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 A kaleidoscope of the world !? - Living with/in Wunderkammern (Maps&Models) ?
picture picture picture 26 Apr 2017 @ 07:03, by Heiner Benking

Last night was late at the Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss !
Too many participants could not join - so all is available online soon ! check the web for todays KALEIDOSCOPE event and the video recordings. THE HUMBOLDT FORUM the international experts. Most rewarding was for me meeting Jyotindra Jain. We exchanged about the TAGORE EINSTEIN COUNCIL We will meet soon.

I asked my "standard" questions:
1) To you know this person in the middle (with the Humboldts, Fichte, Hegel, Schleiermacher, Hufeland) around?
2) Which Formats might help to involve "The People" and come to civilized and informed conversations, dialogues, encounters, .....
3) How to combine "Wunder- / Kunstkammern"? or scaffoldings/models.

and shared some clues towards finding answers and and start not only constructions of the "NEW CASTLE" but build shared negotiation and deliberation ways, means, and ends.

I have promised - please check:
"WELTSICHT DER BR√úDER" "Humboldts Approach" and Carl Ritter in the "middle":
Wunderkammern or use other terms like Supersign and Superstructure: or Cognitive Panorama and terms like Maps & Models [link], with this bogs query or in my "homepage-universe":

This is what I gave Neil MacGregor about the OPEN-FORUM and Magic Roundtables:
[link] or check: OPEN FORUM and 21stCenturyAgora's Wisdom of the People.... and how it is now of UN Democracy Funds projects and my profile. I recommend: Alexander von Humboldt Institute of Internet and Society: Learnings from Alexander von Humboldt and Carl Ritter towards the Grand Global Modern Communication Challenges.

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