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 The Planetary Grid Transmissions New Moon Tuesday, October 280 comments
pictureSunday, October 26th 2008
Posted by: YaMa'EL the Golden Dragon Goddess

A full 24-hour transmission period of New Earth Energy

With Unified Meditation and/or Ceremony
During 3 world times: New York 9 pm, Paris 8 pm, Sydney 8 pm

Unified Planetary Focus:

* Aligning with the Unified Field

* Conscious Co-Creation in the Unified Field

* Conscious Co-Creation in the Unified Field

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 The MEDIA & Barack Obama - FACT OR FICTION?1 comment
pictureSaturday, October 11th 2008
Written and Posted by YaMa'EL the Golden Dragon Goddess

Greetings Dear One!

This weeks guidance concerns the Media and the upcoming Presidential Election. For those of us with eyes to see, and ears to hear beyond the illusions, the future winner of the election is already known. But also known and understood is that only this now moment is certain, for each has free will, and with every breath and heartbeat, that can change, you can change, another wakes up and more light is shed and on and on the evolution of life keeps moving and flowing ever forward.

Barack Obama is a Lightworker, though the media is having a frenzy with this as they do not understand coming from places of fear, greed and corruption. The Hosts of Heaven have much more to say on the subject because of the lies and twisted truth the media is and will be feeding those who are consciously paying attention to all the Government shenanigans and believing it as if every word is the truth and fooling every blessed one of them. Do you honestly believe that the media and government would not lie to you for their own benefit?? I urge you now to think again if you do, for there is no time left for hunting and pecking for what is and is not the truth. The time is NOW to look within for all of the answers about this election and everything else in your life!

Let NOTHING ELSE FOOL YOU!!! Let NOTHING ELSE TAKE YOUR ATTENTION AWAY FROM THE TRUTH AND CO-CREATING HEAVEN ON EARTH. You will not find truth in the media or from the mouths of your government officials...  Read More

 The Dissolution of the Old World and the Birthing of the New0 comments
pictureSaturday, October 11th 2008
Posted by YaMa'EL the Golden Dragon Goddess

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon | 9.22.08
The Dissolution of the Old World and the Birthing of the New

EXCERPT: "The Current Financial Crisis: "In this message we wish to give you some specifics regarding the financial and earth changes that are now upon you. We had hinted at the probability of this in previous planetary messages, but now the probabilities have become realities. The main focus of our intent for this communication appears toward the end when we will share what we feel you can do, individually, to ride the storm..."

(This is a VERY LONG channeled message but well worth the time to read it through. I have posted this very important message on it's own page which you can freely access below via our newsletter below)

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 Oct 3 *Free Global Service* Quan Yin Creation Teleconference0 comments
pictureFriday, September 26th 2008
Posted by YaMa'EL the Golden Dragon Goddess

Join us to create what we DO want for our world right now!

Free Global Service Teleconference Ignition with Beloved QuanYin:
Ignition of Accelerated Creative Force Connection
QuanYin Channeled in Full Embodiment by Laura Lee Lizak

Friday, October 3, 2008

Brought to you by:
LightsOfLove.US and the
Lights Of Love Membership Circle

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 11:11 New Earth Portal Activation through Michelle Eloff©20070 comments
Thursday, November 15th 2007
ASCENDED MASTER KUTHUMI - 11:11 New Earth Portal Activation - Channelled through Michelle Eloff © Johannesburg, South Africa - 06 November 2007

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged.

*More about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit [link]
This is Transcribed by Samantha Gilbert - *Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channeling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channeling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose.

To download the audio of this channeling, please click here

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of initiation, understanding, tranquillity and new vision. Greetings beloved ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones the vibrations that each of you are opening to receive are ones creating an entirely new dynamic within your physical reality. This dynamic is not coming from outside of you, it is coming from the essence of your being and it is therefore a dynamic very new to you.  Read More

 !!Coming Soon!! The Lights Of Love Membership Circle™2 comments
Wednesday, October 10th 2007


The Lights Of Love Membership Circle™

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Divine guidance called and we have answered by creating

