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 Transformative Global Climate Governance “après Paris”
picture 24 May 2016 @ 09:30, by Heiner Benking

2 rich days again on transformation and climate research. Very special elders from the US speaking and active young researchers struggling with the challenges after the Paris Climate outcomes.

I enjoy meeting old friends and good researchers and activists and take in this very special academic talk. Check the links !
2016 Berlin Conference on Transformative Global Climate [link] and DIE-GDI: [link]
see also [link] FU-Berlin: [link]

The talk of our 2 days a lot about transformation and multi-level governance.
I show around the new book from Yehezkel Dror: Avant Garde Plolitician - Leaders for a New Epoche and the forthcomming book on Glocal Studies The Glocal and Global Studies, GLOCALIZATIONS 2015, Victor Roudometof (2015), Taylor & Francis 2015, doi:10.1080/14747731.2015.1016293, (see also:
and realise they can only work in their slot or box. The positive thing: They are increasingly aware about it. But is this enough??
I share a little about my Cognitive Superstructure and about Supersigns and Superstructures. Maybe someone is interested: [link]

As the title sets forwards - the conference is about research for climate policy &governance, little about how to transformations going. Only the dinner speach by Jenniger MOrgan (Greenpeace) and the SEMI-PLENARY IV, Chair Imme Scholz , DIE go beyond this narrow focus. Imme is adressing the 2030 AGENDA and I had mentioned on the first day from the floor that we need Leverage Projects and Solutions. [link] presenting possibilities for cross-sector, pragmatic and workable project across various SDG goals: (work in progress) [link]

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