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 St. Germain: What a glorious future awaits you - Many changes are afoot0 comments
pictureSaturday, October 4th 2008
Posted by YaMa'EL the Golden Dragon Goddess

Dear Ones, How we love your approach to the calamities that are taking place, as there is something in the Human psyche that is strong and powerful when confronted by a challenge. Your willpower is being put to good use to set up a wall of defiance composed of energies that are directing the creation of an alternative scenario. You are saying “enough is enough” and sense that you can influence the events that are taking place on Earth. I am to tell you that you are winning this battle, and weakening the ability of the dark to further impose their will upon you. Legions of Lightworkers stand with you sending out even higher energies, and its collective power is very much restricting the advancement of the dark.

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 “The Eight Shifts of Enlightenment”0 comments
pictureFriday, August 29th 2008
As channeled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

This MUST READ 2 Part Message is at link below...
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pictureFriday, August 29th 2008
from what's up on Planet Earth

October will bring in a full manifestation of our new roles, our new purposes, and a whole new set of “responsibilities” to our beautiful planet earth. Our “careers” will blast off, as we will then be poised and ready to offer the services of our heart’s desires to those in need of them. Not only will our new store-fronts or portals for receiving money be activated and greatly utilized, but many miracles, higher connections to others, new arrivals of hopes and dreams, and much of everything else will fall in our laps as well. There will be so much going on for us in October, that we will barely be able to keep up!

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 Archangel Michael Update For August 0 comments
pictureSunday, August 24th 2008
As you unite with your spiritual brothers and sisters from around the world, we ask you to join in a great prayer together: "BELOVED (ALMIGHTY) FATHER/MOTHER GOD, I ASK FOR MY HIGHEST GOOD, THE GREATEST GOOD FOR THE EARTH AND ALL HUMANITY." Breathe in the LIGHT, and breathe OUT the sacred Adamantine Particles of Creation activated by your unconditional loving energy. "BREATHE IN LIGHT ** BREATHE OUT LOVE ** BREATHE IN LIGHT ** BREATHE OUT LOVE." The Infinity Breath exercise will enhance your efforts and increase the personal benefits you will derive; however, it is not necessary for this powerful meditation and prayer to be effective. By doing so, you will radiate forth from your Sacred Heart core the Adamantine Particles of Life/Light that you have drawn forth from the Creator Source, and it will be gathered and magnified one thousand fold.  Read More

 BRAND NEW ASCENSION SERIES eGuides #1 and 2 Now Available From LightsofLove.us!!0 comments
pictureTuesday, July 22nd 2008

Essentials for Living An Ascended Lifestyle

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  LOVE'S LOOP ALERT-Issue #89 Vol. NOW July 19th - 26th 20080 comments
pictureTuesday, July 22nd 2008


Issue #89  Vol. NOW July 19th - 26th 2008


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Feature Story

Lord Kuthumi - 8:8:8
Windows of Abundance
Celebration And Activation

EXCERPTS:: "Precious ones this 8:8:8 celebration is one that will turn the world inside out and upside down, in a manner of speaking that is. This celebration is one that brings forth a level of new energy unlike anything humanity has experienced before."

"As we gather together with each of you upon this celebration day we are ensuring that all the windows of abundance are wide open for every human being to fully embrace this powerful surge of new abundance consciousness. This is the time where we begin the powerful activations of the Sun Chakra and the new chakras that will be birthed through this, which Akhenaton and the Sun Goddesses are responsible for anchoring on Earth with those willing Lightworkers."

"This celebration of abundance is presenting humanity with an opportunity to completely turn away from poverty consciousness. From this time of the 8:8:8 celebration up until the 21st of December 2008"

"These particular abundance grids are very powerful. They are unprecedented. This means it is in your best interest and that of humanity for you to open your heart now and to seriously take action in the direction that will secure your future within the fluid grids of this very powerful abundance consciousness."

