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 Al Jarreau - Udo Lindenberg, Uncle Pö, Eppendorf
picture 12 Feb 2017 @ 19:57, by Heiner Benking

Unexpected - pasts are coming in....
Al Jarreau today and he was my stat in high times, days before I got married in Eppendorf - this is 41 years go ! - I can not believe -

Onkel was my evening outing, I lived a few blocks away at Alstefkrugchaussee - Haus Bauhütte - where we had Udo Lindenberg I had been able to arrange in our Studentshome Aula - so Jazz in the River Kassematten with Holger Paetow - and anch checking in who was new in town - was my "Night-Life". Check out this German Television I just found:

Udo Lindenberg I have covered elsewhere, even in this blog: [link]
but close to me those days were Swing and RYTHMS. I had been mesmerised by being invited to the MUSEUM OF NEGRO ART in Upper Harlem (NYC) and mingling with such bodies and spirits was really mesmerizing and exhilerating - but also leading as a next episode into family life. ...

Rushing - but maybe those days nearly 40 years ago where game-changing - at least in these early days...

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