Lights of Love Membership Circle

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 Mission Ignition 07/07/07 UPDATE: ! ! This Saturday is Ignition Point 777 ! !1 comment
pictureTuesday, July 3rd 2007
The blue spheres of transformation are now locking into position for your July 7 .... you need not distract nor concern yourselves with the mechanics of this and its function ....

as we said in previous transmissions ... this is the awaited ignition point for transitional shift .... recalibration ... or as we term it ... harmonic shift ... it is the precursor to your quickening and global mass awakening ....

there is a frequency fence (filter) in your unseen ... vibrating just beyond your fields of perception ... this filter encompasses your earth .... and filters out harmonic vibrations (UV light) that are necessary and conducive to your spiritual growth and development as was intentionally divine in design ...

the filter was placed here by certain benign elements approx 500,000 years ago in your linear past which we do not wish to enter into at this moment .... however consider that your ozone layer is a later by product manifest of this filter ... as we have always maintained in past transmissions ... earth did not come with an ozone layer ... nor did it come with polar/ice caps ... and nor did it come with a broken spine and a lob-sided tilt ... the tilt is manifest in your solar system as well as galaxy and universe .... it is a reflection of the universal rift ... which is now moving back into alignment ... this will be instrumental in healing on many levels below and above ....

your universe and others are warming .. heating ... increasing in vibration ... global warming is not limited to just earth ... it is happening across the spectrum .... you can be as green as you like ... however your global warming will still continue ... we assure you ... if you were to eradicate all your vehicles today completely and industrial pollution ... global warming will still occur now and ever ...

your ozone layer begun to accelerate in dissipation after harmonic convergence 87 ... and now it will step-up in acceleration as the spheres of transformation lock-in onto the frequency filter ... earth's iris is opening up ... and expanding .... allowing more light (UV DNA encoded) to enter ... like the iris of a camera ... this is a reflection of humanity .... as you awaken ... open your eyes ... realize (real-eyes) ... soon ... all veils will be removed .... all will be revealed for what it is ...

the blue spheres of transformation are designed to lock-on and remove this frequency filter (fence) ... as we have said ... we are taking care in resonance with your vibrational intent of the unseen and beyond ... all you need do is remain grounded ... in peace ... harmony and love .... let your every breathe and intent be with this .... in body .. mind .. soul .. and spirit ... for this is how you assist and help those in the unseen ... as well your humanity ... all you need do is be in our hearts .... and us in yours .... as well as each others ...

understand there will come some those after 777 whom will attempt to negate or resist the spheres of transformation .... as they are intent on keeping the frequency filter in place .... as they do not wish for you to awaken and make the shift when the universal alignment wave comes into position in your 2012/2013 ... know that they operate from a place of fear ... for they do not know any other way .... and from this fear of loss ... they will act out of desperation ...

retaliation ... vendetta ... revenge ... resistance ... hatred .... will not resolve this fear ... but only further feed it .... understand that fear can not encompass and embrace all things ... for only love can do this ...

look outside your window ... look at nature ... look into the eyes of the child .... there is a shift occurring ... a consciousness shift ... an expanding .... growing .... for only in embracement of each others divinity do you grow and expand ... resistance of each others divinity will only cause you to shrink .... the shift is simply a higher / greater frequency ... many term it a higher density or even dimensional ....

it matters not the technical semantics ... but only to know the shift is occurring .... the alignment is happening with or without your co-operation ... only know that anything that is not in resonance with the coming shift ... will disintegrate ... fall ... and fade away .... nothing will be spared from this transition ... whether you surf with the wave or against the wave is your divine choice ... know that surfing with the wave will bring you to the shores of the true divine and real human spirit ... the other will drown you in the under current ... you can choose to resist and fight it ... the choice is yours ... for we have infinite nowness and eternity ... and we know you are already home .... but the journey you must remember to make ...

this awakening .... shift ... transition .. transformation is not limited to only earth ... but for the whole complete universe ... everything within it and those above and beyond it ... for all breeds and walks of life ... human and non-human alike ... do not be arrogant as to think this is only about you and your earth ... suffice to say at this moment ... the universal alignment and shift is occurring ... with or without you .... it is happening and will happen to you ... your choosing in the matter is how you will deal with it ... resistance is futile ... but it is easier to try than to prove it can't be done ...

the Karamatra crystal morphogenetic code is now ready and positioned in your ethereal spheres .... there is no exact moment ... but any given moment in your 777 (indication here is given for some sort gamma ray burst?) ... the biosphere will be rebooted and the new code inserted ... this new code/template will recalibrate and restructure ... to allow you/earth to resonate with the new incoming divine vibrations ... in essence allowing you higher bandwidth ... much like your internet broadband (dial-up modem to broadband) ... in preparation for the coming cosmic alignment ...

