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 IFA Summit: Exploring the Digital Society / and the
picture picture picture 7 Sep 2016 @ 18:10, by Heiner Benking

Again this week I was immersed by the IFA: [link]

IFA Congress for trendsetters and visionaries. The IFA+ Summit brings together decision makers who will shape our future. [link]

as we know: "Digital technologies and applications are transforming all walks of societal life, be it on the professional, personal, social or global level." but I could not resist to check back what was there 40 years ago, how much and how little we did any progress !

There was a great evening in the Marschall House, but have the movers heards about "Can implies Ought"? Are we really making "progress"? Where is the "New Level" ? and where are we going?

I just uploaded a draft on "GLOCAL": and maybe we need to revisit some "origins" of TELEMATICS and INFOGRAPHICS - maybe check this ECSA 1-pager Maybe we should look back and forward and wide and deep instead of following trends without base. (see roots and wings)....

This week also the Parliamentary Week started, so after the regional election last Sunday, the nerves are black regrding the elctions for Berlin next week and the national federal elections next year !!

As I also had our Conversation Experiments today, **** you can imagine how busy - after calm summer times - the week started.

Stay tuned - I will add links and insights and oulooks a.s.a.p.

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