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 EXACTLY today 30years ago - I got immersed into the Chernobyl disaster
27 Apr 2016 @ 17:22, by Heiner Benking

Whow - 30 years - what did I learn and experience - what did we learn - in Germany and globally!! after Chernobyl.
Well - how much did I change and why and how and when!!

I was for week immersed into radiaotivity mapping and communications - my clients Siewert and Scholz, BGR Hannover had the devcices to measure radioactiivty and we had the software (UNIRAS) to make maps !! Maybe check this timeline;
When I look back there was lots of learning involved and maybe it explains a little why I feel strange or alien in many environments.
My story has been always that my "kicks" came from journalists seminars with the TELI on ecological and medical impacts - how we treat our waist, do analysis and produce - like what is up now - plastics... or the GLOBAL CHANGE exhibition in 1990.

But looking back these weeks around the first radioactivity maps for the people - was very central and not only lead to this article on the Possibilities and Limitations of Environmental Data Presentation - Visualisation of Environmental Data: (Springer 1987)

there have been lots of stories - us being thrown our of federal administrations, us presenting local maps and how the people reacted.... which colors we used for the maps and what legends and scales had been used and had to be changed !


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