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pictureSunday, July 10th 2005, by Brenda McCann

Transcending Our Human Egos

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles


We are standing on the threshold of an event that Humanity has been longing for since we fell from grace and into the throes of chaos and confusion aeons ago. During that fateful time, we lost the awareness of our God Selves and the fact that we are Beloved Sons and Daughters of God. When we were no longer able to perceive our own Divinity, we inadvertently created our fragmented, fear-based human egos. This distorted aspect of our personality has held us in its paralyzing grip and controlled us for lifetimes.


Our human egos have manipulated us by perpetuating the illusion that our physical bodies are all that we are and that the physical plane of Earth is all that exists. These distorted beliefs caused Humanity to develop a poverty consciousness of lack and limitation. This motivated our human egos to obsessively and compulsively fight to gratify our physical senses. Greed, selfishness, war, hatred, fear, crime, corruption, intolerance and every other abuse of power can be traced back to the poverty consciousness of our fear-based human egos.

During the past several years, a massive awakening has been taking place within Humanity. People all over the world are beginning to remember who they are and why they are on Earth during this amazing time. As they awaken, they consecrate their lives to be the Instruments of God they have been trained to be for lifetimes. These Lightworkers are reaching up in consciousness and reconnecting with their own God Presence and the Company of Heaven.

Awakened souls around the world have cocreated various facets of the Divine Plan that have literally accomplished miracles. Now, for the first time since our fall from grace aeons ago, Humanity is in a position to burst the bonds of the human ego and to love that wayward aspect of our personality into the Light. This will be accomplished through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth over the anniversary of Harmonic Convergence, August 13-18, 2005. During that sacred week, millions of Lightworkers all over the world will listen to their hearts and volunteer to serve as surrogates on behalf of all Humanity. The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth have assured us that with our unified efforts we will reach a critical mass of Divine Love that will raise the energy, vibration and consciousness of Humanity into the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of Transfiguring Divine Love for one Cosmic Moment.

During that Eternal Moment of Now, the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child on Earth will raise the frequency of our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies into the 5th Dimension. In that instant, every evolving soul will transcend the paralyzing grip of his or her human ego, and the oppressive bonds of lifetimes will be burst asunder.

Then, with the Cosmic Fiat of our omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Father-Mother God-All That Is-Archangel Michael and his Legions of Power and Protection will encapsulate every human ego in the invincible forcefield of the Ring Pass Not of God’s First Cause of Perfection. This is a Circle of White Lightning that prevents anything that is not of the Light from entering or leaving its embrace.

Our human egos will then be breathed into the heart of our I AM Presence and bathed in the Light of God’s Transfiguring Divine Love until they willingly surrender into the Light and are transformed into their original Divine Potential.

From that moment on, our human egos that have dominated and manipulated us through fear and poverty consciousness since the fall aeons ago will no longer have the ability to control our lives.

This miraculous act of Divine Grace will be God Victoriously accomplished in the Realms of Cause during that holy week and will filter into the world of effects moment by moment, as the I AM Presence of every person gradually takes dominion of his or her Earthly bodies.

It is important for everyone to understand that we will still have free will, and we will still have all of the habits and beliefs recorded in our etheric bodies that our human egos manipulated us into accepting. Consequently, people will have the ability to act out of those obsolete patterns of imperfection until their I AM Presence takes control of their thoughts, words, actions and feelings.

Each person’s transformation will be a unique process that will unfold day by day. For many people the changes will be obvious and instantaneous. For others, they will be more gradual, but steadfast. For a few, the changes will be resisted as they fearfully struggle to hold on to old habits simply because they are familiar. Without our human egos empowering and controlling our behavior patterns, however, people’s efforts to perpetuate chaos or pain and suffering will be greatly diminished.

It is a Cosmic Law that once something is accomplished in the Realms of Cause nothing can prevent it from manifesting in the world of effects. The only variable is how long that will take, and that is up to you and me. The time it takes for these dramatic changes to manifest on Earth will depend on how tenacious you and I and the rest of the Lightworkers are at implementing the guidance from our I AM Presence in our daily lives.

The Beings of Light assure us that the end result of this miraculous event will catapult Humanity forward in the Light and into the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of limitless physical perfection by leaps and bounds. Without the deliberate interference and fear-based manipulation of our human egos, the guidance of our I AM Presence will resound in our hearts and minds as a Voice of Divine Truth and Inner Knowing.

Knowledge is power, and the more we understand the specifics of this unprecedented opportunity, the more effective we will be in bringing it into physical manifestation. Each of us has been preparing for a very, very long time to fulfill our particular facet of this Divine Plan. The I AM Presence of every evolving soul on this planet, whether they are in or out of embodiment at this time, will be joining with the Legions of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth and participating in this wondrous event. Those of us who are consciously aware of the miracle that will be taking place during the week of August 13-18, 2005, have a greater responsibility to listen to our hearts and respond to our inner guidance. There are several ways in which we can weave the wonder of our glorious Light into the Chalice of Light that will create the open portal through which the Light of God will flow to accomplish this facet of the Divine Plan.

