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 Human Rights Day on the way to the UN in Geneva - OSI & GENEVA PEACE-PLATFORM
picture picture 11 Dec 2016 @ 14:53, by Heiner Benking

Tomorrow I will be a week the 25th Anniversary of OSI in Geneva. But today is also HUMAN RIGHTS DAY #HumanRightsDay and 5 days the International Soil Week. Maybe you have missed some other days nationally and internationally, such is life. I am from a nice hideaway since yesterday preparing with the OSI team a Geneva Peace-platform associated event all week. Dec 12-16. See our reports tomorrow and all week.
Me? - I hope to exercise some Magic Roundtables during the week, do the liason between OSI and ECSA (my profile)and do 3 "pitches" inviting for 3 sessions during the week. All updates and changes can be always found here: Programme [link]

Me? I am very critical about all these days, commissions, summits, ... and feel that there is a trend the last 25 years to more and more put hope that the Youth of the World, the People or the Civil Society have to sort out the "mess".

My synopsis will be as often at BenkingNews - stay tuned and follow.up.

I hope our 5 days can make a difference to make a difference that matters towards all sectors and fields of possible activities. Here a scheme to show what I mean: [link]

We have in our retreat over the weekend some time to clear our minds in a healthy, leafy, and harmonious "orchard". Check some pictures below and stay tuned. Fasten seat-belts for next week !!


Tess Cacciatore

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Amazing women have come together to RISE. Today is #HumanRightsDay let's join [link]

Tess Cacciatore added,Congrats @tesscacciatore w/ #GWENLives!🙌💃👏 #empowerment #gwen Official launch 🎉03/08/2017🎊 👉 👉

we lumb here in Geneva to get read for OSI Geneva Peace Platform

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