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 Leibniz: Vision as Duty/Task/Mission & STATE Festival 2016
picture picture picture picture 28 Oct 2016 @ 14:45, by Heiner Benking

2nd day of the of the Annual Academy theme 2015/16: Leibniz: Vision as Task and Mission maybe leading to action? I just cited "Can implies Ought"....

This is a continuation of the first day at the Science Academy: [link] and other entries at : [link] and definitely the Leibniz Herrenhausen Garden event revisiting the bifurcation of the Club of Rome in 1970: CYBER-SYSTEMIC GOVERNANCE: [link] and these interviews in EuropesWorld: and the second interview on Scale integration: [link]

Venue and abstract:
The Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (formerly the Prussian Academy of Sciences) is situated at Gendarmenmarkt in the heart of Berlin. With its interdisciplinary and international association of scholars and approximately 250 staff members, it is the largest non-universitarian research institute with a profile in the humanities in the region of Berlin-Brandenburg.

The building, which is today frequented by scholars from around the world, was originally built in 1902/03.

check the websites and forthcoming documentation and videos: [link]
but also more about STATE and FUTURIUM: [link]
ONE IS FOR CERTAIN: Berlin is crammed with events, festivals, parties, circus and parties omnipresent/all-over...

A summary will take me some time ! But definitely these 2 days were well spend.
Lots of food for thought, news and challenges. So it is about pragmatic exploration and necessary, definitely in the sense of Leibniz, Goethe and Einstein... but also Stachowiak I feel a name to be revisited in this special "holy" venue and ivory tower...
You can complain that the Technology and Arts Academies are not with us here, but this provides some spaces for further events, formats, concepts and conversation experiments....

In the evening the kick-off of the STATE festival night of Artificial Creativity On artistic artificial intelligence and the creative muse [link] FESTIVAL FOR OPEN SCIENCE, ART and SOCIETY Well done ! check something maybe the Festival organizers might be also interesting in: Augmented versus Artificial Intelligence and "knitting up".

It is still ongoing, so maybe come later and check also next week an interesting and outstanding and advances Festival with a unique spirit and program. [More later] I hear lots about AI Artificial Intelligence - But I feel the other meaning of Augmented Intelligence has been forgotten !! Maybe check the [More] links below and come back !

Virtual Worlds proposal [link] see also NAS - Grand Challenges (after rio 92)
[link] Creativity and Cognition 2
[link] about Realities, Learning, Theater and Augmentation...
and Artificial Paradises/Virtual Realities: KÜNSTLICHE PARADIESE - VIRTUELLE REALITÄTEN [link]
scientific & medical network NEW RENAISSANCE 3.: [link]
NEW IDEAS for Science and Arts - NEW SPACES for Culture and Society
[link] and check the 20th anniversary 2 weeks ago in this blog:

check this timeline around the Future Worlds Center and the UN-DEF ReInventing Democracy Project:'s_References
and maybe come back !???

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