TIME 2 WAKE UP: Our COVENANT as the living BEING we call Earth    
 Our COVENANT as the living BEING we call Earth0 comments
pictureFriday, April 22nd 2005, by Brenda McCann

Our Covenant AS THE LIVING BEING we call Earth

We are our ancestors come here again... We give thanks and blessings to the Ancestors and Peoples upon whose land we are gathering...

We stand together, heads held high, acknowledging that we too are a Force of Life and in acceptance of our direct connection to All That Is. We stand together knowing that we are a force of life and that we accept each our own direct connection within as the manifestation of, ALL THAT IS.

At the setting of each day
And in the dawn of every new morning
We will remember that...
What we do to the Woman
We do to the Earth.
And what we do to the Earth,
We do to our Children *

For more information on the Earth Mother ceremony please CLICK HERE

Words and Poetry by Brenda McCann, aka Freo`7 - 2005: http://www.lightsoflove.us


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