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picture picture picture picture picture picture 28 Apr 2016 @ 21:10, by Heiner Benking

Objects in Transfer | Gegenstände des Transfers • SFB 980 ...

This opening was most rewarding, the theme of showing the tansfer across cultures is most rewarding - I had heard 2 hours before at the HUB that in geo-ecological research there is no "base-line" in research - we discuss "base-spaces" ....
and here they are open for new mindsets and ways to present/model/exhibit...
- but they look into the transfer between and this is full of learnings and the people attending where really very interesting - most particants in the research programme - so maybe check also TRACES June 2016: [link]

I recommend the videos and pictures and to come and visit as this available now for some time !! [link]

REALLY ! check the video and the Mindtag system to present inter-linkages between transcultural systems ! and the interlinkages between arteface across museums !! Check [link] and [link] and [link]

I had great discussions with the organizers and presenters before the reception - not only about chess ***** or Visual History - Digital Peters ***** or earlier exhibitions here about Islamic Art or the Saudi exhibition here some years ago.

The challenge to bridge collections, cultures and epoches is really challenging and exciting ! maybe this helps to leave our "boxes" and "mind-bugs" -- check for more as nowadays these topics of mental boogles and fixations / fundamentalism and the accompanying ignorance is ranging high more recently in the media and politics, such exhibitions are very timely !!

come back soon - WORK in PROGRESS

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