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pictureWednesday, March 29th 2006, by Brenda McCann

I was in a tele-conference call last evening called Unconditional Radiance: The Ultimate Key to Experiencing Joy & Making a Difference in Your World...

I didn't hear anything that I do not ALREADY KNOW & practice since 1969 but the lady giving the call, Julia Rogers Hamrick, is very good at articulating IT , facilitating IT and she has written a book about IT called *Recreating Eden* which says just about everything I KNOW & DO.

Why haven't I been talking this way? Why have I been sharing and posting so much of what other people write and or channel? THAT IS THE QUESTION... Here's the answer:

I have never felt like an EXPERT or that I have ARRIVED at any concrete conclusions - like Matthew Webb want's life changing to be... My life is so busy changing and evolving week to week that concrete is never arrived at nor is any kind of 'finished product' written.

If I were to write what I know and do, they tell me I have to write it FOR AN AUDIENCE and that I have to put it in THEIR WORDS so as to be understood. You see, I have never done that. If anybody understands this review of a tele-conference that I am about to write, would you please make comment and let me know? Continue to the REVIEW by clicking for =>

A Review:

Activating UNconditional Radiance:The KEY to Experiencing JOY & Making a Difference In Your World

It's all about our vibrational quality while present and accounted for here and now in our own 3D life. What is it? It is the flow of source energy / life force / Unconditional Love that is or isn't, flowing freely THROUGH US HUMANS.

It's all about our CHOICE or not, to remain in the vibrational frequency wave lengths that ALLOW the FREE FLOW of all of the above and it is to our advantage to FLOW this energy of LIFE ITSELF freely - meaning without restriction, resistance or judgement of any kind - on principal and 4 our own GOOD HEALTH.

It is all about SHARING & OPEN ENERGY EXCHANGE with all life around us at all times, bar nothing... if in fact, we choose to Activate Unconditional Radiance (Prosperity) and Make a Difference in OUR WORLD.

It is all about the difference between us acting out from our ego = reptilian brains, or instead choosing to act out from our frontal lobes (get this: Brain scientists say the frontal lobes are the location of all our GOD concepts and vibratory connections) May I say that being a frontal lobe type I will BUY THAT LOCATION. So now what?

First of all we must realize that the so called holy bible of our parent's Christian version containing the creation story and the challenges met in the garden of Eden are actually true but they happen each & every day - within us, to and from each & every one of us and NOT ONCE UPON a TIME long ago...

Still breathing?

Yea, Swanny, the snake in the garden of Eden is each of our very own reptilian brains - you know - the brain stem located here in the back of our heads? Yep, that one that runs our entire autonomic system of living life here and now as a body. BUT GUESS WHAT? You really are not your brain or your body just as you are not your automobile when you are driving a car.

YOU are instead a living projection from the source of all that is = life here in the relativity of all life forms realm. SO THE FIRST STEP TO Activating Unconditional Radiance (Prosperity) and Making a Difference in YOUR World is KNOWING and FLOWING WHO YOU ARE.

Oh did I mention that the reptilian brain/snake in the garden of Eden is totally UNconscious? And there's more. It is also the motivator or engine that drives our ego's job which is safty and territorialism = wars and warring albiet, one on one like a road rage confrontation that people are actually killing one an other over now a days - or - Nation State against nation state for whatever our actual reasons are. And waring usually has to seen by we the supporters of wars AS OUR SAFTY being ENHANCED or SECURED by whipping their ass and making them do our versions of governing themselves - you know, so WE WILL BE SAFER?!

Well all of that is just a mass of snakes in mass rapport`.

All of that is how egos TAKE & MAKE everything in life conform to IT's perceived & felt sense of safty and the perpetuation of SAFTY for the ego's/reptilian mind's, life.

*ALL WE HUMANS HAVE TO DO IS STOP being self identified as our reptilian brain's calibur of thought, feeling & action in this world and then CHOOSE TO JUMP BAC` to who and what we REALLY are.

So now let me define what WE REALLY ARE means: REALLY ARE means the *who we are eternally or spiritually as the projections of LIGHT & LOVE from the energy source* of all that is THAT WE ALL ARE originally and continually whether we know it yet through our 3rd dimensional bodies that are all run by our reptilian brain, or not. Does your snake want to transform itself? So that you can experience your eternal self (they call it the monadic self) here and now in the action of BEING = radiating, an unconditional Prosperity Flow of Life Force Energy every moment of all the rest of your time here on Earth. So that YOU CAN then Make a Difference in YOUR World?

