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pictureSunday, February 13th 2005, by Brenda McCann

"Every person has their own Spirit's path. The choices we
make, as well as the circumstances that befall us in life,
and how we handle them, determine our alignment with our
Spirit's path. Poor choices and unfortunate situations of
violation and the disrespect of our sanctity, the
manipulations allowed by us in our state of not knowing
better, divert us from harmonious congruence with our
Spirit's calling."

By Jade Wah'oo Grigori

Earth~Shaman Articles, Insights and Ravings By Jade Wah'oo Grigori

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I will begin this article with two fundamental descriptive definitions of Spirit and Soul. So very often I hear people speak of Spirit and Soul interchangeably; at other times I find that when discussing Spirit & Soul we are using fully different references, resulting in confusion.

The definitions that follow are, for the sake of clarity, what I mean when using the terms Spirit or Soul.


Spirit is pure, eternal and non-corruptible. Awareness is the nature of Spirit. The essence of Spirit is frequency. In manifest form it is expressed as light and resonance.

As the frequency of Spirit interpenetrates a field of life force (Soul) it sets that field resonating in a range of vibratory patterns that are made manifest as matter.

Awareness in manifest form is expressed as Consciousness.


Soul is comprised of life force and carries the imprint of experience and intent that is imparted to it by Spirit and the Body/Mind consciousness. This imprint is carried from lifetime to lifetime, though not always in conscious memory. Soul-force is mutable, that is it can be affected upon to be either life-positive or life-negative.

This alteration occurs as a consequence of life experiences that may bring forth either joy or pain. Joy is the direct felt-experience of Spirit's activation of our life force moving and pulsing through our body. When we act, choose or are influenced in a manner that is contradictory to our Spirit's purpose we experience pain.

SPIRIT AND SOUL An investigation into the nature of the Soul is paramount in our understanding of how we can most effectively come into alignment with our Spirit's desire. The function of the Soul is to guide and direct the Body/Mind consciousness, the ego, into a path of life that allows for the Spirit to best express itself. Spirit impels the Soul as to the direction it needs to take. The natural impelling drive of the Soul is towards change, movement and growth in attunement with the Spirit's desire.

This drive is experienced by every one of us as Death. That is, to the invested ego-consciousness any movement towards change, a relinquishment of the status quo of our attitudes and cherished beliefs, is perceived by the Body/Mind consciousness as an impending death. When the impelling drive of the Soul towards change is thwarted by our entrenched attitudes and attachments the force of that drive rebounds upon itself, now coming forth as a compulsion to suicide. By suicide I do not necessarily mean an overt and conscious attempt to kill one's self, but rather a panoply of self-destructive behaviors and conditions arise, for the Soul will have its way, even if it means removing the current Body/Mind out of the picture in order to provide the Spirit with another chance, through incarnation in a new life, in order to proceed with the Spirit's desire to bring it's purpose forth in manifest expression.

An example of this drive of the Soul to affect change, and what happens when that change is denied by our Body/Mind, may help to elucidate this information: When we are in a situation where we have acted in contradiction to our Spirit's desire, we experience a twang of conscience. When we suppress the message that conscience conveys, ignore it and carry on in spite of it, then we feel shame and guilt. Conscience is the Soul acting upon our Consciousness to bring alignment with our Spirit back into balance.

Guilt and shame are the consequences of Soul denied.

Imagine the three Souls as being one side of a hinge, **the Body and Mind comprising the matching other side of that hinge. When the Souls and Body/Mind are in alignment with each other the hinge pin of the Spirit can fit through, allowing the hinge to serve its intended purpose. If something is out of alignment, whether it be the Body, the Mind or one of the Souls, the hinge pin may still fit through, but the hinge squeaks and creaks. In these situations there will be dysfunction in the corresponding arena of the person's life.

If a hinge piece is missing or bent way out of center, the pin of Spirit is unable to fit through. When this occurs there will be the resultant disability of the individual's life and experience and incapability of function in that area of life.

This is not a black and white situation. The affected person may function quite fine intellectually, for example, but be fully dysfunctional emotionally.

Every person has their own Spirit's path. The choices we make, as well as the circumstances that befall us in life, and how we handle them, determine our alignment with our Spirit's path. Poor choices and unfortunate situations of violation and the disrespect of our sanctity, the manipulations allowed by us in our state of not knowing better, divert us from harmonious congruence with our Spirit's calling.

To the degree that we diverge from our path we create a separation between our life and spiritual calling. It is in the gap between our life and Spirit that dysfunction, disease and despair find fertile ground. Soul seeks to draw us back into alignment with that path. When we experience those difficulties and impediments in our life, when we are plagued with misfortune, ill health and dysfunction, these are often indicators that we are out of alignment with our Souls' Calling.

The appropriate resolve is to bring our life, through our choices, into a greater alignment with our Spirit's purpose.

When we can recognize the course that our life would follow were we to surrender into the Soul's movement to bring about change, we are in a greater awareness of what the purpose of our Spirit might be.

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We have three Souls, or aspects of one Soul. They are the Earth, Underworld and Celestial Souls. The Earth Soul is the one that we communicate with on a day-to-day basis and is the residing place of our short-term memory. With this Soul we make connections in a logical manner, recognizing patterns and associations and grounding these perceptions into the Body/Mind as conscious awareness. The Underworld Soul, or Dream Soul, is the Soul from which we dream. As our senses shut down at night our attentions shifts into the Dream Soul.

Our remembered experiences of this Soul and its activities are what are translated to us in the waking state as dreams. It is within the Underworld Soul that we store our life force that we generate each and every day. This charge of life force, or Power, as we refer to it Shamanically, resonates with our thoughts, feelings, impressions, experiences and perceptions; that is, memories.

The Underworld Soul is the place where our long-term memories are stored. Our Celestial Soul is the High Self through which we receive spiritual guidance and direction in our lives. When our attention is moved into the Celestial Soul we experience flying dreams, dreams of the transcendental and visions which alter our perceptions of, and approaches to, life forevermore.

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Posted By Brenda McCann, aka Freo`7
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13 Feb 2005 @ 20:16 by astrid : Quite
interestig viewpoints!  

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