*For previous transmission on Karamatra crystal pleases go here: [link] *Then please click =>the MORE LINK for the => rest of this transmission =>  Read More

 BOY do I pick winners or what!!?? PART 10 comments
Monday, June 11th 2007
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 If It Ain't REAL - Spit out your Meal!! *VIDEO REPORT*0 comments
Monday, May 21st 2007

THIS JUST IN: From The Million Mouth March on Washington DC earlier this week!!

read much much more at: http://www.mouthrevolution.com/

 I AM A LIGHTWORKER & a new revelation 2 share!!1 comment
pictureMonday, January 8th 2007
A NEW REVELATION that I am reading & doing
NOW as we speak...

My name is Brenda and I AM a Light Warrior:

This Book is the most GOD CENTER ENERGY
ACTIVATING tool I have ever yet encountered
on Planet Earth.

The meat of action Meditation EXCERPT HERE!!

By page 44 I have breathed the HARA GOD BREATH,
3X3X3X3X3X3X3X3, sent it to the four corners North
South East and West, Circling the planet & filling
all quadrants with the Omniversal Energy.
Then spoke with a body of 20,000 + Beings and friends
of beings on the inner planes of all that is US most of
whom are members of our lightworker force here & now.
We did a massive and quick clearing just by raising our
vibrations and then... We stationed Light Warriors from
our ranks around each and every person who is drawn
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 Mother Goddess ~ Argante` about healing the body of Mother Gaia 2 comments
pictureFriday, April 28th 2006
A Message excerpt from Mother Goddess ~ Argante` about healing the body of Mother Gaia

Since the time of the fall of Lemuria upon the earth, every single one of the multi-dimensional light filaments of your hearts has been seeking out re-connection to it’s soul extensions in order to come back into the truth of wholeness.

These filaments hold the sacred intent and purpose of connection into the state of harmony within which all beings experience unity with their Source family and hold no consciousness with this, other than to seek out & re-unify with those aspects of creation which hold resonance with the unique harmonic vibration through which your own soul was created. In this manner, when these filaments find any aspects of energy or consciousness, which resonate with part of the soul(ar) signature of their Source Family, these filaments will then begin to draw in the energies of their source family for the purpose of healing and restoration of the truth of inherent Oneness. As it is within this way, in which we are all inter-connected and assisting all beings within the process of ascension and the restoration/awakening of all parts of self to the light of Divine Consciousness.

All beings upon the Earth thereby collectively share within this journey of the healing of the group-field/consciousness, this wound held through the galactic streams of light, which merge the body of Gaia and the Celestial Station of Orion.

As there are a total of twelve wounds that you as a collective consciousness of humanity are assisting within the healing of upon the Earth at this time made manifest through the fallen feminine consciousness of the Founding Mothers from Orion.

My sisters will speak more of this with you at that time when their consciousness connects with that of your own, but for now we wish simply to speak somewhat of the nature of these wounds and how they are held within the body – For it is the Divine that is manifesting through each aspect of the Rainbow Bridge/Chakras that comprises the Central Stream of Creations Manifest Design… and it is Gaia as the Composite Consciousness within which the essence of the Twelve Founding Mothers of Form embodies itself… who holds the truth of the key to the manifestation of this.

The primary wound all beings upon the earth are healing through their experience is that of the perceptual displacement between the elemental factors of the flow of love and light as held through the masculine and feminine elements of their being birthed through the sacral chakra.

The secondary wound is that of the manipulation of the feminine flame of creative power utilised in service to the egoic self, rather than in service to the divine as held through the solar plexus – resulting within the experience of disempowerment and poverty or the reality of lack within the lives of many at this time.