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8-8-08 Meditation
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 Love's Loop Alert ~Issue #82 Vol. NOW ~March 29th - April 5th 20080 comments
Friday, March 28th 2008


Issue #82 Vol. NOW March 29th - April 5th 2008


This Weeks Issue Of Love's Loop Alerts


Feature Story

The Afterglow..
A Time for Grounding & Integration

Excerpts: "Welcome Back everyone, from a wild and wonderful weekend of activations, constellations, rebirth & letting go...."

"So much has changed within us all during this massive shift in consciousness, so much has grown and just as much that no longer serves us has fallen away from each of us individually as well as on a much grander scale of the collective whole. The consciousness of humanity, Gaia and the realms of light will never be the same. During this time of great transition and change, and as we all regain our footing and adjust to living in the 5th dimension more and more each day, we are being guided and reminded from the Masters of Light to refuse to participate in the illusions of the 3D world any longer.

It's time to take a stand for all that we know within us to be the TRUTH, and command within you to accept and receive only your HIGHEST and DEEPEST abiding good NOW and for all time.

We remind you also that deep breathing and grounding many times per day is of utmost importance to your well be-ing at this time. We suggest making the time to ground no less than 5-6 times per day to remain centered, balanced and feeling your best. It is time to listen to your bodies, and the inner nudging of your higher selves, and it is time to put YOU FIRST!!!"

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The Words I Waited 44 Years To Hear
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Sananda Speaks
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A Message for God's Daughters

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 *Planetary Grid Activation on Mt. Zion*1 comment
pictureMonday, October 29th 2007
Lady Mary Magdalene Channeled through Michelle Eloff©

The Lightweaver, Johannesburg, RSA13 September 2007

Planetary Grid Activation - Mt. Zion

*This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged. Transcribed by Judith Muller. *Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channeling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the
participants in the channeling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose.

I am Mary Magdalene, greetings and welcome to all of you today.

I stand within the presence of the Divine Violet and Golden flames of the Golden Age. These flames have manifested within your presence and within your being, serving as gateways into the Divine worlds of reunion with the Light.

All of you, as I am sure you already know, are Divine aspects of the Gold and Violet flames of our cosmic parents. These flames are the ones that burn brightly inside of you, fueling your inspiration and driving you to move forward and continue gaining power over that which creates the perception of limitation and fear.

The activation we are conducting with all of you today is one that will challenge your belief systems on a very deep level. The reason why I tell you this is because you are ready to embrace a different level of quantum perception. There are influences that you are affected by that are deliberately programmed into your environment so as to distract you. Some of you have been sensing the presence of this deliberate distraction. You have felt the uneasiness of something not being quite comfortable. This is already your physical confirmation that you have moved beyond many of the levels of density that keep humanity's perception in the lover vibrations of conscious perception. What I am about to tell you may stretch your imagination and most importantly it will stretch your mind. Your mind needs this exercise because it has become rigid in its ability to move beyond the parameters set in place by the old paradigms that keep you locked in an attitude that feeds your belief systems and current perceptions of life.

I am not here to feed any conspiracy theories, however, it is important that you know that not all of your conspiracy theorists are paranoid or neurotic. In fact much of what they have discovered is in fact true and you have all heard that very often truth is far stranger than fiction and sometimes it is more difficult to digest the truth than it is to digest illusion.

There have been experiments conducted that have changed your world dramatically. These experiments have already challenged the theory of relativity and many of Einstein's other theories. There have been experiments conducted in the year of 2000 to be specific and in these experiments they managed to move faster than the barriers of light permit movement. Now what this means is that there is evidence that something can be in two places at the same time, but what it even does more, which will stretch your imagination now, is that it defies the law of cause and effect. Now one does not have to have a cause for an effect to manifest, this means your power to be in more than one place at one time without a cause, without motive, and without intention is possible. In fact it is being done already.

