TIME 2 WAKE UP: OK I have just topped the scale with this INFO=> 2nd coming is US!!    
 OK I have just topped the scale with this INFO=> 2nd coming is US!!3 comments
pictureSaturday, April 22nd 2006, by Brenda McCann

Invitation to the Christed Heart -- A Letter from Yael to you concerning this Easter's Messages from Jesus the first Christ and *what they mean* to everyone living, and as yet unborn, on planet Earth Gaia

Hello everyone,

I am writing to extend God's invitation to you to participate in the awakening of your own Christed heart, and to be the beginning of the wave of the awakening Christ on Earth, that which is also called the Second Coming. Here at Circle of Light we have been led through a series of Messages and meditation experiences this Easter that are the template that each of you can use to awaken to your own Christ heart by releasing the personal will and the focus on the outer world.

It has been the most amazing experience of my life this past Easter weekend but because it is so difficult to express it in words, I am going to share with you how it came about and some of the gifts God is offering to us all. First, as we moved toward Easter we received a Message from beloved Jesus in which he said that the coming Good Friday was going to be the time for our human selves to die on the cross – to fall away, to be released, and that this Easter was the Easter of Christ consciousness, the Easter that is the beginning of the shift of consciousness on Earth. We shared that Message with our full list.

Then, right before Good Friday I received another incredible Message from our dearest friend, mentor and beloved brother, Jesus, in which he explained what it means to be the bridge for humanity and why he experienced what he did, and most of all, how his experiences were specifically for us to create the bridge to this time, the bridge to the closing of humanity's separation from God. This was also sent the our full list.

On Easter Sunday I was shown a ceremony that we did here at Circle of Light in which each of us who was present made the choice to release every bit of our focus on the outer world, to release it all to God. Everything was released: things that held our interest, held our fear, everything that kept us feeling involved or anxious – in other words, kept our attention focused outside of ourselves. That is the world of effect rather than the focus on the cause which is God, which we come to through our heart. In doing this ceremony, each of us wrote all the things that we were releasing and allowed ourselves to feel how much lighter we were as we burned these pieces of paper. Then we were given the opportunity to make the decision to release our little will into the higher will of our Christed Self, after which we were anointed by the Living Spirit.

At the time I thought THIS was the most amazing experience. That is, until our Tuesday night meditation. At that time, God lifted us and led us through an entire experience of moving from the limited human being with a focus outside of ourselves into the glorious truth of our eternal nature as the living Twin Flame Christ. God then brought us back and created for us the experience of the embodiment of our own Christ consciousness merged with our focus here as living life on Earth. I want to tell all of you that this it truly the most magnificent unbelievable experience that I have had, and I have had many experiences.

As the meditation was ending, I was being shown that this IS a template and that from this experience of ours will come a "domino effect" as people receive this invitation from God and choose to use this meditation to release the little will into the will of the Christed self. Those of you who are on the Tuesday Meditation transcript list have received this Meditation by email. We are going to send the transcript of this Tuesday Meditation to the full list, so that everyone can experience it.

However, I truly feel that the most effective way for each of you is to begin this process, following the steps above which I have described, and then to use the recording of our meditation last night to finalize the union with Christ, because the energy was so powerful that I feel sure that it will truly come through on the recording.

So what we are doing right now is preparing duplicates of the recording of this meditation given to us by God on Tuesday night onto CDs and we are now taking pre-orders from those of you who are interested. This will help pay for the duplication and bring them to you as quickly as possible so you can share in this Easter experience directly. [If you go to our Secure Order page on the website -- https://www15.addr.com/~yaelhana/order.html -- this meditation is at the bottom of the CDs and is called Easter Resurrection Meditation. You may order there with a credit card. The cost is $10. Be sure we have full information, including your address.]

From here, we are going to do some work together – all of you who choose to do this – assisting each other to live in this higher consciousness while functioning here on Earth. We will make a commitment together each week to keep our focus on one aspect of living divinity here on Earth and allowing God to guide us in the order in which we focus on these things.

