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2008-10-26: Cooling Pink Light - Djwhal Khul Spirituality Article
2008-10-26: 20 KEYS OF CONSCIOUS CREATION - Guiding Principles of the Unified Field
2008-10-26: The Planetary Grid Transmissions New Moon Tuesday, October 28
2008-10-11: The MEDIA & Barack Obama - FACT OR FICTION?
2008-10-11: Canada Fluid Grids 1 to 5 Activation with Lord Kuthumi
2008-10-11: The Dissolution of the Old World and the Birthing of the New
2008-10-07: NEW Free Guided Meditations With YaMa'EL
2008-10-04: Discernment Is Vital Now More Than EVER!
2008-10-04: 2009 Predictions from The Council of Twelve
2008-10-04: St. Germain: What a glorious future awaits you - Many changes are afoot
2008-10-04: COSMIC VICTORY!!! A major evolutionary moment for all of Creation has occured
2008-09-26: Oct 3 *Free Global Service* Quan Yin Creation Teleconference
2008-09-26: Emotions Are A Frequency
2008-09-26: True Prosperity by ZaKaiRan
2008-09-19: I Am Ashtar
2008-09-19: Who Needs Energy Healing?
2008-09-07: A Message from Christ Maitreya - Monday, 25 August 2008
2008-08-29: “The Eight Shifts of Enlightenment”
2008-08-29: The 13 Codes of Ascension ~ The Original Plan of the Creator
2008-08-29: CALLING ALL LIGHT WORKERS.. Solar Wave 2008
2008-08-24: Archangel Michael Update For August
2008-07-25: 8-8-8 THE LIONS GATE Activations with Akhenaton, Ra and Isis
2008-07-22: BRAND NEW ASCENSION SERIES eGuides #1 and 2 Now Available From LightsofLove.us!!
2008-07-22: LOVE'S LOOP ALERT-Issue #89 Vol. NOW July 19th - 26th 2008
2008-04-16: LOVE's LOOP Issue #83 Vol. NOW April 12th - 19th 2008
2008-03-28: Love's Loop Alert ~Issue #82 Vol. NOW ~March 29th - April 5th 2008
2008-01-30: New Codes for Planet Earth Economic Balance & Abundance for All
2008-01-16: January 1st : 1:1:1: Welcome to the Fifth Dimension...We are One Family
2008-01-13: The History of The Earth~ take it or leave it, by KRYON
2008-01-01: Solara's SURF REPORT FOR THE YEAR 2008 - INTO THE NEW & TRUE
2007-12-30: New Form Of Humans Being Made? DNA, Cellular Upgrades?
2007-12-29: Shake Your Bhutto, Get Down Tonight! - by Mark Krueger
2007-12-21: WHERE IS THE NEW EARTH?? by Crystalai
2007-12-11: Step Into the Stargate of Transformation - posted ONLY by Brenda
2007-12-06: Changing the Course of Human History: 2008 a most pivotal year
2007-12-06: ASCENSION TO OUR NEW EARTH by Crystalai
2007-12-06: Soul Transitions December 2007 Vibe report - by Nancy Leilah Ward
2007-12-06: You Step Into a Transfiguration of Your Consciousness & of Your Bio-Bodies
2007-11-15: 11:11 New Earth Portal Activation through Michelle Eloff©2007
2007-10-31: NEW ADDITION - Planetary Grid Activation on Mt. Zion
2007-10-29: *Planetary Grid Activation on Mt. Zion*
2007-10-28: Mysteries of The Universe, by Owen Waters
2007-10-11: *How to Clear Negative Implants, Elementals, & Astral Entities - Lesson 100, *
2007-10-10: !!Coming Soon!! The Lights Of Love Membership Circle™
2007-10-10: Oct. 2007 Your Light Is Needed Now
2007-09-19: The INDIGO ACCELERATION ~A Glactic Uprising!!
2007-09-07: ENERGY ACTIVATION 5D Crown to Root Chakras with KUTHUMI
2007-08-23: ACTIVATING YOUR 5th DIMENSIONAL HEART CHAKRA with Ascended Master Jesus
2007-08-14: This information will affect you do not read without about 3 hours to integrate
2007-08-06: 'Door way of Accelerated Awakening' , the 8:8 LIONS GATE August 8, 2007
2007-08-03: Abraham Maslow Predicted The Shift, by Owen Waters
2007-07-25: Clarion Light Beings of 911 & Beyond - posted ONLY by Brenda
2007-07-22: Walking Between the Worlds - A New Journey...
2007-07-21: Does the Universe hear your WORDS? or your VIBRATIONS?
2007-07-18: WE ARE ALL ONE THROUGHOUT ALL COSMOS & that includes this Earth Terra GAIA ! !
2007-07-16: July 17th 2007 Earth Becomes a Functioning Heart as WE reconnect to SOURCE
2007-07-03: Mission Ignition 07/07/07 UPDATE: ! ! This Saturday is Ignition Point 777 ! !
