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 BIG or HIDDEN AGENDA !? What should be done !??
picture picture picture 16 Jan 2017 @ 23:49, by Heiner Benking

Trump Book Warns of Obama’s ‘Government in Exile’ A book is hitting the street today, 30 Minutes ago and so premature ?!
I find this the most vicious blow [link] I came across since long.
A president in office having a "Government in Exile"?
I also just read the Gardian and I am getting out of my mind: Trump’s rhetoric: a triumph of inarticulacy

I only once really got involved into demonstration - when we did in Berlin the Monday Demonstrations for weeks against the War in Irak. I always felt I stick to by other sectors, or segment, where I hope I am better at. See Diagram by Cop MacDonald: TOWARDS WISDOM [link] and WHAT REALLY MATTERS: [link] But here Ignorance is not Bliss, it is mean and intentional! and self-serving at the same time.

I feel we have to dig here deeper ! as it is a sign of our "Our WORLDVIEW is too Flat" [link] as we presented in 1993 with the Futurists of the World" Demagoges and media can manoeuvre public opinion !
They use words and symbols, images and metaphors without any connection - and without stepping back for a bigger picture ! check Supersigns and Superstructures (if you still care about terms):

The problem centers around how our binary silo thinking of nominalists can deceit and this is what what I called 30 years ago "Visual Demagogy" but now it is "Media Demagogy" and we have to say "NO" see book Kultur der Verweigerung - das konstruktive Nein" [link] - and maybe it need other, modern times **** ZORNIGE ALTE MÄNNNER".

I will look here later into the Mindset of the NEW PENTAGON MAP - how people slit the world into frontiers and "they" draw "the Line" for "rule-set resetting": (Fig 14) and [link]

I am totally agitated - This is not the America I traveled 45 years ago and visited some times. I SAY NO !

What I mean about embodied, in context, multi-modal,.... and and .. a long story - Berhard Baars wrote 20 years ago about "Workplaces of the Mind" . I mention Models and General Model Theory,... maybe come back...


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