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 Falling Walls ? in a world of Gated Mind-sets? - BERLIN SCIENCE WEEK & EuroSoul
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Berlin Science Week – 1.–10. November 2016 []
The Berlin Science Week brings together excellent academics and their institutions from all over the world in Berlin. It is dedicated to the global exchange of ...

Last week was very exhausting. Now its Sunday night.
ECSA [link] event (2016). [link] : European Stakeholder Round Table on Citizen and DIY Science and RRI [link] and [link]

ECSA is organizing a European Stakeholder Round Table on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Good Practice from Citizen and DIY Science. The event is organized as part of the recently awarded EU Horizon 2020 project ´DITOs – Do It Together Science` and will be held on Tuesday 8th November 2016 in Berlin at the Museum für Naturkunde. check: [link]

* the Club of Rome gathering [link]
Lots of top events over 10 days and my TAB - died/had to go to repair. Despair !! on my side...
* Soul for Europe [link]
* Berliner Rede by Jean-Claude Junkers ****

I was 22/7 fully immersed and so my report has to follow !
but in times of the US election and the need of change in our politics, science, democracy,... I can not resist but promise to add here later.
I also did a TED proposal on falling walls and boundaries/mindsets *** and especially the ECSA events and talks with Club of Rome members have been most rewarding !


I have reported during the years ! I recommend in this blog: [link] and also this event with the Peace Nobels "BREAKING DOWN NEW WALLS": - where reflected: "New Science, New Language, New Thinking, .... ??" and there [link] - See also the TED+ proposal from 2012: [link] - but this perhaps too early or wrong place !!
Maybe see this picture around the Vision Summit (as sometimes a "FALLING WALLS hammer-EXPERTS" are needed!!: Have you got your "hammer" with you !?

You might also have problems reading my T-shirt. I had to edit "goods" into "gods":
"When Gods do not cross borders, Soldiers will". The shirt is promoting PEACE_LOVE_LIBERTY but it not only important to check "Who" is crossing - but also: "How", "Where",... and "Why" !! - how this basic question is central to what we call "systemic-cybernetical and holistic" as it was covered in the 2 last powerpoints here last year - and the central question for the Club of Rome-"besides-lobby" conversations. Folio 57-58: [link] where we also looked into "Does Can implies Ought"?? lets revisit John Warfield [link] and his "Groupthink and Clanthink and Spreadthink": [link] and our "Footprints-Handprints-Mindprints"

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