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picture picture picture 4 Mar 2016 @ 15:03, by Heiner Benking

Check: FUTURE LAB EUROPE Zukunftswerkstatt in the German Parliament:
GREENS im Bundestag / Reichstag [link] - #EU2morrow
Ja zu Europa - Mut zur Veränderung

When receiving the Invitation I wondered how they will do a ZUKUNFTSWERKSTATT in that frame and setting - and I was right - we have a tough schedule with panels and fish-bowls in the parliament when normally the Committees and Commissions do their deliberations to prepare parliament votes. (as aside maybe enjoy he clip at the Brandenburg Gate some years ago around parlamentarism, democracy & voting in those days of OCCUPY when there was the SPEAKERS CORNER & Google See also Timothy Garton Ash @ Berlin Speakers' Corne very timely today !! in Europe 2016 !!

COME BACK LATER - PLEASE ... we have the final panel presently....
From the floor I add my 5 cents re the UBIQUITIY of certain terms in politainment and policy talk "think-tankers"....
I asked or raised my concerns from the floor the question: - But much shorter something roughly like this:
I heard about 2 dozen times the term "narratives" but what is meant and are stories (semantic wording (plastic words) - in German we say Worthülsen - word-husks/shells/cartridges/ enough to say what we mean around political-societal affairs - or if they are only a scientific over-simplification - leading to over-claims - and make us even more perplex in this world of increasing complexity. I mention that I am just coming from an DIGITAL HISTORY symposium [link] where geo-historic-educational thought leaders (institutes) in Germany grappled with the new media, in education, archives, school-books, arts and media in a more general sense.
And that we raised there a combination of signs (not just words or stories) - I mentioned and was welcomed with the term: super-signs and super-structures, so you can give concrete concepts a context in order to see te overlaps, neighborhoods, ... and negotiate the frames. Doris Harms picked it up on the Panel expanding the concept of History (Geschichte) in addition to just Stories, but stories in Context.
I mention later also terms like Gerüst, Gestalt, Gemeinschaft, Gesellschaft, ... and not just "Narratives" Ge"schichte(n)" - check again "Zusammenhang and Zusammenhalt". re CONTEXT and COHERENCE and see my statement from the floor.

Good people in the German Parliament - puzzled and lost in times of change without stories to walk the talk ... [More]

Meeting and seeing again some green "fossils" - is nice, but also shows us that we all get grey in the end.... not only these days....


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