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 German HABITAT FORUM - Urban Solutions for HABITAT III
picture picture 1 Jun 2016 @ 12:15, by Heiner Benking

German Habitat Forum [link]
Our Development Minister Gerd M├╝ller - who was also yesterday at the Sustainability Council annual event [link] just mentioned that towns and regions - urban and rural - (pagan?) have to work together hand in hand - this seems to be often forgotten. the SRU has published yesterday some recommendations - taylord also for the HABITAT event today: [link]

We have exhibitions here for SMART CITIES - but I really see no new solutions - which go to the roots !!

He mentions ***** check: ****** Gerda Kauri ...? need for new paradigms and the question of infrastructure, building materials, .... He is right, like yesterday, but aren't this realizations not old !? very old !? He urges for new solutions, but this quest I have heard in town-planning and regional development in the mid 70ies, and early 90ies again in China - so clear - so obvious - so appealing and desperate - but what has been achieved... ? I am getting very concerned - more and more - each day - even when working on all these positive difference making that matters...

See also the new TOWN study of out The German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU) - Humanity on the move: Unlocking the transformative power of cities: [link]
There was also a "side-event" in the German Parliament by the Nachhaltigkeitsrat about commitments by MDBs for "their" SDG - Well timed by both Advisory Councils N and WBGU - congrats to both offices.
See also other WBGU reports ...

like the new TOWN study of out The German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU): [link]
WBGU-St├Ądtegutachen - here is also the new report on Participation (PDF) [link]
and the SRU-Gutachten mit wissenschaftspolitischen Impulsen. Check also the German Environmental Advisory Council - SRU
We in Germany have plenty such Council - maybe they each should review and comment the outcomes with more publicity.

Dr. Joan Clos, Executive Director of UN - Habitat is next. He tells us of the 20 years interval between the Habitat Conferences ! This provides some insights into the process and how the International Community treats some of the most critical issues....

Jeffrey Sachs, Charles Landry, .... they really brought some people here...

CHINA 1992 note: Beijing Business and Technology Transfer Center & Hualin Guo - UN planner gathering *****

I even decided to not hop between the 9 workshop, but try to sit still in workshop #9 Governance, Civic Participation & Capacity

David Satterthwaite [link] | International Institute for Environment and Development [link]
David is a senior fellow at IIED and visiting professor at the Development Planning Unit, University College London. He is since 1974 with IIED, was at the HABITAT I in 1976.
Seeing him again a good return for 2 days frontal listening about participation and citizen rights, policy-making and - implementation (governance).

here are some preliminary versions of a DRAFT DECLARATION form Berlin to Quito:
please check the latest version at:

more coming soon....

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