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pictureThursday, June 1st 2006, by Brenda McCann

MESSAGES FROM GOD through Yael & Doug Powell Circle of Light [link]

Nature Supports the Christ 5-28-06 (tape)

As you walk forth as the living Christ with your heart open, pulsing and alive, with the Love of the living Spirit flowing forth through you, then everything around you announces the Christ. The Nature Spirits come to sing to you in acknowledgement of who you are, and the pathways through the dimensions open before you as every part of the life I Am comes to acknowledge you. In each moment you are given the gift of the amplifying power of My Love, because as the Christ, the heart of God, you are the light and vibration of Creation itself. Your every movement becomes a fiat of Love’s everlasting power. Therefore, All That I Am seeks ever to assist, to serve you, to uphold you and to amplify your Love.

So, from the moment that you make your choice and step into your Christedness, from that moment, dearest ones, all of Creation is here to support you. As you recognize all the beings of light who are rushing to your aid every moment, your heart becomes humbled and overflows with gratitude that life is so supportive of you. As you go forth in alignment with the living Christ you truly are, then as you walk forth into this world, the world of symbolic experience, you will find that all the beings of consciousness and light who are present here lay before you a carpet of flowers. The birds come to sing your song. All of Nature comes forth to proclaim the living Christ, and just as in the story of Jesus and John, Nature comes to crown you and proclaim you as well as the living conscious giving Christed heart of God.

Beloved ones, let your heart rejoice. Let it overflow in joyousness, as you begin to feel the acknowledgement and the support of all life --especially the streams of light and consciousness that surround you and appear before you in the world as the Nature Spirits in the symbols of this world. They will dance before you as the flowers and they will go before you to announce your presence, and soon you will find yourself feeling each greeting and acknowledging the communion song of yourself as the awakened Christ. In your heart you will find a communion unimagined where every being alive on Earth that lives in the consciousness of Love will come to sing in harmony with you, as you sing your new Christ song.

You will discover that all around you there are symbols everywhere of the beings who come to announce you and to support your work with theirs. You will feel more and more each moment the precious song, the Real vibration of the Earth and all Her life. You will feel them in the realms of Love and you will know a deep relationship based on the desire, the passion to lift all humankind up and to show each and every one what the Garden of Eden truly is – that it is the magnificent communion with all life on Earth in such a way that each heart is known and honored and expressed. From each comes acknowledgement of the greater dance of Love, until such glorious harmony arises that Nature itself becomes fluid, alive in the _expression of its joyousness and life and ability to dance with you.

So if you can picture the Garden of Eden as a living symbol of paradise containing the support of Nature for the _expression of the living Christ, for this is what it is. You are the Christ, the heart of God I Am and Nature was always meant to sing forth your praises, to create for you your _expression of beauty, to uphold you every moment in your walk, your _expression as the glorious and magnificent overflowing heart. So every movement by you is matched by a supporting movement of Nature, and every wave of inspiration and Love that rises up in your heart, overflowing, is picked up and expressed by the spirits of Nature, painting a picture of your Love in the magnificent symbols of this world. But this world, as it really is – as an _expression of your highest self, the dancing light, the living joy, the crown of Creation you are.

So when you speak your deep truth honoring life and experience in Love, immediately there comes forth around you those living streams of consciousness that can paint the picture of what you just expressed, and paint it in the symbols of beauty and magnificence and elegance that are the flow and expressions of Nature. So as an example, perhaps you speak with your heart of the deep abiding Love you have for Me and your Twin Flame. In that instant, flowers would spring forth all around you and birds would perch on your shoulders and your head, singing out the name of your Love, your Twin Flame and expressing in their beauty your Love for Me.

Nature is meant to be the out-picturing of your living Love. It is meant to spring forth as an _expression of your consciousness and your Love. It is the living easel on which your spirit paints the picture of its journey into ever-greater _expression of this great flow of Love.

