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 Reinventing Democracy - UNDEF - Check it out !
picture picture picture picture 1 Apr 2016 @ 13:19, by Heiner Benking

This is important for me and maybe also for you. It is about what we think and do about Community, Trust, Commons, Policy and Understanding.

pls. check the websites of the Future Worlds Center:
and United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF)s: [link] and there the project Reinventing Democracy: [link]
check FACEBOOK and the FUTURE WORLDS CENTER Newsletter.

Maybe check also my mentor profile, activities around digital strategy and policy: [link]
and the team: [link]

This draft relates to the bigger context: “The Magic Roundtable; challenges of bridging/combining benefits of traditional gifting and modern “sharing”. [link] Maybe check it out and comment ! Due for Mother Pelican, Journal for Solidarity and Sustainability, May 2016

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