It is vital that your consciousness takes these words in because this is part of the matrices we are dismantling at this time. The governments have mastered much of this already, it is also known as remote viewing and remote interference or influence. What this means is that they can reach an altered state of consciousness working from levels that the average human being can not work from as yet, simply because that power eludes them. Remote viewing and remote influencing means you are able to tune into every single probable outcome in your future based on where you are currently at, and you can ask which of those futures is the most probable; which one is the most beneficial in terms of your learning, your journey - so which one would be of best benefit to you and with that knowledge you can then move forward, you can create and you can influence the dynamics of your life and all life in fact like never before, and this is where the true essence of magic and miracles manifest. You as a group are drawing the energy of that realm into the physical field of planet earth and you are drawing it into the physical field of your own body, right into the space around your atoms. The atomic structure in your body knows all of this already. It was made from that power it was birthed within that essence. It has all of that knowledge and over the months that lie ahead of you we will work with you in assisting you in activating the dormant parts of your brain that hold that technology, in other words the power to become an empowering vehicle of creation.

It is vital that your mental programming begin to move beyond the limited constructs of the old paradigm matrices which have kept humanity in that state of victim consciousness. What this will do is lead to a revolution of such immense proportions that your world will shift its energy in what will appear a heart beat. And this is what you will know as 2012, a time when your world will not be as you known it. This is your time to grasp this notion, your time to embrace the power that exists within the quantum world around you and the quantum world inside of you.

This is the beginning stage of you learning how to teleport yourself, how to be in more than one place at the same time and consciously participating within both places at the same time, never losing yourself or fragmenting your soul in any way whatsoever.

I assure you this is absolutely nothing to do with strange metaphysical wishful, creative thinking, this is science, it is fact and I urge any one of you to look up the work of Dr. Wang, he is the one who conducted the experiment I have spoken to you about. t has been proven that one can be in more than one place at the same time and that the laws of cause and effect is part of a limited consciousness. It is changing. This will challenge the parts inside of you that are addicted to any kind of victim consciousness. This I am sure will help you understand why Kuthumi has been so adamant in his teachings regarding taking responsibility for your life by becoming an active participant within your life; it has all been for a purpose.

These new energies will show you how you can heal your body with a simple intention. How you can change the dynamics within any environment simply by choosing which one to focus your energy on. This power of remote viewing is not psychic hocus pocus.

Again I must tell you, it is a very real science and every act of a psychic ability, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircogniscience, all of these so called out of this world gifts, have nothing to do with being out of this world, they are in fact in side you in your inner world, those mechanisms neatly tied up within your brain. So the dormant aspects of your brain are the ones, the parts that are housing this phenomena. And you are now ready to explore it.

This is challenging the dark aspects of life like never before. Darkness as you know it is simply the absence of light, in other words, the absence of love. So the journey beyond the veils of the old paradigm requires of you the faith and the trust in the power that lies within the unexplored aspects of yourself. The place where angels fear to tread, the place where fools rush in, but in this case you are fools of light, fulls of light. Full of courage. The determination to bypass every single old paradigm program that has told you 'do not go there', you do not want to know what lies within the depths of your subconscious, there is far too much that will frighten you.

No, no no" I urge you to go inside there, to play with yourself in those realms. For it is in those realms where you will find what you have been searching for for this entire life time and the cycles before this one which has lead to you constantly coming back for more because that hunger has not as yet been satisfied. What you seek has not been found. You are now in that position to find it. This is what brings so many souls to planet Earth at this time, because this is a cosmic event where every single eye is upon you because this has never been experienced before.

The time has also come where all the dark contracts are ending. What this means is that all of the karmic contracts that where in place between souls, that bound them to beings of other planes that did not embody light, has ended. So now the journey entails many processes of anchoring all the seeds of light in all the necessary places. This gives light to those places which reignites the violet and golden flames, and in every point where the violet and golden flame is reignited, so the portals to the dimensions I am speaking to you of, are opened, and you will witness magic, and from that magic the miracles will be born. Those miracles are the manifestation of victory consciousness of unconditional love and prosperity consciousness where souls can come together honoring the Christ Light within one another and this is part of the anchoring of the 999 celebration.