So the New World, beloved ones, is the world that shall spring forth to support you as the Christ, and Nature shall be returned to its true purpose and every moment will be beauty, rainbows of experience and all around you the appearance of the perfection of life. And you, dear ones, you are the Tree of Life itself. The living crown of Creation is ever and always you. Yet this too shall be expressed by the Nature Spirits in their honoring of you. And therefore, the Tree of Life will be made manifest in the symbols of Nature as well. Dearest ones, please imagine this around Me to begin planting this awareness in your heart.

So you can walk forth in full consciousness that when Nature comes to honor you and to express your joy, your happiness, you will be ready to comprehend what it is that is happening here, and you will be ready to rejoice in the synergy of Love – that this world IS the _expression of you in the living moving breathing symbols of Nature, every one of which is an _expression of your glorious heart, of the living energy of My Love which is you, beloved ones.

Living in the old world, it has seemed that things are solid and that physicality was somehow separate from you, but as you move into the new, into living the Christed life, you are going to discover that life on Earth is totally an _expression of you. Because you are alive to Love, aware of the realms of light, because your hearts are truly open to Me, the _expression will become instant and therefore, clear to you that all the glory of Nature is simply speaking about you and expressing, first, in consciousness as the living streams of light and then, in the symbols of the natural world with which you are familiar.

Ah, but dearest ones, these symbols will change as you walk and live in alignment with Love, upholding your selves as the living Christ, because the expressions of Nature that you’ve known until now have been expressions of you in reversal, living in the reversal of Love. So many of the things that you are familiar with and used to in Nature will be changing, dearest ones, and Nature will become only beauty and the most magnificent _expression of you.

So those things in Nature which have been expressing the reversal of the Christ, your consciousness when it was “lost,” the consciousness of humanity in duality, such as animals who kill, storms, trees that lose their leaves, all the things that express something other than Love and joy – these things will be shifting effortlessly around you and if you will notice, they already are. As you develop your conscious communion with the Spirits of Nature and their upholding you in Love, you will discover that Nature becomes totally fluid, absolutely able to instantly express every nuance of giving, every outpouring of Love, every _expression of your joy, everything that comes forth through and as you – will instantly be out-pictured in the symbols of Nature. There will be no need for winter, for the seasonal change you believe you enjoy because Nature will change color and _expression moment to moment with you.

So as your heart rejoices in an opportunity to love, in that instant all the trees will turn the colors that express joy to you. And as you place your feet upon the forest floor, flowers will spring up all around you. Truly Nature will bend in acknowledgement. The trees will reach

down to greet you. The flowers will bend to kiss your legs, your feet. The birds will sing your name and your song of Love. The natural world becomes the Real world of Love expressing only the glorious vision of the living giving Christ.

You can see from this why the world is expressing as it is, why there is such pollution, discord, and now so much upheaval, because Nature is the _expression of humanity’s consciousness, meant to be the _expression of the Christ heart of God I Am. When turned around and reversed, it becomes the _expression of anti-Love, if that is where the consciousness of humanity dwells.

From this you can also see how quickly and how easily this world can change into the Garden of Eden, the perfect _expression of Love – the _expression of your beauty, of your consciousness in the Real, your _expression of your desire to give only Love, to see and feel and be the glorious Love you are. Nature will reflect your vibration in the symbols of the world, and thus, shall the shift come easily as hearts awaken, and the Nature Spirits come to honor the Christ in you. Every moment becomes pure magic, indescribable beauty, exileration and _expression of your great consciousness, painted before you as the world. Sung in the cue of life by the birds, each part is an _expression of this symphony of life that comes forth to uphold you.

And of course dearest ones, all life is conscious. All life is consciousness, streams of conscious Love, so your experience of the natural world is to be communion, a communion with the Nature Spirits and with the animals and with every energy that is an _expression of you. The elements, the wind, the water, the fire, the Earth, all of these are in front of you as an _expression of your choice, your voice, your being-ness and your Love. As you understand this, you have true allies all around you to support you in your reclaiming the greater truth of you.

