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 CITIZEN SCIENCE to Harness the Collective Wisdom of the People !! ?
picture picture picture 20 May 2016 @ 08:04, by Heiner Benking

Again a day with activists and researchers at ECSA. The event is very well organized and fully packed with content and news. Check the full 3 day event in Berlin.

I am here to

* input our outcomes from the CAPS2016 - maybe a pre-side-event to ECSA
* represent OSI, a member of ECSA, and invite some interested to the OSI Geneva Platform event in the UNITED NATIONS venues in December 12-16, 2016
* sum-up participation and facilitation efforts globally in the field of event-design, and traditional and modern-advanced deliberation, peacemaking, and multi-track diplomacy efforts. [link]
* reflect on the scene, formats, frames, and its challenges and futures.
also including the CAPS efforts *****

So please stay tuned ! The THINK CAMP is only tomorrow !! while check the ECSA community:

After introducing the CAPS poster yesterday, this day is dedicated to OSI and how to connect all these diverse efforts on different levels and using different terms ! The old challnge we already faced with UNEP-HEM on harmonization in the 80ies and early 90ies....
maybe check: [link] and the ICSU - CODATA 92 in Beijing [link] & [link] - and Rio 92 sumnming up in Melbourne. Proposing a Conceptual Superstructure on behalf of Noel Brown. [link]
I recommed to check out more recent ICSU_CODATA contributions:

OSI Objectif Sciences International [link] also check Facebook: and some videos in some languages !! interestingly taking 80 - 120 seconds for the same content !! or:
maybe also see the OSI Germany site evolving:

and last not least yesterdays blogs and my Twitter Tweets: "chirps" ? #HeinerBenking
or check my LinkedIn site: and Facebook site:

I FEEL YOU SHOULD THE GREAT PROGRAME AND DOCUMENTATION: htp:// and this CS site: [link] and follow the tweets ! of [link]


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