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 Club Affairs - The Club of Rome and the Club of Budapest. What next ??
picture picture picture picture 3 Dec 2016 @ 05:09, by Heiner Benking

Unhappy, sad and sobering. I am in the wrong place this weekend. I had prepared for weeks - by revisiting Club of Rome buddies 3 week ago in Berlin and checking how GA get organized these The Club Of Budapest: Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Manifesto. Maybe read "VIEWSLETTERs" from those days 20 years ago and the SEEDS OF CHANGE:
Maybe it is my naïveté to hope that that a group of dedicated people - as it was in the beginnings of the Club of Rome in the late 60ies could make all the difference. Maybe the wrong people and times? or the design of a "Club"? I wonder...
Anyway I was about to show by Boarding Pass at the airport in Berlin yester-/yesterday - and had a calling to forget about the airplane and this weekends "celebration-parties"
see below [More] the outline and invitation: and the STREAM and VIDEOs:

For me the story is what happened with the bold intentions of the founders of the Club of Rome, why was the Methodenstreit May30th, 1970 and many up-down "bifurcations" never revisited? maybe check 2 interviews with Alexander Christakis: and EUROPEsWORLD

Is the Design of such "Clubs" the wrong way to go? Or is it the "people" - the Egos - dreaming about their "filter-bubble" We-Space? or is it due to the times !? ANYWAY - I was life studying for my "degree" when all these discussions were up in the early 70ies, I had loved the founding papers of Ervin Laszlo called "The Club of Rome and the Club of Budapest", had even invested years into the CoB 20 years ago, have been visiting Club of Rome Gatherings like in the Smithonian in Washington in 1998, and had so much hope and dreams....

But maybe it is our ignorance and thinking only small. I always site a recall from the founding fathers of such "enterprises": here the General System Science early gathering when someone bangs into a session, and steps our murmuring: " ... That is not my field ..." enjoy the right column of this blog where I am puzzled about SIG and GIGS and GLOBAL INTERESTS GROUPS:
My favorite stories in the WHOLENESS SEMINAR include: check our WHOLENESS SEMINAR:
"BELA BANATHY: GENESIS OF GENERAL SYSTEMS THEORY" and "A Skeleton from the Closet") (Boulding Into one of the founding session of General Systems in ASILOMAR with the topic: "What can we do -- what can science -- do about improving the human condition?" bumps a visitor "specialist-academic" mumbling "this is not my field" when such great thinkers were having even earlier such "Saving the Planet" gatherings...
Also "Is Humanity Destined to Self-Destruct?" by Lynton Keith Caldwell [link] comes to mind - and havent been there collected some (now old)answers: see there Show or Schau?

I recall this "general" story and such publications as such great Clubs and Ideas with great aspirations meet with realities, assumptions, expectations, needs and greeds, ...
I will try to also look back 40 years (as I am tired of all this NewThink and MindBugs, so let us check-out not just the transformations from "think-tanks to "do-tanks" and where we have been and ended with these hundreds of such Manifestos - so stay tuned - and maybe check while waiting
the INQUIRY on LEARNING from the CLUB OF ROME we did in Herrenhausen Castle last year:
[PDF] The Open University: Systemic Inquiry: Governing the Anthropocene ...

Learnings from the Club of Rome ... Jul 31, 2015 - HERRENHAUSEN PALACE, HANNOVER GERMANY. 30TH - 31ST JULY ... Ray Ison, ISSS/Open University/Monash;. Introduction of the ... Limits to Growth. Speakers: Aleco Christakis and Heiner. Benking. Response by ...

The Opening Session starts in 3 hours ... Maybe we can all be "there": virtually/remotely stream"connected" nowadays !! SO STAY TUNED and read below [More]

check the Original Manifesto from 1996, this outline and the websites ! maybe startinghere:

[link] oldalas magyar a5.indd.pdf


I have received the first 2 responses like instantly (from TONY and Franz).

maybe of interest so I paste them here and not as comments by them "somewhere"...

