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pictureSunday, January 22nd 2006, by Brenda McCann

Learn How You Can Escape The Goal Setting Trap + 7 Secrets of Realizing Your Life's Passions!!

Why do so many people set new years resolutions and goals yet never reach them? There's a FAR simpler way to create what you want in life (and it's not what you think). Discover how Dream-Minder can help you create what you want with less effort than you've ever imagined. Key Words: LESS EFFORT

I, Brenda purchased this program right before Christmas `05 and the EASE with which I am actualizing my heart's desires IS PHENOMENAL, so far this month! I have BREATHED through blocks I had no idea I had with no pain and suffering. Each new day has been a totally new perspective within my VERY SAME LIFE.

I LOVE THIS PROGRAM and want to sing it's praises to the house tops!! It is like this Dreams Alive program called Dream Minder, has completely bi-passed my ego and called my subconscious into complete cooperation!

Is it really possible to be deleriously happy? Well I am the living proof 22 consecutive days of JANUARY 2006 - steady as she goes, so far!!

Visit Dreams Alive website

From a happy Dream-Minder Dreamer:

"Following the principles of Dream-minder, I have achieved results and received opportunities beyond my imagination and I have had fun in the process. **The neatest part is that while I give myself credit for taking action, there is no ego trip involved.**

I have an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude that when someone seeks to share their dreams peacefully, God and this Universe will work out the details. There is a reason that I have this passion... I was meant to share it.

Thank you so much for creating this product. It has helped me to change my focus, and therefore, my life. I have merely scratched the surface of what my dreams hold for my future. My Dream Minder lists hold bigger dreams now than I would have dared to dream before, and I can see them unfolding. What can I say? Over-achievers die hard.

With Highest Regards, Leah Miller - Mt Pleasant, South Carolina

More real life stories

If you don't already have Dream-Minder, now's the time to give yourself the permission to begin to realize your Life's Dreams.

Why would you wait even one more day to open up and realize the creative genius that you know you have within you.

It's there - we can see it right now within you - so come on - it's time to share it with the rest of us.

If you DO have Dream-Minder, then call one of your DreamTeam members today and ask them how they're doing - ask them how it feels to be in the energy of realizing their most sacred Dreams and goals. Ask them how they did it, really connect with them and they'll inspire you in the process.

And let them help you as well... MORE about Dream Minder here !

Posted By Brenda in Idaho USA Earth
More than Happy to be totally grounded in the here & now N O W

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