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 ONE World No Hunger - Future of the Rural World !?
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After the Cities now the Rural World is "on air" for 2 days in Berlin in the context of the G20 Future of the Rural World with the focus on Innovation, Youth, Employment.

After the ministers 5 young people are on stage, telling their stories.
Organising farmers - Shaping policies, Paulina Selepe, Lesotho - Making a home a home - Krishnakumar Govindasamy, India - Changing agriculture with ICT, Modeste Dayato, Benin - Mobilising young people, Julia Wäger, Germany - "Live your dream" - training for rural entrepreneurs, Mali
they are convinced they a solution: adapting education, empowerment and participation, capacity building, micro finance, ... in their Rural Future Lab with 130 youth participants - telling that they can not do it alone - but together !

We are presently with Klaus Töpfer at the CHARTER FORUM 4 "Sustainable landscapes and climate resilience" - check my tweet and others at #RuralFuture and: and the Other working sessions, and their outcomes togeter with the collected recommendations for the BERLIN CHARTER. See the final document to be presented tonight: [link] This is the finally presented Berlin Charter: [link]

The Drafter in our session is: ****
I discussed with him later landscapes-seascapes - without time for culture- and mind-scapes....Discussion since 20+ years .. but nobody is "In charge" - see "not my field" ... in the right column of this blog !

This was my 5 cents contribution from the floor: HEINER BENKING - check [more]

I am part of the UN-ECOSOC GLOBAL COMMONS Major Groups alliance making recommendation to the UN delegations like every 2nd month
and since after Rio the COUNCIL OF GLOBAL ISSUES in Toronto.

For example 8 years ago we highlighted TERRA PRETA around the UN in Geneva and last year how to involve the People in CITIZEN SCIENCES and multi-track diplomacy and peace-making projects. Start maybe here: Leverage Solutions: and the UN Democracy Fund and Structured Dialogic Design Global Agoras

I observe another disconnection - we miss the marine, mayor part of the world in our declaration and in the world:
Check: IUCN Category V: Protected Landscape/Seascape I feel that the nexus of lands and seas should be included ! So how about thinking about landscapes, seascapes, streetscapes and mindscapes....
Here is an example we called around the SDG introduction to all UN Heads of States
as we collected and presented as Leverage Projects and Leverage Solutions
in the SDG recommendations 18 month ago.
Where we for example present and highlighted the
Ocean Mussel Reef Tower Project, ORTO to link various SDGs to not only clean estuary waters, provide food, education, technology, infrastructure and soil betterment by grinding the shells. check the OCEAN FUTURES award winning poster: and this presentation the OSI-UN event in Geneva last year:

Maybe take this contribution delivered to the SDG14 chair Wu Hongbo for the SDG14 event at the the UN in June in New York:

there is a long recommendation of the COMMONS ALLIANCE where this was proposed only as a foot-note:

Best Practices II
The Commons Action Cluster of the United Nations [link] has outlined the need for cross-sector and cross-SDG "leverage solutions" [link] One highlighted solution: Ocean Reef-Towers Oases (ORTO) and artificial mussel-reef tower as outlined in December 2016 at the UN in Geneva: [link] Beside addressing marine pollution, it supports educational, health, agricultural, infrastructural, and development aspects/objectives. The integrated multi-sector solution Pisa Reef technology takes the enormous eutrophication as a resource for mussels, shrimps and fish production away from protected shores and bays to open sea shelf areas. Video: [link]
The collection of Best Practices is seen as most rewarding when addressing root causes and reaching many SDGs in a concerted effort towards a lasting betterment of the Global Problematique.

as mentioned above:
Socio-Ecological-Cultural Development-Funding & “SDG - Leveraging Solutions” - Meaningful solutions that matter across scales, sectors and cultures/times.


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