The third wound all beings are in the process of healing is held then through the third eye and relates to the original wounding of the brain as manifest through it’s right and left hemispheres… in order for the light of God Consciousness to flow uninhibited through all parts of your being it is necessary for both hemispheres to be balanced through all twelve dimensions of the mind, and so it is as this wound is lifted from the collective consciousness of all beings upon the earth… within which the potential resides for the light of God Consciousness to fully illuminate all parts of the unknown realms of creation.

The fourth wound that all beings are within the process of transforming resides then within the throat chakra and relates especially to the essence of divine resonance and vibrational harmonics, which equate to the truth of your being. As this wound is lifted, it is the unique soul(ar) frequency of the heart of all creation, which is the sound of love itself – that will once again be heard by all beings thereby and cause the remembrance of unified diversity to arise throughout creation ~ the essence of that which is the uniqueness held within the Oneness… of all things.

The fifth wound that all beings are within the process of healing relates then into the thymus gland and the original forgetting of love, which has created the perception of separation from the heart of the Goddess within the life of all beings.

The sixth wound that all beings are within the process of healing relates then into the root chakra and the perception of separation from the truth of the physical body, perpetuated through the experience of trauma, torture and physical sacrifice within earth’s history.

The seventh wound that all beings are within the process of healing links then into the heart chakra and the perception of the split held between the higher and lower chakras of humanities being. This occurred at the time of the fall of Atlantis and is particularly related to the fracturing of the Great Crystal, which collectively held the focus of the Seven Vibrational Wave Spectra of the Light of Gnosis ~ that contributed to humanities connection into & through the Seven Original Tribes – descendent from the Twelve Star Mothers – to whom all beings link their ancestry.

With the fracturing of this crystal and the subsequent distortion of the vibrational wave pattern of the light, which entered into the grid system of the earth through this portal ~ humanity as a collective gradually forgot the truth of their ancestry and disconnected from the truth of their genetic lineage as held through the lower three chakras.

((Freo`7 Comment:I am getting images of reading that pre-configured 'motherboard' thingi that has been running the earth's electromagnetic (same platinum white light substance of the SOURCE energy that I know and come from only in the E-grid system it is PRE-configured into geometrical shapes and it is these shapes that I was attuning with 'to know' and then spent about 2 weeks sinking back down in here = there, to the motherboard attunement/location/frequency in order to direct the Quan Yin Creative Connection Flow of UN preconfigured LOVE frequency energy right into the center of Earth's pre-set collective consciousness control panel) grid system for the last 26,000 years. Coupled with the image of the funny little African Native man who found a coke bottle in his desert sand and determined that, "THE GODs MUST HAVE MADE A MISTAKE!"

This whole Idea and viewing of a pre-set that runs the collective unconscious shared by every living thing appearing as unique and separate still remains in the realm of technology to my personal system of distillation and conclusion. AND NOT, repeat NOT in the realm of what one Earth have all been led to believe as GODS and GODDESSES.

I have the ever growing notion that the concept of God's and Goddesses, though wonderful and beautiful stories that we all made real - are none the less made of spiritual technology or shall I say energy manipulation technology to the tune of HUGE set-ups for us little peons called humans get to play out for the technological puppeteers from whence ever they came and where ever they are gone tooooo...

I know we have these supposed LIVE -TIME God and Goddess disertations that other people here now are channeling and naming as said God's and Goddesses.....but what if said dis- ertations were left here in the ethers, scintillating on specific vibrational frequencies and are being transmitted same as any pre-recorded radio or tv show. And it is just a matter of attunement with a specific wave length to then be a receiver for it and give utterance to its information content. End comment))

This progressed then into the time of Ancient Egypt upon the Earth, during which many starry brothers and sisters of the light came to the earth and participated in the process of genetic exchange in order to create a new lineage – as a necessary process in order to assist humanity to adjust to the new vibrational wave spectra that had been created through the fall in consciousness made manifest through the forgetting of our Mother during the time period of Lemuria and Atlantis upon the Earth.

These ones took a twelfth of the original genetic material that had made up the body of the hu(e)man and created a new genetic structure based upon the bi-stranded model that is prevalent today – holding within itself all the potential - in order - to return into the fully twelve stranded original model created by the founders ((Freo17 comment: the founders? Not the GODS?? end comment))and yet carrying a much lower vibrational threshold of light.

