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Today at 11:30 AM was again a very special time, we celebrated like for 20 years EARTH DAY, the ORIGINAL Earth Day at Equinox, the Spring Earth Day.
You wonder why I am so detailed? Well because there was later an April Earth Day founded in California..... It had much more marketing and media buzz, or the traditions since aeons did not get heard...

Anyway this year I had to cancel the preparations for Earth Day at the UN in Geneva, as I am committed to be in Berlin, not even joining Franz Nahrada with whom I attended his celebrations over the last 20 years - sometimes even meeting up with Franz and John McConnell ( the founder of Earth Day ).

Here is a report of how we celebrated in Geneva some years ago - with a lot of details and with great support from the Japanese... [link] or check [link]

Please follow the Video recording from Franz, the websites and resource pages. Franz is celebrating at the UN in Vienna now since more than 20 years and there are a lot of stories to be told, insightful books have been written.
Maybe start with the Vienna lineage here:


I am today not only on the Green Sofa in our Foreign Office checking out the global ENERGY TRANSITION,

Today there are about 1500 high calibre participants and delegations. It looks like finally after I can say nearly 30 years - central questions come-up again or finally reach broader interest....
Presently the FUTURES session in the EUROPE SAAL is "on" - and now on Tuesday the final sessions
goto: #betd2017 @greensofa_betd

All the topics and sections are of much interest to be and I seem to have a deja-vue every hour looking at "out" GLOBAL CHANGE - CHALLENGES IN SCIENCE AND POLITICS we opened nearly 27 years ago... [link] May30th, 1990 in Bonn
One Reason: There is an Exhibition - only for the delegations and the media called "THE GERMAN ENERGIEWENDE" - The exhibition looks like "they forgot to remove it"! - but I do not want to be nasty and hypercritical. When looking at it I feel I need to investigate, a NEW BROCHURE with the new MINISTER of Foreign Affairs, Gabriel, a top topic, but no press releases and no PDF ! I CC the cover... BECAUSE !! I feel the exhibnitions is top and ajour - but missing some critical milestones of GERMANYs way towards the ENERGIEWENDE !!! I try to cover/include/investigate later !!

I presently listen to Energy Efficient Buildings and the Decarbonization of Transport....

See below SDGs in Higher Education, Science and New Alliances [More]

Eurosolar !??

Both today and tomorrow in the Berlin Academy of Sciences, but I can unfortunately not attend the 2 days in depth "world-cafe" style internal exchanges from invited participants from Academy, Administration, Foundations, and Development Organizations about the SDGs and how Higher Education, Science and New Alliances can make a difference....
SCHEDULE: [link]
SPEAKERS: [link]
Well - maybe more tomorrow!
unfortunately it is more an "internal" ""open-space"" . But maybe some more is leaking - I will anyway try to include some of my "learnings" in the ongoing work around the SDG challenges and our reports around the Commons Alliance in the months to come....

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