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 Switching [to the] FutureS !?? - The GERMAN ENERGIEWENDE
picture picture picture 22 Mar 2017 @ 20:18, by Heiner Benking

Indeed exploring the WENDE - or NOTHALSE !?? - keeps me trucking !
I learned by now that the exhibition was in SOUTH AFRICA, CHINA, INDIA,... but never presented in Germany !!
Here the brochure from South Africa ! - and the introduction of our New Minister of Foreign Affairs: SIGMAR GABRIEL

Check out how the exhibition was first presented in SOUTH AFRICA:
later in China, India,... elswhere and now with the GREEN SOFA first time in Germany PDF:

and come back ! as I mentioned the missing date: May 1990, German Chancellery - GLOBAL CHANGE - CHALLENGES TO SCIENCE AND POLITICS: [link] and LOCAL AND GLOBAL CHANGE, geotechnica Cologne, 1991: [link]

I feel some critical times between 1988 and 1991 have somehow got lost ! The question is why! Was it that the Wall came down? That politics was too busy t accomodate the Disruption!? Where there also negative effects of such rapid political change? Did we really "own", understand, and preserve it? Or did we ignore the gift of surprise? Did we MoveOn to the NEW THINKING !? of Mikhail Gorbachev? Or did we got stuck? Why? Did we really celebrate and sherished the new chanced and modes of thinking and being?

Why have the supporting work in the German Chancellery, supported with a wide array of partnerships, not acknowledged and remembered? Is it all "accident" that the National Secretariat for Global Change has been closed ? and only years later the WBGU and NRE established?

I am somehow emotional touched. It is not only that a milestone (in my eyes) - as a public touring exhibition has been forgotten? or have there been influences of "contrarians" caused a basic, maybe to early and a too basic step? bending our mind-bugs and mind-boogles? WARFIELD *****

rushing more sooon !

also check re SDGs



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