Please understand then further, that this was not done in order to control humanity, but it came rather as the outer reflection of humanities heart’s closing to the source of All Love. For always has the universal law of free will has been honoured in relationship to the evolution of humanity upon the blue crystal sphere… each experience has been manifest within perfection in order to lay down a pathway for the expansion of the understanding and knowing of self.

So this process was undertaken by your starry brothers and sisters of the light in order to re-populate Gaia with a new seed root race after so many had transcended during the time of Atlan sinking beneath the waves, a new root race who would resonate with the new vibrational wave spectra and pattern of the Earth… these then where the Adamics or Aryans as they are known this day. ((Freo`7 Comment: And you know who that is, right? The Adamics are the mid-eastern peoples and the Aryans are us = the caucasians...end comment))

Gradually the Adamics then began to inter-breed with the remaining twelve stranded beings upon Gaia creating a cross breeding which resulted within an inter-merging of the extremely high vibrational wave spectra held through the twelve strands of DNA and the animal spirit held through the two stranded spectra.

So a dichotomy was created within the offspring of these couplings – manifesting itself as a dual personality holding great connection to the Inner Planes but within a manner controlled and guided by the animal spirit.

These one’s became then the Pharonic lineage of Ancient Egypt and where called the Suns and Daughters of Ra because of their parentage – holding connection to the Elders of Lemuria and Atlantis who still retained fully conscious connection to the One Heart through the twelve strands of DNA.

It is the pictures of Ancient Egypt’s Gods and Goddesses that you perceive as being human bodied and animal headed that represent this dichotomy between the animal spirit (two stranded human) and the Divine Presence (twelve stranded human) thereby.

As it is, the forty-four primary Neters (Gods and Goddesses) of Khem, which represent with God – Goddess (sex chromosomes) the forty-four autosomal and two sex chromosomes of the genetic code from which all life emerges. So it is the form of the Neters that represented an alchemical process of change, which would have been undertaken within the body of the initiate in order to re-unify all parts of self with the truth of Creation.

However, slowly these internal aspects of consciousness began to become externalised to the self and where worshipped as being somehow external deities or divinities ~ when in truth they represent unto you most beloved one; the alchemical key code signatures of your genetic coding within symbolic form.

Many rituals arose around these *externalised aspects* of self, generating the religious philosophy of Ancient Egypt and the first organised religious structure seen upon the face of Lady Gaia as prior to this within the times of Lemuria and Atlantis – all had held connection to the **One Source** through their psyche in varying degrees ~ though yes indeed this connection was less apparent in later years of Lemuria and with the birthing of Atlantis.

The desire for privilege, positions of power, money and greed soon then arose within the hearts of many within the Priesthood… as with the progression of time, they forgot the truth of internal alchemy and externalised the mysteries into a form disconnected from the truth of the One Heart.

Many religious and socio-political disputes soon arose thereby as with each cycle of progression within Ancient Egypt’s time upon the Earth, different Neteru where honoured and seen to be God/dess, whilst others fell out of favour or the truth of their purpose – being ITSELF became distorted… which is partly what you see manifesting today beloved through the imbalance held between the religion of Allah and that of the Christ.

For many cycles of generations upon the Earth this then was the prevalent experience of the separation of the One into many different conceptualised 'God ~ Forms' born out of the mind of humanity, through the process of inter-action within themselves with the truth of their genetic coding and with the stellar brothers and sisters of the light who had seeded them onto the blue crystal sphere.

In the Age of Aries upon the Earth some 3,380yrs ago in your experience upon the Earth, the Great White Brotherhood of Shambhalla sent an emissary of light from Sirius unto the Earth to observe this process and assist humanity in coming back into the Oneness. This one was and is the Lord Akhunaton and in that lifetime upon the Earth I was his Mother Tiye… as it is, the story of our lifetime together upon the Earth that I recount now in part that you may gain a better understanding of your heritage & the truth of Oneness.

