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pictureFriday, July 14th 2006, by Brenda McCann

Brenda M. - What is a lightworker?

A Light Worker is someone who knows themselves as energy configured to appear certain ways in corresponding dimensions of life living. A light Worker also knows that all of creation -living existence- is also made up of configured energy.

The worker part of this equation is a 'calling', a purpose or a mission that one has come to this planet Earth FOR in the first place. Most of us have known that we are light workers even before we knew a term 4 it or had a clear and committed calling/mission.

What is a lightworker? 5:48 PM

I am starting to wonder if this attraction and KNOWING is somehow in our genes/DNA and that it is triggered by the raising of UNIVERSAL ENERGY FREQUENCIES which are now flowing into this Earth planet (universal energy local`) because.... the Earth is part of the larger UNIVERSAL RELATIONSHIP that we humans also call "ours".

B in ID USA Earth & Beyond...An Adventure Journal entry & personal experience of mine.

"Mah Gii Kah Oui" is a source "US" sounding that means: We are all ONE BEING throughout ALL Cosmos and THAT includes planet Earth 2 of course!!

BEING can be described as who we are be4 we are configured but simultaneously *we are that* while also being sentient light beings having a human experience at this POINT in linear TIME.

Time, as you all already know, is merely a consensual consciousness agreement made by all of US who choose TO BE in this "time" = rhythm of OUR ONE BEING, together here & now.

Like Shakspear said, "TO BE or NOT TO BE. That is the question!"

Brenda is Love's Loop Alerts Publisher & Editor. MOTTO:"Learn By Doing" There is a thread of being that never changes. Currently living the life style of my childhood dreams, I was born a Cosmic Adventurer but now I am totally committed to grounding the energies from The Great Central Sun into the center of THIS Earth. Join The Journey & *Please Scroll on Down to post your comments and feedback. It will be published in the next Love's Loop Alerts emailing...

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