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 Future of Agriculture - Futures of Cultures FFA Brussels 2016
picture picture picture 22 Mar 2016 @ 08:41, by Heiner Benking

Now Achim Steiner UNEP is on. Ban Ki-Moon was just on the video wall. Check the recordings! Join me now listening José Graziano da Silva and n@ForumForAg #FFA2016
[link] Phil Hogan.

José Graziano mentioned also the need for mind-change and change of procedures and ways of communication in the UN, EC, National government and administration system. BRAVO.
I hope below provides some grids and concrete ways to interact and act. So let us get out of our SILOS!

Check our UN ECOSOC Common Actions SDG recommendations September 2015 [link] - win-win Leverage Solutions Footnote for "win-win-win" solution frameworks in common frames of references:

[16] [link] Exemplary projects for such winning, overarching solution include projects linking the following sectors: Terra Preta/Biochar, Ecology, Development, Ecology, Housing and Agriculture, … ReefFormers: Oceans, Food, Health, Work, Infrastructure, Agriculture, … Ecologic Housing and Cooking, Health, Gardening, Mangroves and Forrest protection, Habitat Preservation. Examples should grow into “living collection of BLUE-GREEN solution.

and maybe other Mother Pelican articles: !! highly recommended: [link]

check: Ban, Amina, Achim, José, ... just check the videos and official FFA websites ! and while waiting maybe check the 2015 Videos: [link]

Jeffrey Sachs is on now after a commemoration minute for the Bruxuelles Terror outside today.

And "besides" it is Earth Day today ! I mean the original Earth Day at EQUINOX - there is no Bell to ring here, but maybe some people like to check this page:

It is now March 24 and I made it to leave Brussels overnight....
I have to pick this up later ... but at least it was good to get some "air-time" from the floor at the FUTURE gathering and good taks in the lobby and later !! even in such nightmare times ....

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