Entertain the ideas that you are so much more than you will ever be able to comprehend, and over the next three years you are going to undergo development that now you cannot even begin to fathom. It is not in your mind's capability to even imagine it. But I assure you what you are about to discover will change your life forever, it is changing the course of your personal history because you can. With these newly discovered powers in terms of what you will discover about yourself now, can in actual fact change history, change the effects that history has on the consciousness of humanity.

Nicola Tesla knew how to do this. Einstein was catching a glimpse of it but did not quite know how to deal with it. He was not very happy with quantum energy because it is so volatile. Why is it so volatile? because it is able to be transmuted, transformed and altered in any way one chooses. Those who are considered the darker energies, the darker forces have been using that technology to keep humanity in a state of entrapment. That is how all of you have been controlled in what is known as the matrix. So in order to break the matrix, not only of the paradigm that you currently find yourself in but the matrices for all who are coming from where you have been, and those who are in front of you, your star brothers and sisters who are dismantling the matrices for you to pass through, becomes a journey of such incredible empowerment, of the most amazing manifestation of magic and miracles that there will be times I will assure you, you will stop and weep because it will feel as though it is unbelievable. This is not to say that you will never face a life lesson again or that you will never face a challenge or an obstacle again. What it means is that you are in a position to consciously choose what you need to best learn.

Remember I spoke about remote viewing earlier on and remote influencing of those paradigms. This speeds up the entire journey of the souls learning process. This allows many dimensions to be experienced.

As you move beyond the dimensions of the old paradigm you are clearing the many layers of dark consciousness, the cells of ignorance that have been held in mother Earth's body. These are held within stagnant and dormant fields. These dormant fields will now be dismantled, and filled with the energy of Christ light. It will take approximately 18 months for this cleansing to be complete on a planetary level. Each of you however will undergo a far more accelerated version of this. All you are doing is tapping into a technology that is already being used, that was hidden from you.

No longer is this power going to be kept away from the souls who choose the journey to freedom. In order for the old to be transmuted there needs to be equal amounts of its opposite in power. Therefore the light is increasing in power to override what the darkness has perpetuated over the last 3000 years. And you and every other worker of the light is being offered this opportunity, whether you take it or not is of course your decision.

So beloved ones we ask you now to close your eyes and imagine yourself energetically connected to Mt. Zion. Welcome master Jesus into your personal energy space and call upon all the angels of light who work with you and who are assisting us in anchoring this divine plan of Love & light.

Welcome Lord Maitreya and of course your own personal guides, angels and guardians.

Imagine a beautiful violet and golden flame in the centre of your heart. Both these flames are aspects of the collective flame of divine illumination.

Violet and gold are the colors of golden consciousness. Their frequencies are gateways to the golden paradigm, to
golden consciousness.

Imagine yourself being surrounded by this exquisite gold and violet color, and the energy of the flames growing in strength in side of you.

The light they emit shines on the pathway that you have chosen to walk in this life time. Its vibrations also penetrate the lobes of your brain, igniting new energy inside of the structure of your brain, sending additional currents of electrical energy through it.

While that is taking place, feel the light of the golden violet
flames moving down through your body and connecting with Mother Earth forming a divine union between you and her.

I, Mary Magdalene, stand along side you, feel the warmth of my hand holding yours. While I hold your hand, my energy receives energy from the Source of All that Is and this energy is transferred into your body, facilitating a very necessary recalibration ensuring that the frequencies in your body are adjusted and this adjustment will ensure that the activation of the dormant aspects of your brain will continue to grow.


((Brenda comment:This time, 24 hours - to the second later - I am having no problem seeing the violet and gold flame energies within my aura and this time I can feel them. It is a gigantic cleansing feeling or what I call the feeling of cleansing. I keep wanting to say crimson and gold energy because I am not sure what violet they are talking about. A lot of times what they call and show as violet flame what I call the Hot Pink light filled color of the Cosmic ONE LOVE energy pulse creating and sustaining all that is. Which is, in fact, what I am in the inner outer planes/dimensions of all that is when I am OBE = out of this particular bio-body-mind-heart and soul and the patterns of reality that they carry.