Lightworkers will be gathering to form a mighty transformer of Light within the Portal of Light through which the Flame of Healing Through the Power of Limitless Transmutation and the Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love enter the Earth. This portal is in Tucson, Arizona, USA. The vehicle that is being used for this gathering is the 19th Annual World Congress On Illumination, August 13-18, 2005.

Lightworkers from all over the world are responding to their Heart’s Call and coming to this gathering to serve as surrogates on behalf of all Humanity. Their unified Heart Flames will create the mighty transformer that will magnetize the initial impulse of Light from the Heart of God in the Core of Creation to empower Humanity to reach a critical mass of Transfiguring Divine Love. The Light of God flowing through this portal will begin the process of lifting Humanity into a frequency of the 5th Dimension that will transcend the human ego.

If you are feeling the Heart Call to participate in this facet of the Divine Plan, there is still space available, and your selfless service to the Light will be greatly appreciated by the God Selves of Humanity and the Legions of Light throughout Infinity.

In addition to this particular facet of the Divine Plan, Lightworkers all over the world will be joining in consciousness with the Lightworkers in Tucson and serving as Instruments of God for various other facets of the Divine Plan.

First the Light of God will pour through the portal in Tucson. Then the Lightworkers gathered there will project the Light through their Heart Flames into the Heart Flame of Beloved Mother Earth. This activity of Light will build in momentum day by day through sacred ceremonies, meditations, music, dance, prayer, affirmations, decrees and other buoyant, joyous expressions of Light.

Once the Light is assimilated into Mother Earth’s Heart Flame, she will breathe it out through her Crystal Grid System, the acupuncture meridians in the body of Mother Earth. As the Light of Transfiguring Divine Light blazes through the crust of the Earth, it will be magnetized into the Heart Flames of Lightworkers all over the world who are joining in consciousness from their specific locations and volunteering to serve as surrogates on behalf of ALL Humanity. These Lightworkers will be serving as acupuncture needles along the Earth’s meridians.

The Lightworkers from all over the world who will be joining in consciousness with the Lightworkers in Tucson will be participating individually and in groups. Some will be joining from the solitude of their homes in silent meditation, others from sacred sites they have been guided to or from familiar gathering places where they will weave their Light into our Chalice through the various means directed by their God Presence.

The Beings of Light have asked us to make the information about the unfolding Divine Plan and the opportunities in August available through every possible means. It is important that each Lightworker be aware on a conscious level of what is taking place during that Cosmic Moment. Every soul will then be able to readily respond to the clarion call from his or her God Presence and participate in this global event according to their inner guidance. Any assistance you can give us in spreading the word will be greatly appreciated.

Remember, WE ARE ALL ONE, and there is no separation. As you participate in this sacred week, be in the Eternal Moment of NOW. Know that no matter when you join with us in consciousness, your I AM Presence will weave your energies into the Divine Plan perfectly.

As the World Congress On Illumination unfolds each day, the Beings of Light guide us step by step through the various facets of the Divine Plan. For that reason, we don't have a lot of information about the specific Divine Ceremonies in advance. I encourage those of you who are tuning in with us from a distance to listen to your heart, and KNOW that you too will be guided through each day by your I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven.

The momentum of Light will build from the opening ceremonies on August 13th through the closing ceremonies on August 18th. Your intention is what matters. Know that if you and your group intend to be the most powerful force of Light you are capable of being during this miraculous facet of the Divine Plan, you will be.

Thank you for your heartfelt desire to assist Humanity and this precious planet. Your Light and Love are needed and gratefully accepted by Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her. I truly appreciate you and the Light you are adding to the world. God Bless You!

If you are feeling the heart call to be an Instrument of God and to serve as a surrogate on behalf of Humanity at the 19th Annual World Congress On Illumination for this unprecedented facet of the Divine Plan, please trust your inner guidance and respond. You have been preparing for aeons of time for this Cosmic Moment.

Once you set the Diving Intention to serve as a surrogate on behalf of Humanity and all Life during this unique opportunity, the floodgates of Heaven will open in support of your endeavors. Your God Self will pave the way, and doors will open for you that you have not been able to imagine in the past.

For detailed information on how you can participate in the 19th Annual World Congress On Illumination, please go to our website or contact us by phone, E-mail, fax or mail. [link] E-mail: Eraofpeace@aol.com; Phone: 520-885-7909, Fax: 520-749-6643. New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose, PO Box 41883, Tucson, Arizona 85717


This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as the proper credit line is included.

©2005 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of this information is to encourage, empower, uplift and inspire all of us by allowing us to see the bigger picture, during these wondrous but extremely challenging times.

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10 Jul 2005 @ 04:15 by astrid : This is wonderful!
THANK YOU Brenda, for making us aware of this Cosmic Event!  

10 Jul 2005 @ 05:05 by nemue : Wonderful
Brenda thank you for posting this wonderful article. Blessings Nemue  

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