2007-06-25: Mission Ignition 07/07/07 UPDATE:"BREATHE Your Gift of Love & Light"
2007-06-11: I walked out of dispair and into my joy => Part 8 ((FOUNDATION))
2007-06-11: Random Acts of kindness - JOY - & Music => PART 7
2007-06-11: Snake on my arm?? Part 6
2007-06-11: MY GOD GOD works fast!! Part 5
2007-06-11: What you can do 4 a dieing Boy can be done for This Earth!! Part 4
2007-06-11: HOW 2 FIRE YOUR GRID => Part 3
2007-06-11: BOY DO I PICK the waves or what!!?? PART 2
2007-06-11: BOY do I pick winners or what!!?? PART 1
2007-06-09: Peacemakers Organize the “Jerusalem Hug”
2007-05-24: WE ARE NOW in the 5TH Dimension INDEED, by Dinesh Kuwar
2007-05-21: If It Ain't REAL - Spit out your Meal!! *VIDEO REPORT*
2007-05-21: ASCENSION SYMPTOMS & adjusting to the NEW TIME, frequencies of
2007-05-04: DIALOG with a DREAM WALKER
2007-04-25: Twin Flame Energy Seeding The NEW EARTH - by Celia Fenn
2007-04-15: Realizing The Universe Is Working In Your Favor Part I (posted only:by Brenda)
2007-04-04: And God Said: *Creation Beloveds, Creation!*
2007-04-04: "Be careful how you configure your water" it is 98 % of you...
2007-04-04: And God Said, "YOU GOT ME ALL WRONG!", by John Cali
2007-03-14: Anchoring the 5th Dimension by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
2007-03-13: How to determine your own Core Emotion, by The Eloheim
2007-02-27: The Planetary Grids: THE ANATOMY OF GAIA (EARTH) By Abjini Arraíz
2007-02-22: What Science Knows about these Earth Shifts
2007-02-20: A TIME FOR ACTION - Part 2 of 2, by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
2007-02-20: A TIME FOR ACTION ~ Part 1 of 2, by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
2007-02-06: CHARGE OF THE STAR GODDESSES, by Atmos
2007-02-02: A change of pace: THE EMERGENCE OF SELF, by Elysha
2007-01-30: R E M E M B E R who you are if...you are
2007-01-19: Will 2012 Actually Arrive Sooner Than We Think? By Kris Sherwood
2007-01-08: I AM A LIGHTWORKER & a new revelation 2 share!!
2006-12-22: The Symptoms of Ascension ((channeled 2002))
2006-11-27: The Night 'I SAW' a River of Stars
2006-11-26: A mighty army wielding the Sword of Light will lead you onwards
2006-11-16: "Tough times never last. Tough people do!"
2006-10-24: WHAT SHOULD WE EXPECT NOW? by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
2006-10-19: Are We Ready 4 Where We Are Going? posted by Freo`7
2006-10-18: WE LOVE 4 THE SAKE of LOVING
2006-10-16: THE BELIEF FACTOR . You'll see it when you believe it….By Gillian MacBeth-Loutha
2006-10-12: Calling All VIRGOS & the people who put up with US!!
2006-10-09: I didn't write this BUT I WISH I HAD!! "The Ascended Earth"
2006-09-30: LOA Story #2: MY DREAM HORSES and Red Cloud
2006-09-30: THE BIG DO-NUT
2006-09-25: DOORWAY to all our gifts is LOVING OUR SELVES I got it from...the Pleiadians
2006-09-22: THE GREATEST Law of Attraction Story EVER TOLD ! !
2006-09-12: MANIFESTING HEAVEN ON EARTH - Part 2 of 2 by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
2006-09-12: MANIFESTING HEAVEN ON EARTH - Part 1 of 2 by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
2006-09-12: This is dedicated to those Born 1930-1979!
2006-09-01: Susan: Could you define ascension for us please?
2006-08-23: Humans are composed of seven energetic bodies of differing wave lengths
2006-08-16: What is really happening on Planet Earth? By Tony Wicks
2006-08-06: When GOD Speaks YOU write it down & share the vision!
2006-08-02: THIS IS YOUR MOMENT! By Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
2006-07-27: HO'OPONOPONO by Joe Vital
2006-07-16: Just One more LOA story...
2006-07-14: Interview with a Light worker
2006-07-11: Appreciation, Mental Focus & Intention Exercise 2 Share - By: Brenda Freo`
2006-06-01: All of Nature Supports the Christ 5-28-06 (tape)
2006-04-28: Mother Goddess ~ Argante` about healing the body of Mother Gaia
2006-04-22: OK I have just topped the scale with this INFO=> 2nd coming is US!!
2006-04-13: Global Warming:
2006-03-29: Unconditional Radiance: the KEY 2 Making a Difference in Your World
2006-03-17: The Fabric of Your Reality Holds Many Frequencies - from the Hathors...
2006-02-07: They tell me in LOA circles this is a HOT MESSAGE FROM GOD
2006-01-30: Einstein's ability to Risk & Willingness to be WRONG...
2006-01-22: HOW 2 Escape The Goal Setting Trap
2005-12-24: *B L E S S I N G S FLOWING GENTLY 2 YOU & YOURS*
2005-12-06: INTENTION Setting & ABUNDANCE
2005-11-13: I have a best kept SECRET 2 share!!
2005-11-09: NEW Power SOURCE that turns physics on its head
2005-11-06: *Sparking a Spiritual Revolution on Planet Earth*
2005-08-28: Divine Health, Rejuvenation & Immortality Decree/Invocation
2005-08-18: 12 Attitudes & Responsibilities of Self Mastery - From KS
2005-07-31: EXCUSE ME YOUR LIFE IS WAITING ~ a short short review!!
2005-07-10: Transcending Our Human Egos
2005-04-22: Our COVENANT as the living BEING we call Earth
2005-03-28: Together We Can & Are Making a Difference!
2005-03-26: The Cross Now Becomes the Double Helix Of the Twin Flame Heart
2005-03-02: The TIME IS NOW, by Patricia Cotta Robles [Part 2 of 2]
2005-03-02: The TIME IS NOW, by Patricia Cotta Robles [Part 1]
2005-02-27: There is NO Tomorrow, by Bill Moyers
2005-02-13: Spirit's Desire and the Nature of Soul
2004-12-30: TIME TO WAKE UP

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