Let us leap to the possible results when everyone or enough of us have made THE CHOICE, decision & practice to BE WHO WE REALLY ARE:

1. There would be unconditional shariing of all resources = LIFE FORCE here and now between and among all life forms and THAT includes us humans.

2. We would not evn need our egos to feel safe because no one would be trying to take or control our territory and our livelihoods.

3. There would be no need to cheat and steal with one another so the criminal problem would simply fade into nonexististance = BLAM.

4. The legal and illegal DRUG TRADE would dwindle due to no depressed people.

5. The arts and humanities would THRIVE in a massive renaissance of our human ability to be & do what we love artistically in order to share our love & joy with eachother in a more objective way.

6. The endangered species would get to live because as humans sharing all of our LOVE, RADIANT SOURCE ENERGY = resources, with all life around us, we would automatically love and nurture all plants and animals.

7. WE, humans would be happy and safe and grown up finally!!

Now here's the major punchline of the whole global tele- conference call I was on yesterday evening:

THERE IS A WAY TO MEASURE YOUR OWN VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY RANGE moment to moment. IT is like a built in bio-feedback machine. IT is called *Kenesiology and they even have Master's Degree and Doctorate programs at the university level now in *Kenesiology because it is also a proven diagnostic tool.

GO => HERE 4 RECREATING OF EDENand JOIN visionary author and spiritual-growth facilitator, Julia Rogers Hamrick, for the NEXT energizing, empowering seminar on one of her favorite topics: HOW TO BE Unconditional Radiance: The KEY 2 Experiencing Perpetual Joy & Making a Difference in Your World!

* Kinesiology.net Kinesiology Network, the web site for Manual Muscle Testing, Kinesiologic Medicine, Applied Kinesiology and Specialized Kinesiology.

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29 Mar 2006 @ 20:46 by jobrown : Dear Brenda,
make no mistake, people DO read your articles!... I do... Yet I don;t always know what to add and comments seem so futile many times, when something is kinda complete! : )  

6 Apr 2006 @ 19:40 by Julia Rogers Hamrick @ : Please don't let ego stop you, Brenda!
Hi, Brenda~

I just discovered this when looking over my current Google Alerts.

How surprised I am that the genius inventor of Palm Rub Sevens is feeling frustrated about getting her truth out to the world!

But I want you to know that I know just how you feel. I used to read spiritually-oriented stuff and listen to spiritual teachers talk, etc., and think "I know all that! I even know MORE than that! Why am *I* not the one with the book or the one teaching?" And I'd wring my hands. But finally, the power of Love and my passion for expressing it overcame all the fears and I finally got myself launched!

Here's the thing. There are two bogus ideas you have bought into as expressed in your words:

"I have never felt like an EXPERT or that I have ARRIVED at any concrete conclusions"


"If I were to write what I know and do, they tell me I have to write it FOR AN AUDIENCE and that I have to put it in THEIR WORDS so as to be understood."

Both of these imply that you need some sort of outside approval for you to express what your God-Realized Self wants to share. And that's just some baloney that your ego is telling you. You clearly have a LOT to share and it is time for you to just do it, and let the Universe sort out who does or does not partake of what you are sharing. If you go at it from the standpoint of how it will be received, it will never have the purity of Spirit it needs to do its job. Just write what is moving within you.

As far as arriving at concrete conclusions--you'll NEVER reach that--and if you do, you won't have anything of value to share. It's the living, breathing, EVOLVING truth that makes a difference--not ideas cast in cement! I have learned and grown so much since I wrote Recreating Eden, it amazes me. It doesn't invalidate what's in there in the least--since Spirit wrote it, it is timeless (in fact, the only things I wish I could change were the things I wimped out on a little because of how I thought they might be peceived!) The power of my book--or of any book--is in the living energy it contains, not the expert status of the author, or the absolute "truths" within it. Heck--I will be surprised if my understandings don't evolve a WHOLE lot more before I'm done with my Earth suit!

You do have what it takes. Listen to your Spirit and don't let your fearful ego stop you!!!

Love and Joy,


P.S. Thank you for the wonderful endorsement! This month's free teleseminar will be April 25 and it's going to be "Dancing With Ego: Learning to Let Love Lead." (To get the access info, make sure you're on my email list www.recreating-eden.com )  

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