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 Magic Roundtable at Entrepreneurship Summit 2016
picture picture picture 8 Oct 2016 @ 15:15, by Heiner Benking

check: THE ART AND SCIENCE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP Entrepreneurship Summit 8. & 9. October #wirsinddaskapital

Again this years in the Open-Space and the Pitch Bar we will have again a Magic Roundtable at the Entrepreneurship Summit in Berlin. You are welcome to join a round with Jakob von Uexküll and then we will do our Dialog Format. See a brochure and timeline of exercises 1995-2015:
check the invitation and if you are in Berlin, maybe check your Sunday agenda !

I have reported about last years Entrepreneurship Summit and about such roundtables here:

in the roundtables with Jakob von Uexkuell and our Magic Roundtable we discussed the big pictures of Nature&Culture and the "People" in-between. Jakob maintained already 20 years ago he is a "concerned generalist". So a good time to check in the 2 seessions overarching issues and levers, awareness, values, science and policy, not just economics. I added "GLOCAL" see the figure and link ! See and the new ! - after 26 years ... - publications by Victor Roudometof (The Glocal and Global Studies, GLOCALIZATIONS 2015 and Glocalization: A Critical Introduction 2016 [link]) see below !
some documentation is on the way: Videos, Impressions, Articles, ... we will keep you briefed here.

cheers ... - more to come
more later

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