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 From Multicultural Conflict to Multicultural Coherence - thanks to TRIAD...
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WORK IN PROGRESS - Pls come back.
To be guests at TRIAD Berlin is an honor and privilege you cannot refuse...
The Shanghai exhibition was a highlight, but this event is a nuggets/jewel, an event to address the highest demands and expectations, is really excelling a groups expections and aspirations. So please check the links and dig deeeeeep !

I was invited to attend the opening ice-breaker and find TOP movers and shakers, so definitely a great honor and challenge to mingle under such a theme... !!
and maybe it is even a concrete milestone with many junctions / bifurcations on the way.

and some great insights with and within such a group of selected/invited participants.

I recommend:
600 Projects, 20 Million Visitors, 49 Countries. From Berlin to Shanghai. From Idea to Implementation.

and as I met and interviewed some of these thinkers, movers, and shaker really across fields and powers, I fell you should try to stay tuned. TRIAD will report, the site will be maintained !! check !! HIGH QUALITY PAPERS !!! I was attracted by: GIFTING... This is why: sharing/gifting reloaded/revisited.

stay tuned !

WORK IN PROGRESS - Pls. come back


notes sandbox - gravel pit...

HUMANITY SALVAGION & DRAMA CREATION add terms from IESC: Systemspedia beta: [link]

EXAPTION and KLI !! evolutionary cognition and cognitive dissonances...

Exaptation (a replacement for the teleologically-loaded term "pre-adaptation") and the related term co-option describe a shift in the function of a trait during evolution. For example, a trait can evolve because it served one particular function, but subsequently it may come to serve another.

schedule: [link]


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