If you take a moment now, dear ones, and reach out with your heart, you will feel the Nature Spirits all around you, singing Love. You will feel them in their acknowledgement of you. You will feel them rejoice. You will experience their excitement about communion with you, and you will also recognize in the realms of Love this holy and living communion is always taking place. You just now become aware of it, and therefore, you become aware that these magnificent beings of light that carry forth your Love, your beauty, your grace and the truth of what is in your heart. With the living palette, Nature paints it all for you. You will delight in their support, in their Love, in the communion of the living Spirit.

You will discover a far deeper relationship than ever you would have imagined, for you will discover that this world, this natural world is

not separate from you but every part of it, every part, dearest ones, is an _expression of who you are, of your consciousness and your heart, collectively and individually – collectively as the consensual agreements of humanity’s consciousness now, yet, each person contributes, each sleeping Christ – but the moment you awaken and say “Yes” as you have to fully becoming the embodiment here of the living heart of God you are, then the _expression of life in the symbols of the world comes forth each Now Moment to acknowledge you instantly as the creator that you are, as the living Love of God.

The world then follows. The symbols always follow the _expression of consciousness, and you begin to live in the Garden again. Once again you return to the Garden of Eden, the perfect world, because it is an _expression of your own Christ heart.

So beloved ones, please cherish each stream of life that is Nature. Please feel it in your hearts. Use heart perception to communicate with these magnificent beings of Love whose purpose is the _expression in the symbols of beauty and truth of your great heart and consciousness, as the living Christ.

So with every one of you who says “Yes” and deeply chooses to live as the Christ you are, a new set of symbols more and more in line with Love emerges. So I leave you now with this awareness that I gently place in your heart of the precious and exciting communion that you have with the Nature Spirits, and I ask you to watch, to watch what happens around you – the expressions of increasing beauty and more and more alignment with you of that which is expressed by Nature – until you will become fully aware that Nature is responding to you, responding in Love, and giving you ways and voices and expressions of color and light -- all of these as your living palette expressing your heart in symbols and

expressing your communion with Me through the gift of the natural world.

All is light and spirit, dear ones. There is no such thing as physical. Every thing here is a painting of light expressing your heart’s beliefs, your consciousness, your awareness, your joy in being you, true to the living Christ you are in each Now Moment. The old world _expression was the _expression of fears and the _expression of that which had been reversed. But as you can see and feel from Nature, your glorious Good has always shown through and that is why so many of you feel centered, feel My presence, feel the truth of who you are in Nature.

It is because it is expressing the truth of your being far more than expressing the reversal. In the realms of spirit you will discover that this is true. All that seems so big here on Earth, all that has been your heart’s beliefs in the reversal, in something other than Love. All of that is so small compared to the glorious truth of you that in the grand scheme of everything, it cannot remain. The reversal is such a small part of who you are, dearest ones, that the natural flow of Love has to take over. Therefore you can rest easy and trust that all that you see before you shall be blossoming before your eyes, the _expression in the symbols of Nature of your glorious and magnificent heart.

Step forth in honor of those beings of light who come near you seeking to share in your _expression of Love. Beloved ones, give them your heart. Let them assist you to see it. Let them fully express it for you, so that you can see it also before you in the symbols of the world, in the symbols of Nature, the beauty expressed, who you are – alive in the symbols of Nature as all life rejoices in your reclaiming you truth as Christ.

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1 Jun 2006 @ 05:49 by jobrown : Dear Brenda,
'ts been so wonderful to read all these incredible articles of yours!.... though they are so "Big" and should I say complete, so i seldom know what to comment -exept that they are great and inspirational! Afraid of repeating my self - like eveyr time!... I opt for one comment every five -or so- articles!.... heheheheh
Lots of Hugs & Love to you, Sis!/A-d
ohhh,BTW, anybody, who has ever seen and loved a wheat field just have to love your pic!.... while in their Mind/Memory recall the feeling of a living Wheat field!  

2 Jun 2006 @ 23:18 by freo7 : blueboy we are surely one heart~!
If you liked that last article you must have resonated favorably with it, yes?
If so come here and resonate even MORE:

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