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 PhilHarmony ! Elphie !!
picture picture picture 15 Jan 2017 @ 17:33, by Heiner Benking

Today is the first day of my Life I would have loved to have a full-wall monitor to attend the opening of Elphie, The Hamburg Elb Philharmony ! - I would have went to Hamburg - but seating was limited...

The Citation "ZUM RAUM WIRD HIER DIE ZEIT" "time is embodied" i clear to all knowing my blog, but the failing and succeeding of this building was with me for a decade now ! I was doing engineering precision surveying in Hamburg for the Köhlbrandt Bridge and the Elbtunnel more than 40 years ago.....
Having my first professional life in construction - all this discussion on 10 x the original costs, foundations, and design and contractual issues were on my "radar" even more than the Stuttgart Main Railway Station which will be for us for years....

so Today is the official opening and this beside the public access and the facades [link] are a great symbol for this really breakthrough, hazardous exercise of elitist try to include the common people.

AND for me Elphie [link] has an elder in its lineage - The Berliner Philharmonie. Check its architect Hans Scharoun. I was to visit it as a vocational training student in the late 60ies, so you see I am "fixed" and dedicated to anything close to Philharmony ! [link]

Me ! I heard stories for years in the 70ies and 80ies from ALFRED SCHINZ [link] on the methods, learning, failings and breakthroughs in building the Philpharmie in Berlin. Alfred was the right hand of Scharoun and mentioning Hugo Häring like every week.
Later I was trying to get very close to Otto Schärli and translate maybe to fields sucha s Education: [link] and WIM WENDER [link] as he as an intweener has been presenting the SOUL of such buildings ! See the film with Robert Redford and others !! [link]

We hope to celebrate Alfred Schinz' 100th a the Technical University in Berlin in 2019.

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