Firstly then, it is of importance that you come to understand that there have been three great seeding cycles upon the earth of humanities` being, and that in this age you enter into the fourth of these with the birthing of the Crystalline – Indigo Children of which so many of your channels upon the earth are bringing forth clarity and truth from the Inner Planes about these days.

The first of these great seeding cycles occurred then at the beginning of the Lemurian Era upon the Earth when our Great Mother first took on physical form and with the twelve founding mothers of Orion created the hu(e)man race with it’s twelve strands of DNA… from which the Seven Great Root Races of the Seven Rays arose.

The Second arose at the time of the Fall of Atlantis, during which many star beings from Sirius and Orion came to the earth in order to re-populate the planet with a new genetic strain that would be able to adjust to the new frequency prevalent upon the Earth at that time ~ these Sirian/Oriotronic brothers and sisters of the light are recorded/remembered within the annals – catalogues of your history as the God-King and Queen… Isis and Osiris thereby.

The Third arose at the time of the ending of the Great Egyptian Epoch upon the Earth, before the retreat of the star-children to Avalon’s Sacred Isle, to Delphi and to the far off temples of the Yucatan.

It was this great cycle of civilisation that was seeded by my beloved Akhunaton, myself, his wife and our children thereby… Akhunaton manifested as the Avatar of that Age of Aries on the blue crystal sphere, as each great age has an avatar who oversees the magnification of the flame through the progression of the cycle of evolution at that time… the Christ being the avataric being who incarnated during the time of the age of Pisces and St.Germain being the avataric being who oversees this now, the Age of Aquarius upon the Earth.

After 7,000yrs… he (Akhunaton) was the first fully conscious being to walk the Earth and came into incarnation in order to assist humanity within the remembrance of their stellar ancestry, with Nefertiti and myself he birthed then seven daughters and two sons who carried within themselves the genetic lineage of their fore-fathers from the stars. The inter-breeding between these children creating a new genetic line ~ the tradition of the inter-marriage between brothers and sisters of the same family in order to maintain the purity of the royal ~ ra-el ~ grael lineage.

During his reign my beloved also re-introduced the concept of the Oneness through the form of the Limitless Light, the One Living God or Aton and introduced the mystery school teachings, which have now come into practice as those encoded through the geometries of the flower of life.

Though his time upon the earth was a short one and my beloved reigned for only seventeen years, it was during that time that he completed his sacred purpose – through the reintroduction of the understanding of inherent Oneness into humanities consciousness and through the grace of the genetic inter-breeding of his cellular structure with that of humanity ~ creating a higher pathway for the expansion of consciousness.

1,354yrs ago Akhunaton ascended within his body of light and was translated back into the Group Consciousness of the Great White Brotherhood upon Sirius, but his legacy still remains as the genetic encodements of your form… that are descendant from this third great seeding cycle upon the earth, holding within the core nuclear aspects of their being, a portal back into the Oneness – established through the Unity Pathway of One Love laid down by Akhunaton through the mystery schools so long ago.

Akhunaton has agreed thereby to work with any one of you who call to him within the capacity of offering a form of assistance which shall aid your being in awakening once again to it’s inherent Oneness – through the magnification of the flame of your heart and the re-activation of your latent genetic encoding… he asks that you should call to him to spin the sacred geometries of the flower of life through each of the cells, bodies, atoms, molecules and pathways of your form… knowing that as you do so he shall come to you and bathe you in elixirs of the light, which shall assist the sub-cellular complexes of your form to open themselves once again to the light of the One Living God ~ the Aton.

This is the process of healing the original wound of the heart upon Gaia, which becomes then the journey of the re-establishment of the filaments of the heart that connect all beings in Oneness, the twelve strands of DNA that magnify through the realms of light in order to become the 144,000 that create the focus of the heart of Christ in unconditional love to be made manifest.

((Freo`7 Comment: I am already one unit of and the 144,000 ~ It may be that you are also... IT IS THERE that we experience all of life as originating from US as that platinum white light energy source that is the SAME substance, so to speak, as that energy that sources the Earth Source, whom we call The Great Central Sun of all creation/all universes, create and as yet uncreate. Create means externalizing from source. end comment))

The eighth wound or cosmic memory that all beings upon the earth are assisting within the transmutation of what at this time relates, then, into the crown chakra and the veil of illusion placed between the multi-dimensional bodies of light and the four-body system of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual matrice of form.

