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picture picture picture picture 5 May 2016 @ 11:29, by Heiner Benking

All thies week was also the re:publica but I only could peek in and check how the 10th anniversary using the metaphor of the MIRROR is different and how the GIG seriens are doing. This place for internet, media, and society is a hub, institution, and a must ! 7000 participants a dozen and more tracks - side events...

re:publica will turn 10 in 2016. Once a cosy meeting point for bloggers, re:publica has become one of the world’s leading festivals for digital society themes. And no matter how we look at it, for our anniversary issue we have come to realize:

Visitors are speakers. Guests are players. TEN is NET.

I came to see friends making a video **** description
and how GIG is going at the re:publica – Get ready to meet the innovators from all over the world! is going, the third Global Innovation Gathering (GIG).
It brings together innovation hub managers, makers, hackers and entrepreneurs from across the world. Launched at re:publica 2013, GIG has become an central part of the re:publica programme, showcasing tech innovation and maker projects. And I could share with some insiders our CAPS 2016 event May 18. The CAPS Community Meeting and Workshop. CAPS stands for Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation. It is an initiative launched by DG CONNECT of the European Commission in 2013 aimed at stimulating socially innovative applications of network technologies, building collective intelligence and collective action. CAPS: Registation and Programme. CAPS is maybe a pre-/side-event for the ECSA - have a look: European Citizen Science Association conference

The venue as a "village" with theater-hall is chosen as an "historic communicty & culture oasis" because of the vibrant community of social innovators present in Berlin, which includes a panel on the importance of citizen engagement and collective intelligence seen from the bottom up CAPS perspective of 'awareness, data, actionable change and innovation' also at ECSA.
Two years ago we presented at the UFA theater-hall: Team Genius !! - Leonardo 3.4.5.

I came also for the GIG event format as I used this acronmym for long for quite a different matter. (SIG links below) check: CHAOS COMPUTER CLUB, Wau Holland and "Zukunftkomaptible Zeitformen..." Wau zitiert aus Kultur der Verweigerung where I was pondering about the need for GIGs in view of all the SIGs.... the title is about Context and Coherence: Ohne Zusammenhang kein Zusammenhalt...

"...unsere Gesellschaft hat jede nur denkbare Lobby fuer
Partikularinteressen entwickelt (special interes groups, SIGs) aber niemand
scheint fuer das Gemeinwohl als uebergreifende Interessenvertretung (global
interest groups, GIGs) zustaendig zu sein." Danach zeigt er Denkhuerden auf
und weist auf Denkraeume hin.

this was actually on of my plenum pitches at the SDG event in parallel... All is connected and in circles and beyond circles - in the deep. Small world. See my motto here (in green). Reinvent Democracy by FWC and UNDEF:

more to come ....

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