some kind of emissary from another constellation. And the latest person to tell me her guides tell her this says I am not even from this Universe. I can tell you this: Wherever I come from, we do not believe in GODs or Higher Arc-ies the way it is depicted in the translations made for Earth consumption. It is all science (for lack of better term) where I come from.  

17 Mar 2008 @ 17:24 by Ingrith Saavedra @ : When?
I have been read the discussions about hierarchy and power throughout earth after our ascension to the fifth dimension. I am wondering why instead of loosing our time in such trivial matters, we take all this knowledge and pass it to everyone.

I explain. This should be translate in several language, so people around the world can read it too and get their own perspective and thinkings. Because all this is a world matter not just a USA matter. I have read books about this in other languages, but the quantity of information that is available in English is huge compare with information of the same level in any other language.

Can we have communication with people from other part of the world and see what they have to say or what they know about this? It will interesting to hear other perspective!

Thank you!  

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