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 Planetary Boundaries - and Goals?
picture picture picture 25 Apr 2017 @ 12:36, by Heiner Benking #pbconf17

The conference has a really broad scope, check:
In order for the planetary boundaries concept to assume a guiding role in such a transformation, important questions need to be addressed: How can we further improve the scientific justification of the internationally recognised concept? How can we apply the concept to national environmental and sustainability policies and policy-making? Which opportunities provided by the concept arise for technical, economical and social innovations, for corporate risk and corporate environmental management, for environmental education and communication? This international conference will address these aspects. Its goal is to bring together central actors of a sustainability transformation to generate an agenda for the concept’s further application in academia, for governments, the private sector, civil society and media.

Two very intense days - with an important "side-event" the last afternoon:
Planetary Boundaries and the Financial Sector.

I mentioned linking GOALS and BOUNDARIES and some interesting exchanges evolved after my statement/question from the floor .... [come back] maybe meanwhile check the mentioned "Cyber-systemic Governance" event with the "system scientists of the world" in the Castle Herrenhausen in 2015
and also our COMMONS ALLIANCE (ECOSOC) SDG letter to UN-Heads of States last year and this "Blindspoting": description and article: The Millennium Project: GLOBAL CHALLENGES to Humanity here in this publication: and see also: and the terms leverage projects and leverage solutions. Maybe check this footnote: [16] Exemplary projects for such winning, overarching solution include projects linking the following sectors: Terra Preta/Biochar, Ecology, Development, Ecology, Housing and Agriculture, … ReefFormers: Oceans, Food, Health, Work, Infrastructure, Agriculture, … Ecologic Housing and Cooking, Health, Gardening, Mangroves and Forrest protection, Habitat Preservation. Examples should grow into “living collection of BLUE-GREEN solution.

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