This wound came primarily into being upon the earth with the sense of persecution perpetuated against those who held multi-dimensional connection to the truth of their soul gifts as manifest through such abilities as clairaudience, clairvoyance and divine manifestation – causing a gradual closure within humanities mass consciousness to the truth of their multi-dimensionality.

The ninth wound or cosmic memory that all beings upon the earth are assisting within the transformation of at this time relates then into the soul star chakra and the perceptual source of separation perpetuated between humanity and the family of light, which occurred at the time of the Galactic Wars.

The tenth wound or cosmic memory that all beings upon the earth are assisting within the transformation of at this time relates then into the earth star chakra and the perceptual source of separation perpetuated between humanity and their ancestry – as held through the kingdoms of the Middle Earth.

The eleventh wound or cosmic memory that all beings upon the earth are assisting within the transformation of relates then into the link chakra (between the knees) and the perceptual imbalance between the flow of love, light and power within the experience of all beings at this time. ((GOD! both my knees started twitching while I just read this. It is like a re-flex fireing off again and again in both my knees!!))

The twelfth wound or cosmic memory that all beings upon the earth are assisting within the transformation of relates then into the hara and the perceptual separation perpetuated between the heart of humanity and the truth of their sacred purpose as custodians and guardians of Gaia and all sentient life forms upon her at this time.

((Freo`7 Comment: GOSH..my knees are bucking me off of this chair right now! end comment))

As it is, as these wounds are lifted through your own experience of the forgiveness of such within your life, in which you collectively assist within the opening of a starry lotus heart within the body of Lady Gaia – through which the alchemy of the conjoining of the masculine and feminine elements of creation shall come about – birthing a portal into the base chakra or root of your Universe within which resides the potential for the creation of a new higher harmonic to come forth – as humanity enters into their role as Co-Creators with God/dess.

((Freo`7 Comment: OK NOW THIS LAST ONE RIGHT ABOVE has really got me knee jerking!!!!! That is the very energy in the depths work thatI was doing for almost 3 weeks with the Quan Yin global Creative Connection Activations and Planetary Service Group tele-conference calls. She sent in the energy, we received it and took it down into the Earth Grids and in my case to the center of the pre-configured motherboard/control panel. end comment))

*This then is Divine Plan for the Earth*, the conjoining of ALL held through the masculine and feminine elements of Creation – birthing forth a higher harmonic through which the root of creation may be accessed, brought forth into the realm of conscious experience & illuminated with the light of Gnosis.

For indeed most blessed one within the divine truth of your own Melchizedek Universe, it is Lady Gaia, as Cosmic Mother of Creation who embodies the pathway of ascension through the realms of physicality… and you beloved are here upon the Earth at this time in order to share in this journey of physical expression with our Mother ~ as it is the gift of the physical body which has been given in order to allow for the synthesis of all energies held through the masculine and feminine bodies of light – only through the body physical is this experienced and only upon the Earth at this time of the Seventh Golden Age…

As ALL that IS is given the opportunity *at this time* to make it’s way home into One Heart through the body of the earth and physical expression.

((Freo`7 comment: OMG THERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as above so as below -

"As ALL THAT IS is given the opportunity at this time to make it’s way home into One Heart through the body of the earth and physical expression."

KEY WORD IS ***ALL*** - ALL is given opportunity at THIS TIME to make ITS WAY HOME into THE ONE HEART! That means because of us here on Earth ((all of us who are racing to awaken, activate and accelerate = to be who we TRULY are to the utmost of our ability)) ALL THAT IS is making ITS WAY HOME to THE ONE HEART.

THIS REALLY IS THE BIG we all were picking up on about a year ago!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember THE BIG????????????????? - end comment))

Gaia is then one of twelve within existence that hold the truth of this, the manifestation of divinity through the worlds of form ~ she is the synthesis of energies through which is birthed the Rainbow Bridge into the New Octave… and as the Womb of Creation – holds for all beings the truth of the new paradigm within which higher dimensional realms of space/time may be consciously experienced.

