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 Spin Rooms or Situation Rooms !?? - Hillaries new Playground? Donalds Field??
picture picture 27 Sep 2016 @ 20:05, by Heiner Benking

Maybe one day it is too late to speak up. I heard Hillary vesus Donald last night and I think I am biased as I learned in the MacGovern Campaign in the early 70ies and saw Hillary personally in the early 70ies when she had a heated discussion with all the Health Reform - American Instute of Medicine - in the National Research Council NRC in a time impossible in OLD EUROPE. It was 7 AM and I was totally pissed off by being called down to the lecture hall, as a prominent was to be attendend - so the most important National Debate was "well attended".
I was unhappy - having to leave that afternoon back to Munich - as important negotioations and concepts had to be put on "later". Unfortunate, as central issues on the international agenda where not followed up, even great mandates "have died" as I learned 2 weeks ago from out Science, Technologym and Eduction Secretary Wanka. What I strongly rejected... ****

I am personally bearing a grudge against "lawyers" - I personally had some very very bad experiences ***** but after insiting to sit directly before Hillary that morning, I was amazed how well she countere all the arguments against the HEALTH REFORM.

Following the US politics and even European Politics it is easy resign utterly frustrated. There are no Peace- and Situation Rooms, only Spin Rooms "interprete" for us - but we do not get to the roots and get the context. Early concepts for a WORLD PRESS CENTER were in the air those days. How naiive and early we have been...
****** *****

I am deeply concerned about the ways we do international politics the last 40 years - and much more !! We did stick to mind bugs and mind boogles. We have irnored to look out for NEW SCIENCE, NEW LANGUAGE, NEW THINKING, NEW COMMUNICATION and WAYS of SHARING !! - Deeply concerned - I need time to revist out maps and paradimgs, schemas and narratives and how to bring these different represenations together to more coherent constructions across modes, scales, mindsets, ....

when I hear Donald as the arch-enemy against the IRAK WAR I can not resist. Isn't he like a doublecrosser? Did he do a demonstration against the IRAK war - like we did the MONDAY demonstration for weeks: I never hear him speaking up !

Me I very seldom attend demonstrations, some of my friends tell me too little, but I feel with all sectors of the pie-chart above !
So maybe we should check how Hillary and Donald are doing in these fields !!

As we need to revisit here our our mindsets and paradigms, mind -bugs and -boogles [link], I think we should look into our worldviews and our limited "character-set" to present "realities". I looked long time ago into world-map - it is like a black-white dichotomy - the good guys and the bad. Only revisit the NEW PENTAGON map [link] and "the map" [link] Who in the USA is aware of such "maps" outside of the "fly-over lands" of "war-rooms" in the Pentagon !

We discussed "meta-paradigms" [link] and "super-structures" [link] maybe also: [link] but these politicians seem to be locked in their silos...

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