This is my idea of violet flame color as this background:

And this is Mary Magdalene's Insignia... in the foreground

Now bac` to more expository information concerning this MT. Zion activation =>  Read More

 Does the Universe hear your WORDS? or your VIBRATIONS?0 comments
pictureSaturday, July 21st 2007
EFT-Talk Podcast #20 - Does the Universe hear your words or your vibration?
- Are you trying to say things that are positive or “happy” but feeling that they are not true?
- EFT is what we need to use to shift those feelings of resistance.
- The gap between your words and your true vibration is the ‘missing link’ in the understanding and effective use of the Law of Attraction.
- Call it like it is! And tap! Activate the vibration of self-honesty!
- Clear the negativity first.
- Learn to trust your inner feelings.
Posted by Rick on 19-Jul-2007 at 05:19 PM
EFT Podcasts • PermaLink
Discuss #20 - Does the Universe hear your words or your vibration?

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 BOY DO I PICK the waves or what!!?? PART 20 comments
Monday, June 11th 2007
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 R E M E M B E R who you are if...you are0 comments
Tuesday, January 30th 2007

 WE LOVE 4 THE SAKE of LOVING1 comment
pictureWednesday, October 18th 2006
Please Everyone involved now in the 1017 Mission,

Post all of your ongoing follow up ideas and activities
in the comments section below that are ALREADY MANIFEST
and in the Earth Womb OVEN


Here's 2 to start just in in the last 30 minutes:

*****Make Someone Feel Good***** [link]

***I AM GOD's LOVE Manifesting NOW*** [link]


B Free B Now B the LOVE and...Live It's Power

Read about Valeria the beautiful Feminine voice in
I LOVE YOU Audio above =>  Read More

 DOORWAY to all our gifts is LOVING OUR SELVES I got it from...the Pleiadians2 comments
pictureMonday, September 25th 2006
All quotes below are from the latest Pleiadians through Barbara Marciniak book, Path of Empowerment: Pleiadian Wisdoms for a World in Chaos (2004)

Pleiadian Wisdoms on "Gratitude For Who You Are"

The new common sense is about knowing that all of life is significant and that you must take care of it. We recommend that you become enamored of yourself, for you are a miraculous form of creation, capable of manifesting a magnificent and majestic version of existence through your thoughts, words, and deeds. Seek the path that brings fun and joyful living, where you attract meaningful and significant life experiences.

*You always automatically energetically pass on what you are learning*
*SEE LOVE OURSELVES ISLAND and join the forum/left margin, to practice & process with others
*To see the rest of this piece click for =>  Read More

 THIS IS YOUR MOMENT! By Patricia Diane Cota-Robles5 comments
pictureWednesday, August 2nd 2006
We have all been preparing for this opportunity for a very, very long time. For literally aeons, we have been training for the Cosmic Moment when we would be called to be Instruments of God in the physical plane of Earth. We have always known, within the deepest recesses of our hearts, that one day the time would come when this planet would reclaim her Divine Destiny and re-activate the encoded patterns of Heaven on Earth that have been dormant since Humanity’s fall from Grace. THIS IS THAT MOMENT!

All is in readiness. During the week of August 12-17, 2006,
we are being called to fulfill this facet of the Divine Plan.

All we have to do is ask our mighty I AM Presence, our true God Self, to guide us unerringly through these sacred and holy days. We already have within us all of the wisdom, knowledge, courage, skill and ability we need to fulfill whatever it is that we have volunteered to do, individually and collectively.

Remain in a state of Listening Grace throughout this time frame, and respond to the Inner Guidance of your I AM Presence moment-by-moment. No matter what is presented to you or interjected into your life experience during these vitally important days, know that LOVE IS THE ANSWER!...  Read More

 Just One more LOA story...1 comment
Sunday, July 16th 2006
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