((AND THIS ABOVE PARAGRAPH is exactly what we are doing with The circle of light people & yael's channeling transmissions!!))

Understand that as you open your own heart to the indwelling truth of your divinity, so it is Gaia’s heart that is assisted to open itself and release the sacred encodements it holds for the manifestation of the truth of the New Aeon upon the Earth.

When we speak of the truth of the nature of sensuality, we speak then of the healing and transformation of the wounds of separation that have created the heart of humanity and of Gaia to close themselves to the experience of the flow of love, light and sacred power through their being – we speak of that process through which all may come back into the Oneness of self.

((Freo`7 Comment: AHANDA KAH Sii AHA!! - end comment))

For as you open your being in sacred communion once again to the truth of your divinity, know that you shall receive all in divine timing that is necessary in order to birth the Christ within you.

Blessings within the heart of One

The Mother Goddess - Argante

((Freo`7 Comment: And like my son Scott, who was born in natural child birth & remembers being the light be4 taking this form to be here now, says:

"MOM, what good is a world history to us - that went wrong - when we are born knowing ALREADY what it is supposed to be like here & now on this Earth!?" end comment))

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 NEW Power SOURCE that turns physics on its head4 comments
pictureWednesday, November 9th 2005
Fuel's paradise? Power source that turns physics on its head
· Scientist says device disproves quantum theory
· Opponents claim idea is result of wrong maths
Alok Jha, science correspondent
Friday November 4, 2005
The Guardian Read the whole article here!!

It seems too good to be true: a new source of near-limitless power that costs virtually nothing, uses tiny amounts of water as its fuel and produces next to no waste. If that does not sound radical enough, how about this: the principle behind the source turns modern physics on its head.

Randell Mills, a Harvard University medic who also studied electrical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, claims to have built a prototype power source that generates up to 1,000 times more heat than conventional fuel. Independent scientists claim to have verified the experiments and Dr Mills says that his company, Blacklight Power, has tens of millions of dollars in investment lined up to bring the idea to market. And he claims to be just months away from unveiling his creation.

The problem is that according to the rules of quantum mechanics, the physics that governs the behaviour of atoms, the idea is theoretically impossible. "Physicists are quite conservative. It's not easy to convince them to change a theory that is accepted for 50 to 60 years. I don't think [Mills's] theory should be supported," said Jan Naudts, a theoretical physicist at the University of Antwerp.

What has much of the physics world up in arms is Dr Mills's claim that he has produced a new form of hydrogen, the simplest of all the atoms, with just a single proton circled by one electron. In his "hydrino", the electron sits a little closer to the proton than normal, and the formation of the new atoms from traditional hydrogen releases huge amounts of energy.

This is scientific heresy. According to quantum mechanics, electrons can only exist in an atom in strictly defined orbits, and the shortest distance allowed between the proton and electron in hydrogen is fixed. The two particles are simply not allowed to get any closer.

According to Dr Mills, there can be only one explanation: quantum mechanics must be wrong. "We've done a lot of testing. We've got 50 independent validation reports, we've got 65 peer-reviewed journal articles," he said. "We ran into this theoretical resistance and there are some vested interests here. People are very strong and fervent protectors of this [quantum] theory that they use."

Rick Maas, a chemist at the University of North Carolina at Asheville (UNC) who specialises in sustainable energy sources, was allowed unfettered access to Blacklight's laboratories this year. "We went in with a healthy amount of scepticism. While it would certainly be nice if this were true, in my position as head of a research institution, I really wouldn't want to make a mistake. The last thing I want is to be remembered as the person who derailed a lot of sustainable energy investment into something that wasn't real."

But Prof Maas and Randy Booker, a UNC physicist, left under no doubt about Dr Mill's claims. "All of us who are not quantum physicists are looking at Dr Mills's data and we find it very compelling," said Prof Maas. "Dr Booker and I have both put our professional reputations on the line as far as that goes."

Dr Mills's idea goes against almost a century of thinking. When scientists developed the theory of quantum mechanics they described a world where measuring the exact position or energy of a particle was impossible and where the laws of classical physics had no effect. The theory has been hailed as one of the 20th century's greatest achievements. Read the whole article here!!  Read More