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 Einstein was a Refugee - Einstein Forum in Potsdam and Caputh
picture picture picture 19 Apr 2016 @ 11:49, by Heiner Benking

A Symposium and exhibition at the Einstein Forum, Potsdam and reading and concert at the Einstein Summer House, Caputh
The world famous physicist Albert Einstein was not only a polymath with many interests. He was also a refugee who fought for the rights of political refugees after he settled in the U.S. The Einstein Forum carries on his spirit in Potsdam and operates Albert Einstein’s house in Caputh. This house is not only the last remaining architectural testimony to Einstein’s life in Germany but the last place Einstein lived before leaving Germany for good shortly before the Nazis seized power.

The Einstein Forum and the ALLIANZ KULTURSTIFTUNG ... for Europe organised this very special event today.
Check the programme: [link] PDF: [link]

I attend not only to be again at this very special locations and there are top speakers, but to experience the style of being "out of the one culture", but to meet special participants and have our next Tagore-Einstein-Council next year in mind. [link]

pls. stay tuned...

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