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picture picture picture 19 Oct 2016 @ 21:37, by Heiner Benking

what a day.
todays workshop and book release was really a step towards leapfroging ! maybe one of the The Leverage Points.

It is about IMAGE KNOWLEDGE GESTALTUNG as organised in the:
Berliner Festspiele - Martin-Gropius-Bau: +ultra. knowledge & gestaltung
Organizer Cluster of Excellence “Image Knowledge Gestaltung. ... Interdisziplinäres Labor Bild Wissen Gestaltung der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

+ultra. knowledge & gestaltung
Gestaltung (design) is research, and research is Gestaltung. Using models, tools and images, the exhibition reveals the fundamental importance of creative processes for science and research for the first time. From the hand ax to the 3D-printed organ, from biomimetic materials to feeling prostheses, +ultra. knowledge & gestaltung presents the value of the insights and knowledge gained through the human transformations of nature, as well as their consequences. In a world, in which nature itself appears already shaped by human hand, the boundaries between nature and culture, organic and inorganic, matter and mind are increasingly eroding. Visitors can experience this tension as they explore expansive installations and witness images operations in which reality and simulation merge.

go for Martin-Gropius-Bau
+ultra. gestaltung schafft wissen
30. September 2016 bis 8. Januar 2017
Veranstalter: Exzellenzcluster "Bild Wissen Gestaltung. Ein Interdisziplinäres Labor" der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

and check out these comic-books: English:, Print
presented today: [link]

here an appetizer from the publisher:
Do we have the right recipes for the world of the future?Science meets comics. Twelve illustrators from different cultural backgrounds take readers on a culinary journey through the continents, providing fascinating insights into a multitude of eating habits and food cultures from around the world. With its subjectively told and individually illustrated stories, this comic not only unveils human beings' varied use and management of available resources, it also sheds light on the effects of this approach on global material flows. Phosphorus plays a central role in this context due to its paramount importance for all living things.Both the content and design of the comic are influenced by the advent of a new geological epoch – the Anthropocene, the Age of Man. Human activities across the globe are leaving increasing marks on the planet that will change it forever. The kitchen, especially, is a place where these correlations become evident on a personal scale. Indeed, just like the individuals depicted in this book, each one of us is a user and thus a sponsor of diverse production chains: in turn, each one of us has the opportunity to influence the world we live in.
1) also recommend. [link]

rushing from the book presentation I was put onto an experimental hotseat. Enjoy Heiner being questioned with words, when he felt he should also show, embody, immerse, present, .... A long story but I feel some might like it in connection with some slideshares and the chance for further questioning.
Interested? goto YouTube:

Berliner Festspiele / Martin-Gropius-Bau wird gefördert durch

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Leitung: Dr. Susanne Rockweiler

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Organisation: Ellen Clemens
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