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 Wise and Deep Filmmaking to make a Difference - Wim Wenders
picture picture picture 15 Sep 2016 @ 10:43, by Heiner Benking

I could not resits yesterday's 2 film presentations with Wim Wenders and Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq [link] in the DW film: GREED - A Fatal Desire: [link] GIER:
[link] and: [link]


Wim Wenders [link] is one of my raw models and examples how to to be helpful, attentive and deep ! Only two film-makers come close to him in my mind: Robert Redford [link] and Yann Arthus-Bertrand [link] in engagement and reaching people, but for me his intellectual, theoretical and cultural dimension is unique.
I like very much many of Wims films, books, exhibitions, and and - and in particular his approaches to Space, Cultures, Media, ... and even more towards libraries ! Just check:
So going yesterday to the State Library in Berlin where he received the Max-Herrmann-Preis was a must: [link] or check:

To get an idea how rich the works of Wim are you can just start by checking the Library catalogue: [link]

my favourite is: CATHEDRALS OF CULTURES - [link] -

I share not only my love of libraries and architecture with him, but today also shared with him the name of a "boss" and later "fatherly friend" of mine: ALFRED SCHINZ [link] - who was "the right hand" of SCHAROUN those days ... - I gave Wim the name and context on my "visiting card" today and lead him to this blog entry... maybe we can cross the boundaries or spaces and cultures, together...

NEW FILM launch: GREED - A Fatal Desire

Check also "uncles" Angaangaq part KOLLAPS: [link] (as pasted from the announcement:
.... Some call it a useful dowry of evolution, others a fault in the human genetic make-up: The old mortal sin Greed seems to be more ubiquitous than ever. Why cannot people ever get enough, where is this self-indulgence leading and are there any ways out of this vicious circle of gratification? "People like to have a lot of stuff because it makes them the feeling of living forever," says American social psychologist Sheldon Solomon, who believes today's materialism and consumerism are will have disastrous consequences. Anyone who fails to satisfy his or her desires in this age of the Ego is deemed a loser. But with more than 7 billion people on the Earth, the ramifications of this excessive consumption of resources are already clear. Isn't the deplorable state of our planet proof enough that "The Greed Program," which has made us crave possessions, status and power, is coming to an end? Or is the frenzied search for more and more still an indispensable part of our nature? .... What is the essence of greed? ...


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