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picture picture picture picture picture picture 3 May 2016 @ 04:34, by Heiner Benking

The SDGs kick-off day for Germany yesterday was like a good television show. Announcement
Lots of preparations and funds allow on a central podium to include more people, compared to a panel, and make hours pass by easily. Maybe while waiting check: Show or Schau? [link]
The day was deep - interesting news from Norway about UNEP - and and
and today all the Elephants are in the room for the High Level segement !

Check the programme !!

I recommend our COMMON ACTIONS - SDG article in Mother Pelican - Journal for Solidarity and Sustainability / before A Journal for Sustainable Human Development.

from last year - I wonder who is still reading nowadays...

There is much talk here about silos and borders, but we do escape/jump over the boogles. Well minded scientists and policy makers often reinventing wheels.
I link often to the work of John Warfield and is work on traps and mindbugs: [link]
Maybe also check Mindprints:

Listening into some conversations the old story of the founders of systemic/holistic science approaches come up: [link]
This story as often told by Bela Banathy, I recall his: "This is not my field" or "Do you have a mandate" for GIG's - Global Interest (Groups)
Yes, regarding the SDG issue I think there have been mandates, many, I was personally involved the "Harmonization" Mandate, and later doing the GLOBAL CHANGE -Challenges to Science and Politics (1990) exhibit, Local and Global Change (1991), or the The International Corner at UN Climate Summit Berlin 1995 (COP1) - [link] any questions? Maybe see the new book on Global and Glocal Studies (Taylor and Francis 2016)- revisiting Glocal from 1990 ! I feel "time is running out" and it all "takes so long"....

But let end with a positive note. The event was masterfully crafted - well funded and an e mexample. Maybe a good step to build on. To move beyond and between participation formats I invite to check the CAPS event we do for the EUROPEAN COMMISSION May18th in Berlin. Check it and out and maybe register !! ??
CAPS stands for Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation.

Please come back as all 3 days were rewarding and a good milestone for new and interesting formats for social and cultural innovation and participants interaction!
There is much agreement that the formats of conferencing and meetings can be improved substantially ! The time we meet F2F and exchange with old and new participants - to work and learn is very precious. So investing in such formats like the 3 days - even when it looks very expensive - not only in view of the extensive preparation, co-ordination and travels - but I think they are justified. Traditional conferencing and workshop circus hopping is not ! You can hear lectures and listen to panels also online ! - but when you meet in person then the exchanges should be intensive and open !
The format of the event was a milestone, given the traditional symposia we experience, but let me put a drop of vinegar into the wine/praize for the organisers!
I believe we should also look for more interactive formats in virtual conferencing. Look at the Stammtisch 3.0 - Government 2.0 in 2009 in Berlin, the CAPS exercises (above) we do them since some time, and maybe check this timeline of advanced (video-) conferencing and what we do with the Magic Roundtable Format description (documented the last 20 years) [link] and what this has to do with ReInventing Democracy, Multi-track Dimplomacy and Peacemaking and the UN Democracy Fund (UNDEF): (advertise-pitch over ) -but maybe we should flaunt more, sometimes....

For this May 2016 in Berlin please check the CAPS Community Meeting and Workshop gathering at a community orchard (Berlin May 18th) also as a side-event of the First International ECSA Conference 2016 Citizen Science – Bürger schaffen Wissen - Innovation in Open Science, Society and Policy gathering (ECSA) May 19th-21th - somehow like next week in Berlin !!

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