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 MY GOD GOD works fast!! Part 50 comments
Monday, June 11th 2007
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 When GOD Speaks YOU write it down & share the vision!0 comments
pictureSunday, August 6th 2006
"When GOD speaks YOU write it down and put it here! The world doesn't know YOUR VERSION if you don't tell them!"
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~see a good example here~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"The Changeover" Chronicled by Mark Stearn.
(4th August, 2006.)

(10 AM.)
I am experiencing many vibrational earths moving in sway with the overall tide. The crystal cities of the planet are reaching their heartbeams into the safe places where there is no discordance and anchoring the overall flow of all that is at this time. What it means is that there is a tremendous crossover to the New Earth happening as I write this. Many souls are in transition that are transported directly to the new planet. Earth's flora and fauna are far more aware now of the New Earth's presence and indeed they love and live from this expanded space.  Read More

 Unconditional Radiance: the KEY 2 Making a Difference in Your World2 comments
pictureWednesday, March 29th 2006
I was in a tele-conference call last evening called Unconditional Radiance: The Ultimate Key to Experiencing Joy & Making a Difference in Your World...

I didn't hear anything that I do not ALREADY KNOW & practice since 1969 but the lady giving the call, Julia Rogers Hamrick, is very good at articulating IT , facilitating IT and she has written a book about IT called *Recreating Eden* which says just about everything I KNOW & DO.

Why haven't I been talking this way? Why have I been sharing and posting so much of what other people write and or channel? THAT IS THE QUESTION... Here's the answer:

I have never felt like an EXPERT or that I have ARRIVED at any concrete conclusions - like Matthew Webb want's life changing to be... My life is so busy changing and evolving week to week that concrete is never arrived at nor is any kind of 'finished product' written.

If I were to write what I know and do, they tell me I have to write it FOR AN AUDIENCE and that I have to put it in THEIR WORDS so as to be understood. You see, I have never done that. If anybody understands this review of a tele-conference that I am about to write, would you please make comment and let me know? Continue to the REVIEW by clicking for =>  Read More