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 Visual Digital History - another buzz-word !?
picture picture 3 Mar 2016 @ 22:12, by Heiner Benking

The title Digital History called my attention and when I saw the partners and movers involved I was amazed. No big mouth but big doers.

Do I had to be here at Visual History twitter #visualhistory #vhtagung check as a backgrounder:

I came yesterday to this event to hear the keynoter Gerhard Paul who presents his new book tonight: The Visual Age – Point and Pixel. The event is called VISUAL HISTORY – Concepts, Fields of Research and Perspectives... The symposium is around hitory and Pictures and Archives and the impact of the DIGITAL TURN. I need to find an official translation – but meanwhile check here: *****

There is much I resonnate with and I voiced some statements from the floor....
as Supersigns, Conceptual Superstructures, multi-lingual, meta, ML-repositories,... where picked up form the panel. Very special as typically questions ftom the floor get seldom resonded to...

My in April forthcomming article in Mother Pelican with the title: Giving: Sharing and Gifting in Traditional and Modern Times
is about the media side, texts, images, frames&context&index, but also the participatory and cultural/political dimensions of rapid change around Big and Smart (Data) or Wisdom?

PLEASE COME BACK - RUSHING ... Cheers for now, HEiner

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