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 World Education Agenda - German UNESCO - ESD again
picture picture picture picture 12 Jul 2016 @ 02:31, by Heiner Benking

Two days again Education for Sustainable Development. However the naming; Agenda, Decade, Learning,.... Future Learning with new Competences, Capacities, Skills,... we in Germany try to follow-up on the UNESCO Decade for Sustainable Development.
THIS IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT, so much learning was around, around Stockholm, AGENDA 21, Transfer, Club of Rome, ... but we seem to be reinventing wheels and avoid including some old learnings practives for the sake of "new thinking and learning".
But anyway, BRAVO for the exercise under the umbrella of the German UNESCO Commission.
Check Details - unfortunately little material in English at this point.

check education 2030: [link]

Same as the ESD projects for 10 years there are now awards by the Agenda orogramme: and

Lots to be said about the opening keynotes by a federal and regional minister, but let me start with out session about keynoted by Chuck Hopkins[q]=search&options[author1]=Charles%20Hopkins&options[sortspec]=date&options[submit]=Submit&options[numresults]=10&options[sortmethod]=0 and later doing a "fishbowl" to include the participants and move beyond lecturing.
Maybe I am tooo hypercritical - as it was actually a good and interesting session with the core international guests of the more local, German, exercise under the umbrella of the German UNESCO.
I am critical already on the top above as there were the efforts for the GRUNDSCHUL CONGRESS **** 20*** exactly at this place - doing not lectures and workgroups, but Open Spaces in "small" group sessions and more integration, summing-up,....
But maybe OPEN SPACES are more expensive as "open" does not mean "cheap" but facilitated with a lot of preparation...maybe check this Open-Space Worldmap moderators website: [link]

Second day again some presentations with collecting some questions....

waht I shared most? The Glocal and Global Studies

my recommendation here is:
Rainer ?? Mattar Global Action Plan blended learning...
Global Action Plan and their ecoteams rings a bell, check it out !! [link]
see also the banner below !

before was the overview presentation by: Jörg-Robert Schreiber
presenting the orientation frame for schools and English presentations and figures...

TRABI und Ferropolis [link]

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