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picture picture picture 19 May 2016 @ 14:26, by Heiner Benking

After CAPS - CAPS stands for Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation #CAPSBerlin16 yesterday the nexts days ECSA is "on". The First International ECSA Citizen Science Conference 2016 or check: [link] #ecsa2016

I was too engaged with CAPS yesterday - will report later - and meanwhile check the next days around Citizen Sciences and announce the OSI - Objective Sciences International event in December in Geneva.
I will upload a DRAFT United Nations Geneva Platform Annoucement.

re: OSI please also check TWITTER: Last Report Conference on Rights of Nature: [link] - Science Camp and Participative Research : [link] - [link] - [link] - AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition [link] - IBE International Bureau of Education [link] and this OSI Vacances Scientific website: [link]

I got to rush now for the MUSEUM für NATURKUNDE reception - pls. come back.
in-between maybe check:

I just recall the j4i last week at HPI [link] and the "Format Lab" done by IASS 2 weeks ago with the title "Jumpstarting the SDGs: [link] and feel I need urgently about the format exercise in the open-afternoon at CAPS. So please check back ! also about influence voting and ReInventing Democacy (UNDEF); [link] and maybe this Tutor/Mentor profile: [link]

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