Anthony Judge

3 Dec

Greetings Heiner

As usual your sentiments and concern are appropriate. More so, it is
also appropriate to salute your dedicated enthusiasm over such a long

The Club of Budapest ambition on this occasion to offer pointers for
the future follows that of the Club of Rome as framed by the report of
Jorgen Randers. (2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years.
Chelsea Green, 2012) which I reviewed in

Engendering 2052 through Re-imagining the Present
Review of 2052: a Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years as
presented to the Club of Rome

However your concerns correspond to mine as framed by my comments on
other recent future-oriented gatherings. These are provocatively
titled to give focus to the challenge of how a gathering like that of
the Club of Budapest might apply its own advice for others to its own
gathering and a reframed organization of its own preoccupations.

The method I used was applied to the following -- the section headings
suffice to make the point

>>> World Futures Studies Federation (Bucharest, 2013)

World Futures Conference as Catastrophic Question
From performance to morphogenesis and transformation

Imagining a future conference from the program
Conferencing: Outside Inside or Inside-Outside?
Fantastic realities of experiential space-time
Conferencing of a higher order: a Quest or an Inquest?
Deconstructing conference communication processes to elicit meta-discourse
Conference communication specifics meriting attention
Questioning as cognitive portal to the future
In quest of the most deadly question
Enabling morphogenesis and transformation through catastrophic questioning
Markings: ¡¿ Question 8 Answer ?!
Conferencing as putting identity to the question

>>> 17th International Futures Conference on Tackling Wicked Problems: where futures research, education and action meet (Turku, 2015),

Embodying Strategic Self-reference in a World Futures Conference
Transcending the wicked problem engendered by projecting negativity elsewhere

Self-reflexive attention to conference processes
Thematic streams and their integration
From poster sessions to stellar futures via aesthetic visualizations
Encycling wickidity in the light of polyhedral viruses and their mutation
Concluding antithesis

>>> 1st International Conference on Internet Science ( 2013, Brussels)

Internyet Nescience?
Self-referential upgrading of obsolete Internet conference processes
inhibiting emergence of integrative knowledge

Internet science?
Methodological possibilities
Representation possibilities

>>> Scientific and Medical Network (a provocative evaluation of the "shadow" of a group)

Embodying a Hypercomplex of Unhygienic Nescience
Questionable connectivity enabling apprehension of matters otherwise

Interweaving styles and themes
Phase diagram of degrees of argument connectivity
Aesthetic singularity prior to Technological singularity?
Unsaying and ignorance
Nescience and ignorance
Naysign and "nart": living with incomprehension and uncertainty
Verbal game-playing engendering a global cognitive container?
Requisite cognitive inversion: higher orders of twistedness
Recognizing the downside of "up" through cyclic nominative inversion
Memorable dynamics of living and dying: Hygeia and Wu Xing
Beyond verbose: engendering succinct transformative questions
Embodying topological succinctness beyond questions

For the record, I note my Report on the first Members Meeting of the
Club of Budapest Budapest, May 1996

Cultivating the Songlines of the Noosphere
From presentations by representatives to embodying presence in transformation

A. Preamble
B. Perspectives and soundings
C. Meta-disciplining the disciplines
D. Songlines and interference harmonics
E. Comprehending the language of pattern shifting

So what next -- with challenges such as Trump and Jihadism? Sun Tzu
comes to mind and the need for a pattern of katas. In that respect I
am currently reworking the exercise of Thierry Gaudin (Institutional
Katas, 1977):





---------- Weitergeleitete Nachricht ----------
Von: "Franz Nahrada"
Datum: 03.12.2016 9:53 AM
Betreff: Re: finally I have decided to "stick my neck out"

Dear Heiner,

I can only guess the frustration you hold inside..... and dared to vent to us a bit ... but there is much more between the lines than in them, but thank you, very informative links.