Our first focus is on giving Love. What God is asking each of us -- after we have made this decision to release the little will and the focus on the outer world -- is to turn our attention and all of our Love to the heart, to God, to Love, and the truth of our being. Once this has occurred, then our experience is to become the living heart of God. The living heart of God is totally based on giving Love.

So what we are asked to do is to consciously give Love in the most intense, passionate, totally committed, truly focused way that we ever have – to pour Love out with all our heart and all our being – to focus on the star at the center of our heart as the place where Love is connected, where our connection with God is the strongest, and to allow that center to magnetize the Love from the Real, and pour it outward in service to humanity.

What I am being asked to do is to make our focus on Love the first step, until we can get the CDs to all of you who want them. Then we will begin a program together, moving on through a series of focuses that will help us come to hold the Christ energy while we live on Earth together.

So if those of you for whom this resonates will send a pre-order for the CD of the meditation, you can then begin following the path of release that has been outlined, and please join with our hearts as we rejoice in this new opening for humankind that God has given us. I write this with the greatest Love for each and every one of you, and with the deepest gratitude to God for allowing me to be of service in this way.

Please pray when you read this. I feel that you will know instantly if this is the next step for you. But I am also told very clearly that God encourages everyone to do this meditation, to make this commitment, to take the steps, even if you have doubts about your ability to hold it– because first, there is power in numbers. Where "two or more are gathered" is very true, and the fact of the support of this whole group of people who are going to be doing this work together will make a very big difference to all of us in our ability to hold the Love.

Secondly, whatever stage of your journey you are on, God wants you to know that if you do this meditation it will change your life. It will open your heart and it will begin the process of the embodiment of the Christ and the coming of the Christed heart in you, and even if it ends up being in a series of stages, it will still begin the process. So I am asked to encourage everyone who can to participate, to get the CD if you possibly can, and to make the time to allow God to lead you through this experience of transformation that is to begin the transformation of life on Earth. This is not to say that transformation is not already underway – that it isn't already begun – but this is a new opening for us to bring about the bridge, the merger between the realms of Love and life on Earth, allowing us to reclaim life on Earth as only and always Love.

Thanking you for your most beautiful hearts!

I am ever and always yours in Love,

Yael Circle of Light [link]

P.S.*If anyone reading this has not received the Easter Messages from Beloved Jesus mentioned in the letter, please email: mailto:connect@circleoflignt.net and we will forward them ASAP !!

*The Tuesday Circle Meditation of April 18th will be sent following your above request also.


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Brenda McCann, aka Freo`7 moderator: Say_Yes2Real_Love

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22 Apr 2006 @ 23:18 by iamramtha : Time 2 Wake Up
Really good reading. Ok I'll take one of your cds. The only problem I see here is you want to charge for these cds.Give and it will be given unto you,pressed down,shaken together and overflowing. Unfortunatley many will be lost when asked to buy your product. If you have something of real value. Give it freely. Your rewards will be many including the monetary. This is only a suggestion put forth in love. We are all here to experience great things,And will do so ultimately. Also, much is said about meditation.And it is good. But it is very importamnt to make our life a meditation. Not just in a circle of silence. For God is with you always. The gentle breeze,the rustling of a tree.Cool wind upon ones face.The coo of a new born child. Everything about us,Is about God/Goddess/oneness,unity of all.  

24 Apr 2006 @ 06:26 by freo7 : tee hee IT IS GIVEN FREELY (smiling)
The cost of the cd - production and mailing exp. is all that is charged for the OBJECT that relays verbal sound. cost is cost brother. You do not need a cd you can resonate with the sound of your own voice doing the meditation ~ simply resonate with your own inner truth while reading the words. All you have to do is request that it be sent to you by email!! GOD WITHIN YOU SPEAKS LOVE & TRUTH perfect for you now after now after now....amen  

30 Mar 2007 @ 15:19 by kavitha @ : meditation recording
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