I can confirm how much you did for the COB, you even made our copy machine run out of toner to promote it back in these "hot" years here in Vienna, and you seemed to be everywhere...

Please be a little bit more precise and elaborate on what held you from going there ....

I look at the Lineup of Celebs and I try to guess ... also looking at some of Betsy Pools interviews from Bagni Di Luca I become even more curious ....

unfortunely the stream has no good light and is not translated ....

all the best


Mag. Franz Nahrada
Gerasdorferstraße 55
1210 Wien

GRAVEL PIT for editing

Nov 2nd:
The Club of Budapest is pleased to announce the Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Signing of the Manifesto on the Spirit of Planetary Consciousness and the Design of the Club of Budapest Impact Program Towards 2020.

Place: at the Hungarian Academy of Science’s Conference Center
in the Castle District of Budapest, Hungary
Date: on 3 and 4 December 2016

Twenty years ago, at the ceremonial Hall of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, a historic event took place with support of the Dalai Lama: World renowned thought leaders from many parts of the world signed the Manifesto on the Spirit of Planetary Consciousness.

The spirit of planetary consciousness is as relevant today as it ever was, and its introduction into the practical affairs of humanity is more urgent than ever. For this reason today, twenty years after the signing of the Manifesto, we call on our eminent Members and collaborators to reflect on how we can bring the spirit of planetary consciousness to the attention of leading business people, leading politicians, leading writers and artists, as well as well-intentioned people the world over in a way that they realize the importance and the urgency of adopting it, and place it in the forefront of their own thinking and activities.

Our Consultation is to provide signposts for achieving this objective, and live up to the resolve of the Club of Budapest, proclaimed in our last general meeting in December of 2014, to transform ourselves from a think-tank to a do-tank.


here 2014:

The Mission of The Club of Budapest

At its last general meeting in December of 2014, the participating Members of the Club of Budapest unanimously decided to transform the Club of Budapest from a think-tank to an action-tank. The mission of the Club of Budapest has always been to promote the transformation of the human world from a crisis-prone to a flourishing and sustainable community through the evolution of the consciousness that dominates the world. Its task as an action-tank is to pursue this mission in a practical way. This calls for recognizing five basic insights:

# A small and dedicated group of people, acting at the right time with the right idea, can change the world (Margaret Mead).

# If it is to effectively change the world, the small group must act with a more evolved consciousness. The problems of the world cannot be solved at the level of consciousness at which they were born (Albert Einstein).

# A more evolved consciousness is not just to be advocated by the world-changing group; it must be practiced and lived. The group must become the consciousness it wishes to see in the world (Mahatma Gandhi).

# Consciousness is not confined to individual brains: it is nonlocal and ultimately one (Erwin Schrödinger). A small and initially seemingly insignificant change in the consciousness of a small group can grow and spread rapidly in the world.

# There is nothing as powerful in the world as an idea whose time has come (Victor Hugo). Spreading and winning the adherence of people, the evolution of consciousness is an idea that is more powerful than any economic, military or technological measure.

Note: The International Network of the Club of Budapest intends to create “Centers of SuperCoherence” (CSC’s) by Member National and Regional Clubs. The local or regional Spheres of Supercoherence created by the CSC’s will resonate with like-minded endeavors, embrace progressively larger areas, and ultimately become the critical mass that brings about meaningful and lasting change in the world.*
*Coherence in a complex system indicates open and mutually responsive interconnection among all parts of the system. Supercoherence indicates the coupling of this intrinsic interconnection with interconnection between the system itself and its wider (social and ecological) environment. Viable systems in nature are supercoherent, whereas in recent years humanity’s natural disposition to supercoherence has been overlaid by powerful mainly self-interested and thus socially and ecologically ever more incoherent ventures and organizations. Recovering our supercoherence in the web of life is in the most vital and urgent human interest.

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